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Phaëton's sisters, the poets blamed for turning them into popları, 22.
Pietists, a new sect in Switzerland, 56.
Poets, English, a poem on the chief of them, 206.
Po, described by Claudian, 22, 23.
Polycarp, an account of him, 137.
Polyphemus and his cave described, 226.
Prologue to the Tender Husband,


Raphael, his art of painting, 219.
Rhone, some account of that river, 31.
Ripaille, a convent there, 28.
Rosamond, an opera, 253. Copy of verses to the author, 249.
Roscommon, Lord, his poetry celebrated, 209.
Rome, why so few sects in her church, 57.
Rottenbourg castle, 65.
Russel, Admiral, his bravery, 188.

Salt-works. See Hall.
Schellenberg battle celebrated, 234.
Schomberg, Duke of, where interred, 33.
Scripture, its harmony with church tradition in the early times of

Christianity, 143.
Simeon, one of the seventy disciples, an account of him, 140.
Soleurre, the residence of the French ambassadors, 41.
Somers, lord keeper, a poem to him with one upon King William, 181.
Spain, the importance of disuniting her from France, 73.
Spenser's poetry celebrated, 206.
Switzerland, its wonderful tranquillity, and the reason of it, 48. Its

inhabitants thrifty, and why, 50. Their dress, 51. Their custom
in bequeathing their estates, 53. Their notion of witchcraft, 54.
The reason of its periodical' fountains, 30, 40. Their soldiers, 40.
Scholars, 44. Granaries, 52.

Tallard, his misfortune deplored, 241.
Tariff, Count, his trial and conviction, 103. His dress and charac-

ter, 106.
Tertullian, his character, 116.
Tiber river described, 215.
Tiberius's medals, 10.
Tirol, its valley, 59 to 66. Particular privileges of its inhabitants, 66.
Toulon, why the attack in the late war miscarried, 88.
Trees, what will bear grafting on each other, 166.
Troy, Horace's ode upon Augustus' design to rebuild it, 293.

Vaud country, 33, 41.
Venus, her statues at Florence, &c. 13, 14.
Versoy, a town in Switzerland, to which Ludlow retired, 32, 34.
Vestals, whether their hair grew after the tonsure, 10.
Ville Neuve in Berne, 31.
Virgil, ancient MSS. of him at Florence, 16.
Virgil's Georgics, an essay on them, 163.

Waller's poetry celebrated, 209.
War, the management of the late war censured, 86, 87.
William III. King, a poem to his majesty, 183.
Woollen manufacture, its importance to Great-Britain, 74.

Yvoire, port, for the Duke of Savoy's gallies, 28.

Zurich, an account of it, 43.

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