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for his own Use and Ends, they, as the Peoples Representatives, do by Aas Rescissory rescind all Acts of laudable lawful Parliaments, Committee of States, or Councils, wherein were contained or comprehended any mutual Bond, Obligation, Covenant, or Contract betwixt the Prince or People, he having divested himself of any legal Right he could have, or pretend, over such a People, and they being in Statu quo prius, and none having Right to rule over them without their own Consent. If the aforesaid Magistrate shall then again ufurp and inyade his peoples Lives, Religions, Liberties, and Laws, and make even fimple fupplicating of him Crimes of Treason, contrary to the Dictates of Nature, and he by armed Emissaries, and by his arbitrary Power carried on by the Sword in their Hands, compel the Lord's People to relinquish and to forsake the true Religion and Worship of God, and make a Surrender of both their Souls, Consciences, Lives, Laws, Liberties, and embrace a false Religion, and Will-worship, and engage to serve and worskip false and Idol-gods at his Pleasure ; or thus all that is dear and near to a People being in the Extremity of Hazard ; now it necessarily followed to be the Duty of such People, or any part of them, to take up Arms in defence of their Lives, Laws, Religion, and Liberties, and of their posterity, that they may not be left in such an intolerable Bondage, and as they would not be accounted guilty of bringing God's Wrath upon the whole Land; Jer. 22. 2, 3. Hear the Word of the Lord, O King of Judah, &c. Thou and thy Servants, and the People that enter in by these Gates, exem cute Judgment and Righteousness, and deliver the Op pressed out of the hand of the Oppresor ; Chap. 37. 2. But neither he, nor the Servants, nor the People of the Land hearkened to the Prophet Jeremiah, until Wrath


from the Lord consum'd them all. Now, had it not been the Peoples Duty, to have executed Judgment and Righteousness, and to have delivered the Opprefled out of the Hands of the Oppressor ; Zedekiah and his Servants (which I think was meaned by the Nobility and Princes) proving deficient, in order to the performing of their Duty, it neceflarily followeth, to be the Peoples Duty; for if it had not been their Duty, it had not been their Sin to have omitted it : But here we see it is as well charged home, to be the Peoples Sin, as'to be the Şin of the King, or the Sin of his Nobles: But, say some, who laall be Judge in such Cases? To which I answer, That the Law of God is the only supreme and infallible Judge in all fuch Cases; for what other Judge is, when two Kings or Monarchs fall out in War, neither of them being subject to any other Judge. But some profane and brutishly-ignorant Malignant faith, that this or that ignorant Fellow, or Husiy, take upon them to determine what the Law of God faith in such Cases; I answer, neither this, nor that ignorant Fellow, or Husly, nor yet this or that ignorant, profane, wicked, or perfidious Prince or Princess is capable to be Judge; Deut. 30. II. For this Commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off ; verf. 1-26 It is not in Heaven, that thou shouldest fay, Who fall go up for us to Heaven and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it, &c. Neither is it beyond the Sea, &c. but the Word is very near unto thee, in thy Mouth, and in thy Heart that thou may ft do it. And in this Case I do appeal to any Man of a sober Wit and Judg. ment, seeing the Secrets of the Lord are with them that fear him, Pfal. 25. 14. And seeing evil Men underStand not Judgment, but they that seek the Lord under stand all things, Prov. 28.5. For they know nat how to do right, who store up Robbery in their Palaces, A


and bring it beyond Moutlocale I

mos 3. 10. Who is most capable to judge, what the Law of God determineth, in all such Matters ? Artaxerxés, a great Monarch, commanded, That whatsoever is commanded of the God of Heaven, that it should be diligently done, for the House of the - God of Heaven ; for why should there be Wrath upon

the King and his Sons? Ezra 7.23. But how many Men at this time, of the Sons of Belial, contrary to what is here (poken of, screw up those who are above them to so high a Pinacle, and an

illimited and arbitrary Power, far above what eiEither the Law of God, or the Law of Nature will

admit of, for this very End and Purpose, that they may glory in the Works of their own Hands; and that he whom they have thus set up; and to whom they have made a Surrender of both Credit, Conscience, and common Honesty, may return unto them a Power over others, who are under them,

by putting Swords in the Hands of bloody Cutti throats, who are raised and kept up for that Ef

fedt, to keep and bring into an Egyptian Bondage, the Persons; Lives, Laws, Liberties, yea, even the Souls and Consciences of the Lord's People ;

