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two-edgʻd Sword Heathen, Pfal. 149. Points that

dignation and Justice breaketh forth to devour, which it may do, before the dark Night of these dreadful Dispensations pass over, then shall the time-serving Hypocrites of this Generation begin to their untimely Prayers, viz. Hills and Mountains fall upon them, to hide them from the Face of the righteous Judge; for who may abide the Day of his coming, for executing of Vengeance on his Adversaries? In that Day the Man fhall be accused who keepeth back his Sword from Blood, and who doth the Work of the Lord deceitfully Fer. 48. 10. Yea, happy shall he be that taketh this cursed, malignant, and prelatical Brood, and dasheth them against the Stones; yea, happy thall he be that rewardeth them as they have served us, 'Pfal. 137. For this Honour have all his Saints the high Praises of God in their Mouth, and a two-edgʻd Sword in their Hand, to execute Vengeance upon the Heathen, Pfal. 149.

Having thus deliver'd myself in the Points that I have mention’d, I only add to what I have said, that I do only own these things as my own Judgment in these great and important Matters, not willing that any thing, wherein others may dif fer from me, should be look'd upon as the Principles and Perfuasion of that Party whereto I adhere: And I obrest that no Man be so diabelick and profane, as to charge this upon any of my Persuasion, it being but my own, in which I hope God hath approyen me ; and whom God juftifeth, who dare condemn?

Now, if the Lord, in his wife and over-ruling Providence, bring me to the End of my Pilgri- 1 mage, and to my long-look'd for and desired Happiness, let him take his own Way and Time, in bringing me to it : And in the mean while, O my Soul, fing thou this Song, Spring up, o Well of this Happiness and Salvation, of all this eternal


two-edgd Sword of God in thave all his Sed us,

Hope and Consolation ; and whilst thou art burthened with this Clog of a Clay Tabernacle, dig thou deep in it by Faith, Patience, Hope, and Charity, and with all the Instruments which God hath given thee; dig in it both by Precepts and Promises, dig carefully, and dig continually, ay, and 'till thou come to the Source and Head of the Fountain himself, from whence the Waters of Life flow forth; dig until thou come to the Allembly of the First-born, when this Song is most suitably sung to the Praise and Glory of the rich Mercy and free Grace of this Fountain of Life; O my Soul, follow (in all this digging ) the Direction'of the great Law-giver; so shalt thou profper in all thy taking of pains : O happy Nobles and Princes of Israel, who were admitted to the Sight, and to the Song, to the Pains, and to the Profit, which none of the mixed Multitude of Murmurers were admitted to because of their Unbelief, Numb. 21.17. And, O Father of Mercy, while I am tossed upon the turbulent Seas of manifold Troubles, grant that thy Presence may be with me, and that thy everlasting Arms may be underneath me, to support me; for sure I am, MoJes, thy Servant, had good reason to be importunate in this Suit, Exod. 32. 2. compared with 14. and 15. vers, Chap. 34. 9. Seeing no less could furnish him with fresh Supplies in the Work he was about. O let thy Presence be with me, and then my Soul shall dig and sing, and sing, and dig thro' Times of Trouble into eternal Rest, where I shall be admitted to behold the Rock, Clirist, out of . whom floweth the pure Fountain and River of Life and Happiness, which I may drink, and not be damnified through the Allaults of Satan, or the Invasions of Sin, or of a wicked World any more. Now according to thy Promise, Mat. 10. 19. out of thy fatherly Mercy, grant present Help, Sup

Y 3


ply, and Dire&tion in this Time of Trouble, feeing it is not in Man, that walketh, to dired his own Steps, Jer. 10. 23. And tho'it be a hard thing rightly to distinguish between Sin and Duty, yet thy Law, thy Word, and thy Truth, which are quick and powerful, dividing asunder of Soul and Spirit, and is a Director of thợ Thoughts, ard thy Law giveth Light, Pfal. 119. 105. Pfal. 32.8. For thy Testimonies, O Lord, are sure, making wise the Simple, Pfal. 19. 7, For thou alone canit make all thy Dispensations prove profitable, in order to the purging away of Sin, even when they seem to be destructive, Efai. 27.9. especially, when thou intends them not for Destru&ion, but for Tryal, Deut. 8. 2, 16. and for further Humiliation ; for thou, O Lord, hast led me for many Years thro' à barren and wearisome Wilderness, to the end that thou mayst work thy Work of Mortification in me, although, if it had seemed good unto thee, thou couldst have brought me into the Land of Promise and Rest a nearer way, Exod. 13. 17. For thou, by Hardships, many a time hidest Pride from Men, and sealest up their Instruction, that thou mayst deliver his Soul from the Pit, and that his Life may see the Light, Job 33. 19. And altho? thou, O Lord, shouldst send me the back Tract, and Tenor of my Life, to seek my Soul's Comforts, and Encouragements from thence ; yer I have no Cause to complain of Hard-dealing from thy Hand, seeing it is thy ordinary way with some of thy People. Psal. 42. 6. O God, my Soul is caft · down within me, therefore will I remember thee from the Land of Jordan, and from the Hill Hermon, &c. Yea, the last time he brought me to the Banquętting-House, and made Loye his Banner over me ( amongst the cold High-land Hills beside Kipper, Nov. 1673.) he remembred his former Kindnesses towards me.; but withal he spoke it in

