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Indeed a Man may be indicted for a Misdemeanour in uttering Blasphemy, or Heresy, at Common Law ; and it is in the Discretion of those Courts to infli&t suitable Punishments for the Offence (saving Life and Limb) as appears by the Tryal of Keach at the Aslizes for the County of Bucks, who was indi&ed for making an Heretical Primmer. I shall now proceed to give an Instance or two of the Process issued after a Conviction of Heresy.

The Form of the WRIT de Heretico comburendo

for executing à Perfon convicted of Herely in Convocation. D EX, &c. Majori da Vie London Salutem.

Cum venerabilis Pater Thomas Archiepiscopus Cantuar' totius Angliæ Primas, o Apostolicæ Sedis Legatus, de Consensu da Allensu, ac Confilio Episcoporum da Confratrum Suffragan suorum, necnon totius Cleri Provinciæ fuæ in Confilio fuo provinciali congregat', juris Ordinibus in hac parte requifit' in omnibus observat W. Sawtre aliquando Capellanum in Hæref' damnat', o per ipsum Willielmum præantea in forma

Juris abjurat, & ipsum. Willielmum in Harefin predi&t' relaps' per suam fententiam definitivam Hæreticum manifestum pronunciav? o declarav', ac degradandum fore decreverit, do ab omni prærogativa e privilegio clericali ea de caufa renlit' degradaverit, ipsumg; Will’ Foro seculari relinquendum elle decreverit,

realiter reliquit, juxta. Leges do canonicas Sanétiones editas in hac parte, fan&ta Mater Ecclefia non habet ulterius quod fac in præmiss'. Nos igitur Zslator Justitia & Fidei Catholicæ cultor, volentes Ecclefiam fan&tam ac Jura e Libertates ejufdem manutenere e defendere, & hujufmodi Hareses Errores de Regno nostro Angliæ (quant' in nobis eft) Yadicitus extirpar, ac Hæreticos fic conviddos animadverfione


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condigna puniri, attendentesq; hujusmodi Hæreticos. 112 forma pradi&to convi&tos damnatos juxta Legem divinam o humanam canonica Institutione, do in hac parte consuetudinar ignis incendio comburi debere ; Vobis diftin&tius quo poflimus præcipimus, firmiter injungentes, quod præfat Will in Custodia vestra existen' in aliquo loco publico aperto infra libertat Civitatis prædi&to causą præmisa coram populo publice Igni committ', ac ipsum in eodem Igne realiter comburi fac in hujus Criminis detestationem; aliorumq; Christianorum exemplum manifeftum ; hoc fub periculo incumbente nullatenus omittatis. Teste, &c.


The Form of the WARRANT to the Lord Chan

cellor for isuing the WRIT de Hæretico combu-
rendo, on a Convi&tion for Herely before the Or-


' JAMES Rex.
TAMES, by the Grace of God, King of
J England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defen-
der of the Faith, c. To our right Trasty, and
right well-beloved Counsellor, Thomas Lord Eles:
mere, our Chancellor of England, greeting. Where-
as the Reverend Father in God, John Bishop
of London, having judicially proceeded in a Cause
of Heresy against Bartholomew Legast of the City
of London, in the Diocess of the said Bishop of
London, concerning divers wicked Errors, Here-
lies, and blasphemous Opinions, holden, affirmed
and published by the said Bartholomew Legatt, and
chiefly in these thirteen blasphemous Positions
following, viz. That the Creed called the Nicene
Creed, and Athanasius's Creed, contain not a Pro-
fesfion of the true, Christian Faith ; or that he
will not profess his Faith according to the same
Creeds : That Christ is not God of God begote,
ten, nor made, but begotten and made : That



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there are no Persons in the Godhead: That Christ was not God from everlasting, but began to be God when he took Flesh of the Virgin Mary: That the World was not made by Christ: That the Apostles teach Christ to be Man only: That there is no Generation in God, but of Creatures": That this Affertion, God to be made Man, is contrary to the Rule of Faith, and monstrous Blasphemy : That Christ was not before the Fulness of Time, except by Promise: That Christ was not God otherwise than anointed God: That Christ was not in the Form of God equal with God, that is, in Substance of God, but in Righteousness and giving Salvation : That Christ by his Godhead wrought no Miracle: That Christ is not to be pray'd unto. Wherein he the faid Bar tholomew Legatt hath, before the said Reverend Father, maintain'd his said most dangerous and blafphemous Opinions, as appeareth by many of his Confessions publickly made and acknowledged. For which his damnable and heretical Opinions, he is by definitive Sentence by the said Reverend Father John Bishop of London, with the Advice and Consent of other Reverend Bishops, Learned Divines, and others Learned in the Laws, assisting him in Judgment, justly adjudged, pronounced and declared to be an obstinate and incorrigible Heretick, and is left by them under the Sentence of the great Excommunication, and therefore as a corrupt Member to be cut off from the Church of Christ, and Society of the Faithful, and is to be by our secular Power and Authority, as an Heretick, punished, as by the Significavit of the faid Reverend Father in God the said Bishop of London, bearing Date at London the third Day of March, in the Year of our Lord 1611. in the ninth Year, of Our Reign, and remaining in our Court of Chancery, more at large appeareth. And al