The which Power I declare to be diabolical, pro- fane, and blasphemous, and Pharaoh-like to say,

Who is the Lord, that they should obey him ? Exod. 5.2. Now seeing both the Throne and the Judgment are the Lord's, then, O blessed and happy Magistrate, who ruleth and governeth his Subjects, keeping in a strait Line of Subordination to God's Law and Statutes; for in so doing, who may say to him, What dost thou ? Job 9. 12. And O happy and blessed People, thus govern'd. Deut. 4. 8. And what Nation is there so great, that hath Statutes and Judgments so righteous, as all this Law which I set before you this day? But O the blafphemous Perjuries and Wickedness of this apostate Generation, whom no Bands, Obligations, nor

Covenants can bind, except these fpoken in Pfal 149. 8. But shall they thus break the Covenant, and escape and be deliver'd? Ezek. 17. 15, 18. As if the Lord's Hand and Power could not reach them, to inflia just and due Punifliment upon them which commit such things. I do deteft and abhor that woful Indulgence and Encroachment, and Usurpation on the Crown and Prerogatives Royal of our Lord Jesus Christ (at least in the Givers thereof) howbeit, I have very much Love, Charity, and Affection to many who have embraced the same.; for I do really think, that they have been out-witted in that matter, and have not wickedly departed from following the Lord; yet I hope they shall get their Souls for a Prey in the Day of the Lord, although they may suffer Loss, in building fuch Hay and Stubble upon the Rock Christ Jesus, when that their Work Thall be burnt up by the Fire of his Jealousy.

I protest before God, Angels, and Men, against all these Ads of Parliament or Council, which are against, and derogative to the Work of God and Reformation, and carrying on of the fame, according as we are engaged and sworn in these holy Bands of the National Covenant, and folemn League and Covenant ; I abhor the shedding of the Blood of the Lord's People, for their adhering to the same, and the People's guarding fuch in Prison-houses and at Scaffolds unto their Death ; whom both by the Oath of God upon them, and by the eminent and laudable Laws of the Land, and by the Law of Nature they were obliged to have defended to the uttermost of their Lives and Fortunes : It being most well known, that such as were put to Death, had committed no Crime, but, on the contrary, had perform'd a Duty which they were as much obliged to have performed as these, if the Guarders had been as


ithful to God and Man as the Pannels were: Likewise I protest against their Banishment , uprisonment, or Finings, or Confinements, and ainst all the Hardships and Perplexities of whatever kind, which they have been put to, thro? Le Iniquity of the Times : So that we may just

with our Predecessors say, That our Perfecụors have devour'd us, and have crulh'd us, have nptied us, swallowed us up like a Dragon, and ave filled their Bellies with our Delicates, and ave cast us out, Jer. 51. 34. For which Cause, god gave a Charge to prepare Instruments for he Overthrow and Deftru&ion of such Persecuors, vers. 12. Because it was the Vengeance of he Lord and of his Temple, fo shall our Remiant, who out-live these Persecutors, say, verf. 35. The Violence done to me and my Flesh be upon Babylon, and my Blood be upon the Inhabitants of Chaldea ; let Wrath from the Lord pursue them, for their Blood and Violence in their persons and Estates, and their Strength, wherein they confide, and in their Friends and Favourites, who have consulted and contrived within their wicked Courses. I hope the Time is drawing nigh, and that the Joints of their Loins are loosening, their Knees are beginning to smite one against another, Dan.5.6. and the Hand-writing begins to be pourtray'd upon the Wall, because they have not considered what God did to their Predecessors for their idotatrous Pride and Wickedness; although they knew it, yet they are become more insolent in Idolatry and Wickedness, and more daring against God than ever their Fore-fathers presumed to be, in meddling with the Vessels and Materials of God's House, and with the Crown and Kingly Office of Chrift Jesus, and have appropriate them to their own idolatrous Ends and Uses, 21, 22. Therefore, when the furbilhed Sword of the Lord's In


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