by kind of my Subtither lengthen o. Exod. 12; 41:

mine Ear, that there was a tempestuous Storm to meet me in the Face, which I behoved to go thro' with the Strength of that Provision, 1 Kings 19.7. And now, O my Soul, seeing it is his ordinary Way and Method with thee, to send a Shower, and a Sunblink, and again a Sunblink and Shower ; therefore, keep thou silent to God, and murmur not, fret not, be not disquieted, be still, and be content, seeing all my Persecutors can do, either by Fraud or Force, can neither alter the nature or kind of my Sufferings, or add so much as a Degree thereto, neither lengthen out the Time of them for a Moment, Mat. 10. 29. Exod. 12. 41. All Pharaob's Power could not keep Hrael one Night longer in Egypt, therefore it is my Duty to study with Paul, Phil. 4. 11, 12. Whatsoever ftate I am in, therewith to be content; and say, should the Earth be for saken, and the Rock be removed out of its Place for me, Job 18, 4. Should God alter the Course of his Providence for me, in which there is such an Efficacy as to carry all things to the proper and appointed End, with an irresistable Power : And that I may be found in him, not as having my own Righteousness, which is of the Law, but that which is through the Faith of Chrift, the · Righteousness which is of God by Faith, Phil. 3. 9, 10.

And to resign up unto God my Will and Affections, to be disposed as he pleaseth ; and to fay with Fear, Humility, and Reverence, O Father, not my Will, but thine be done ; and whether I live or die, I may be the Lords, that through his Mercy and Grace I may attain to his Approbation, viz. Well done good and faithful Servant; who hath hitherto sent his Angel and shut the Lions Mouth that they have not hurt me, Dan. 6. 22. and who hath so shut the Eyes of my Persecutors with a Sodomitish Blindness, that hitherto they

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could not find out the way how to break in upon me; and I hope he will in due time bring me out of the fiery Furnace, and shall not, through his Grace, suffer the Smell thereof to be found upon me; and if not, yet I never held it to be my Duty to worship this rotten and stinking Idol of Jealousy, which these Nations have set up, who have killed both the Lord Jesus and their own Prophets, and have persecuted us, I Thes. 2. 15. For thou, O Lord, has not abhorred nor despised my Afflictions when I was afflicted, neither halt thou hid thy Face

from me, but when I cry'd unto thee thou heardeft me, · Pral. 22. 24. Now, O Lord God, thou hast made the

Heaven and the Earth by thy great Power and stretchedout. Arm, Jer. 3 2. 17. Bring thou me at length to a happy Arrival within the Gates of the New Jeyufalem, where no unclean Thing can come, that my Praise may be of thee in the great Congregation. And although, as Fob said, Chap. 10. 17. That thou, O Lord, hast deliver'd me to the ungodly, and has turnd me over into the Hands of the wicked; yet by this I know that thou, O Lord, favourest me, because mine Enemies do not triumph over me; when I stand in Judgment thou, O Lord, didst not condemn ; and if it pleaseth thee thou wilt not leave me in their Hands, Psal. 41. I1. Pfal. 37. 33. But canst bring up my Life from the Pit of Corruption, Jonah 2. 6. And seeing I have not prefer'd nor sought after mine own Things, but thy Honour and Glory, the Good, Liberty, and Safety of thy Church and People, although I may be now misconstructed by many; yet at length I hope thou, Lord, will make my Light break forth as the Morning, and my Righteousness as the Noon-day, and that Shame and Darkness shall cover all who are Adversaries to my righteous Cause ; for thou, Lord, art the Shield of my Help, and the Sword of ray


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