The Scientific Proceedings of the Royal Dublin Society, Volume 6

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Page 411 - PORTLOCK.- REPORT ON THE GEOLOGY OF THE COUNTY of LONDONDERRY, and of Parts of Tyrone and Fermanagh, examined and described under the Authority of the Master-General and Board of Ordnance. By JE PORTLOCK, FRS &c.
Page 372 - Franklin) by the single transfer of an imponderable fluid from one side of the jar to the other; the phenomena require us to admit the existence of a principal discharge in one direction, and then several reflex actions backward and forward, each more feeble than the preceding, until the equilibrium is obtained.
Page 345 - Clonmines in the reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth.
Page 148 - Delft of any made in Ireland, and really is not much short of it. 'Tis very clean and pretty, and universally used in the North, and I think not so much owing to any Peculiar happiness in their clay, but rather to the manner of beating and mixing it up.
Page 365 - ... most energetic elements if all the heat evolved could be thrown into the product. This would not exceed 19,500 C. in the case of silica, and 15,000 C. in the oxides of aluminum and magnesium, and these are the highest results. The estimation of the temperature of the electric spark is based on the thermal value of each spark, together with the volume of the same. The methods of observing these quantities are fully detailed in the memoir. The general result may be stated thus, — the temperature...
Page viii - North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. Natural History Society of Northumberland and Durham.
Page 444 - ... of these valleys, he says, are for the most part covered with drifted gravel composed not only of the detritus of rocks in the vicinity but of rolled pebbles of other formation transported from a great distance, for whose presence the action of existing streams is not adequate to account, as these pebbles often rest on ledges and hills much elevated above the general drainage level. To what cause are we to attribute such an entire change in the process of denudation...
Page 372 - The discharge, whatever may be its nature, is not correctly represented (employing for simplicity the theory of Franklin) by the single transfer of an imponderable fluid from one side of the jar to the other...
Page 97 - Abbey of Timoleague is also a good example of slate building. It is of Early English architecture, and illustrates the good quality of the slate rock of the locality, " and the simple and proper mode of using it ; the design and constructive arrangements being suited to the materials employed." ( Wilkinson.) In the neighbourhood of Bandon the slate rock is a good building stone ; for, although finely cleaved, some veins being wrought into roofing slate, it can be worked freely across the edges. It...
Page 361 - Thiocamf possesses almost unique properties ; for, while it can be preserved without pressure in bottles at mean temperature, mere exposure of the liquid in a thin layer to the air determines the steady evolution of relatively enormous volumes of sulphur dioxide gas from it, charged with the vapours of other powerful disinfectants.

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