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This containeth a Warrant to be granted by your Majesty unto the Lord Chancellor of England, for the awarding of a Writ under the Great Seal of England to the Sheriff of the City of London, for the burning of Bartholomew Legatt, who is convi&ed of divers horrible Heresies before the Bishop of London, and by his Sentence left to the secular Power, as is by the said Bishop certified to your Majesty into your Highness's Court of Chancery: And is done by Force of your Majesty's Commandment to me given under your Highness's Signmanual.

Henry Hibirte.

Į he WRIT for burning an Heretick in English.

T HE King to the Sheriff's of London, greet

1 ing. Whereas the Reverend Father in Christ, John Bifhop of London, hath signified unto us, That when he in a certain Business of heretical Pravity against one Bartholomew Legatt, our Subject of the City of London, of the said Bishop of London's Diocess and Jurisdi&ion, rightly and lawfully proceeding by Ads enacted, drawn, proposed, and by the Confessions of the said Bartholomew Legatt, before the said Bishop judicially made and acknowledged, hath found in the said Bartholomew Legatt very many wicked Errors, false Opinions, Heresies and cursed Blasphemies, and impious Do&rines, expresly contrary and repugnant to the Catholick Faith and Religion, and the holy Word of God, knowingly and maliciously, and with a pertinacious, obdurate, and plainly incorrigible Mind, to believe, hold, affirm and publish, the same Reverend Father the Bishop of London, with the Advice and Consent;

as well of the Reverend Bishops and other DiI vines, as also of Men Learned in the Law, in

Judgment Judgment sitting and affisting, the same Bartholomew Legatt by his definitive Sentence hath pro nounced, decreed and declared to be an obdurate, contumacious and incorrigible Heretick, and upon that Occasion, as a stubborn Heretick, and rotten contagious Member, to be cut off from the Church of Christ, and the Communion of the Faithful : Whereas the holy Mother Church hath not further to do and profecute in this part, the fame Reverend Father hath left the aforefaid Bartholomew Legatt, as a blafphemous Heretick, to our fecular Power, to be punished with condign Punishment, as by the Letters Patents of the said Reverend Father in Christ, the Bishop of London, in this behalf above made, hath been certified unto us in our Chancery. We therefore as a Zealot of Juftice, and a Defender of the Catholick Faith, and willing to maintain and defend the holy Church, and Rights and Liberties of the fame, and the Catholick Faith ; and such Heresies and Errors every where, what in us lieth, to root out and extirpate, and to punish with condign Punishment fuch Hereticks lo convicted, and deeming that fuch an Heretick in Form aforesaid, convicted and condemned according to the Laws and Customs of this our Kingdom of England in this part accustomed, ought to be burned with Fire. We do command you, that the said Bartholomew Legatt, being in your Custody, you do commit publickly to the Fire, before the People, in a publick and open Place in West-Smithfield, for the Cause aforefaid; and that you cause the said Bartholomew Legatt to be really burned in the same Fire, in Detestation of the said Crime, for the manifest Example of other Christians, left they side into the same Fault : And this that you in no wise omit, under the Peril that fall follow thereon. Witnefs, &c.


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Another W arrant to the Lord Chancellor, for issuing the

WRIT de Hæretico comburendo.


James Rex, of T AMES, by the Grace of God, King of

England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To our right Trusty and right EL Well-beloved Counsellor, Thomas Lord Ellesmere,

our Chancellor of England, greeting. Whereas the 1Reverend Father in God, Richard Bishop of Com

ventry and Lichfield, having judicially proceeded in the Examination, hearing and determining of a Cause of Herefy against Edward Wightman of the Parish of Burton upon Trent, in the Diocess of Coventry and Eichfield, concerning the wicked: Heresies of the Ebionites, Cerinthians, Valentinians, Arrians, Macedonians, of Simon Magus, of Manes, Manichees, of Photinus, and Anabaptists, and of other heretical, execrable and unheard of Opinions, by the instinct of Satan, by him excogita- , ted and holden, viz. '