thermous Opinionsbiy made and etical Opinionsa

though the said Bartholomew Legatt hath, since the said Sentence pronounced against him, been often very charitably moved and exhorted, as well by the said Bishop, as by many grave and learned Divines, to dilluade, revoke and remove him from the said blafphemous and heretical Opinions, yet he arrogantly and wilfully persisteth and continueth in the fame. We therefore, according to our Regal Function and Office, minding the Execution of Justice in this behalf, and to give Example to others, left they should attempt the like hereafter, have determined, by the Assent of our Council, to will and require, and do hereby authorize and require You our said Chancellor, immediately upon the Receipt hereof, to award and make out, under our Great Seal of England, our Writ of Execution, according to the Tenor in thefe Presents ensuing. And thefe Presents shall be your fufficient Warrant and Discharge for the same.

The Writ de Hæretico comburendo.

D EX Vicecomitibus London, Salutem. Cum ReN verendus in Christo Pater Johannes, London Episcopus, nobis fignificavit, quod cum ipse in quodam hæreticæ Pravitatis negotio contra quendam Bartholomeum Legatt, Subditum nostrum Civitatis London dicti London Episcopi Dioces' do jurisdi&t rite legitime procedens, per Ata ina&titata, dedu&ta, propofita, o per Confeffiones ipfius Bartholomei Legatt coram pram fato Episcopo judicialiter fa&tas recognitas, comperit o invenit præfatum Bartholomeum Legatt quamplurimos nefandos Errores, falsas Opiniones, Hæreses Blasphemias execrandas, do scelerata Dogmata Catholicæ Orthodoxæ Fidei d Religioni, Š facrofan&to Dei Verbo exprese contraria o repugnantia, scienter, maliciose, animoq; pertinaci obdurato planeque incorri


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gibili credere, tenere, affirmare da publicare, idem Reo verendus Pater London Episcopus cum Confilio. Consensu tam Reverendorum Episcoporum & aliorum Theologorum quam Juris etiam peritorum in Judicio alliden' asisten' eundem Bartholomeum Legatt per sententiam suam definitivam, obdurnium, contumacem incorrigibilem Hæreticum pronunciavit, decrevit declaravit, eaque occafione tanquam protervum Hæreticum Membrum putridum to contagios fum ab Ecclefia Christi Fidelium Communione recisum

amputatum fore. Cum igitur Sanéta Mater Ecclefia non habeat quod ulterius facere exequi valeat in hac parte, idem Reverendus Pater præfatum Bartholomeum Legatt, ut Blafphemum Hæreticum, brachio nostro seculari reliquit condigna animadverfione ple&tendo, prout per Literas Patentes præfati Reverendi in Chrifto Patris London Episcopi in hac parte superinde confect" Nobis in Chancellar' nostram certificat est. Nos igitur ut Zelator Justitiæ, Fidei Catholicæ Defensor, vilentesq; Ecclefiam san&tam ac Fura do Libertates ejufdem, da Fidem Catholicam manutenere a defendere, ac hujusmodi Hareses o Errores ubiq; (quantum in Nobis eft) eradicare do extirpare,'ac Hæreticos fic convi&tos animadversione condigna puniri, attendentesq; hujusmodi Hæreticum in forma prædict? convičtum dannatum juxta Leges do Consuetudines Regni nostri Angliæ in hac parte consueť Ignis incendio"comburi debere. Vobis præcipimus quod di&tum Bartholomeum Legatt in Custod vestra existen' apud West-Smithfield in loco publico e aperto ex causa pramisa coram populo publice' Igni committi, ac ipsum. Bartholomeum Legatt in eodem Igne realiter comburi fac' in hujusmodi Criminis detestationem, aliorumq; Christianorum exemplum maniféstum, ne in fimile Crimen labantur. Et hoc sub periculo incumbente irullatenus omittatis. Teste, &c.

Henry Hibirte.

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