That there is not the Trinity of Perfons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, in the Unity of the Deity. 2. That Jesus Christ is not the true natural Son of God, perfe& God, and of the fame Substance, Eternity and Majesty with the Father in respect of his Godhead. 3. That Jesus Christ is only Man and a meer Creature, and not both God and Man in one Person. 4. That Christ our Saviour took not humane Flesh of the Substance of the Virgin Mary his Mother; and that that Promise, The Seed of the Woman shall break the Serpent's Head, was not fulfill'd in Christ. s. That the Person of the Holy Ghost is not God coequal, coeternal, and coellential with the Father and the Son. 6. That


the three Creeds, viz. The Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and Athanafius's Creed are the Heresies of the Nicolaitanes. 7. That he the said Edward Wightman is that Prophet spoken of in the eighteenth of Deuteronomy, in these Words, I will raise them up a Prophet, &c. And that that Place of Isaiah, I alone have trodden the Wine-press : and that that Place, Whose Fan is in his Hand, are proper and personal to him the said Edward Wightman. 8. And that he the said Wightman is that Person of the Holy Ghoft spoken of in the Scriptures; and the Comforter spoken of in the fixteenth of St. John's Gospel. 9. And that those Words of our Saviour Christ of the Sin of Blafphemy against the Holy Ghost, are meant of his Perfon. 10. And that that Place, the fourth of Malachi, of Elias to come, is likewise meant of his person, 11. That the Soul doth sleep in the sleep of the first Death, as well as the Body, and is mortal, as touching the Sleep of the first Death, as the Body is : And that the Soul of our Saviour Jesus Christ did sleep in that sleep of Death as well as his Body. 12. That the Souls of the elect Saints departed, are not Members pofless’d of the triumphant Church in Heaven. 13. That the baptizing of Infants is an abominable Custom. 14. That there ought not to be in the Church the Use of the Lord's Supper to be celebrated in the Elements of Bread and Wine; and the Use of Baptism to be celebrated in the Element of Water, as they are now practis'd in the Church of England. But that the Use of Baptism is to be ad minister'd in Water only to Converts of fufficient Age of Understanding, converted from Infidelity to the Faith. 15. That God hath ordained and fent him, the said Edward Wightman, to perform bis Part in the Work of the Salvation of the World, to deliver it by his Teaching, or Admo


trition, from the Heresy of the Nicolaitänes, as Christ was ordained and sent to save the World, and by his Death to deliver it from Sin, and to reconcile it to God. 16. And that Christianity is not wholly profess’d and preach'd in the Church of England, but only in part. Wherein he, the faid Edward Wightman, hath before the said Reverend Father, as also before our Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical, within our Realm of England, maintain'd his faid most perilous and dangerous Opinions, as appeareth by many of his Confessions, as also by a Book written and subscrib'd by him, and given to us. For the which his damnable and heretical Opinions, he is by divine Sentence declar'd, by the said Reverend Father the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, with the Advice and Consent of learned Divines, and others learned in the Laws assisting him in Judgment, justly adjudged, pronounced and declared to be an obstinate and incorrigible Heretick, and is left by them under the Sentence of the great Excommunication, and therefore, as a corrupt Member, to be cut off from the rest of the Flock of Christ, lest he should infe& others profefling the true Christian Faith; and is to be, by our sem cular Power and Authority, as an Heretick punished; as by the Significavit of the said Reverend Father in God, the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, bearing Date at Lichfield the fourteenth Day of December, in the ninth Year of our Reign, and remaining in our Court of Chancery, more at large appeareth. And altho' the said Edward Wightman hath, since the said Sentence pronounc'd against him, been often very charitably mov'd and exhorred, as well by the said Bishop, as by many other godly, grave, and learned Divines, to dissuade, revoke, and remove him from the said blafphemous, heretical, and anabaptif

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