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EDWAED NEWMAN, F.L.S., Memb. Imp. L.-C. Acad.

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Nor, time regretting, will I e'er bewail,

Those hours I loitering spent, in woodland, mead and dale.


It may be deemed unmanly, but the wise
Read Nature as the manuscript of Heaven.





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the use of the forceps of the ear-
wig. Note on Anisolabia. maritima,

Brf.e, C.R., M.D.

Little bustard in Essex, 73.52
Bridgee, William

Little auk near Guildford, Surrey,

13inc.i.s. John Joseph

Bare birds observed during the late
severe weather, 7426
Brodie, P. B.

Blackbirds singing in the night, 7428
Brown, John A. H.

Habits of the dipper, 7505
Brown, Joshua

Eggs of the genus Colias imported in
Clover, 7404
Brown, Thomas

Larva of Anticlea berberaria, 7528
Bryant, Henrv, M.D.

Remarks on some of the birds that
breed in the Gulf of St Lawrence,
BucKLANd, F. T.

Death of the old lion at the Zoological
Gardens, Regent's Park, 7337;
Whale, Vr., in an aquarium,
Buckley, Henrv

Hinged plover at Birmingham, 7507 Buxton, E. C.

Golden eagle nesting in Scotland,
74 63
Carron, B.

Hexagonal form of bees' cells, 7412
Carter, Samuel

Orodesma apicina a native of Hondu-
ras, 7823
Champley, Robert

Additional eitgs of the treat auk, 7386
Ct-tRMONT, Uigbt Hon. Lord

Little bustard in the county of Cork,

Comfton, Theodore

American whiteheaded eagle in Somer-
setshire, 7380
Cooke, Nicholas

Description of a Tortrix new to Science,
Cooper, James

Collected observations on birds' nests,
8cc., 7637
Crewk, Rev. H. Harpur, M.A.

Description of the larva of Eupithecia
pumilata — green variety, 7323; of
Camptogramma bilineata, id.; of
Herminia barbalis, id.; of Ellopia
fasciaria, id.; of Xylina rhizolitha,
7324; of Ciduria prunata, id.; of

Larentia multistrigaria, id.; of He-
merophila abruptaria, 7407; Oppo-
sition of Eupithecia sobrinata. De-
scription of the larva of Ptilophora
plumigera, 7408; ofLeucauia lithar-
gyria, id.; of Xylophasia hepatica,
id.; Oviposition of Xanthia ferru-
ginea, 7528; Oviposition, &c., of
Therajuniperata, 7529; Description
of the larva of Eupithecia tripunctata,
7567; of E. trisignata, 7568; of E.
dodoneata, 7679; of Cbaradrina
Alsines, 7682; of C. blanda, 7683 j
of Eupithecia pusillata, 7762; of E.
distiuctata,t(L; Double broodedness
of E. assimilata, id.; Occurrence of
the larva of E. trisignata and E. tri-
punctata in Buckinghamshire, id.;
Correction of an error, 7767; De-
scription of the larva of Eupithecia
subfulvata, 7796; of E. succeuturi-
ata, id.

Crotch, G. R.

Leucania Elymi in England, 7717;
Capture of Sphaerius aearoides, Hy-
drochus carinatus, Sec., in the Fens,

Crotch, W. D.

Hypeioodon rostra tns at Weston-super-
Mare, 7310; Notes on the Fauna of
Shetland, 7337; Postscript to 'Notes
on the Fauna of Shetland,' 7377;
Wbitetailed eagle at Weston-super-
Mare, 7381; Darwin's 'Origin of
Species,' 7700; Birds of Shetland,

Crowley, Alfred

Collected observations on birds' nests,
8cc., 7639

Crowley, Philip

Blackbird with white head and neck,

Dalton, Rev. James

The new British Physa, 7318
Daunt, Dr. R. Ue Gambleton The poison of the toad, 7819
Dell, J. S. On the economy of Epunda lichenea,


Occurrence and breeding of the lesser
tern at Spurn Point, Yorkshire,
Dobree, N. F.

The reed warbler near Hull, 7643


Ciduria reticulata in the Lake Dis-
trict, 7361; Lithosia caniola of
Hiibner in Devonshire and in Ire-
land, 7407; Notes on new or little
known British Eupitheciae, 7566; Note ou the Irish Zygamae, 7715; Parrot crossbill at Epping, 7759 Dutton, John

Little gull shot at Eastbourne, Sussex, 7317 Edwabd, Thomas

Waxwing in Banffshire, 7345; Harvest mouse in Banffshire, 7379; Hawfinch at Banff, 7383; Great spotted woodpecker near Bimff, 7384; Ivory gull at Banff, 7387; Varieties of the bullfinch, 7429; The jackdaw and the mouse, 7431; Hawk's-bill turtle at Banff, 7713 Ellman, J. B.

Brief notes on the birds of New Zealand, 7464 Fyles, Thomas

Economy of Achroia grisella, 7823 Gatcombe, John

Mr. Saxby's unknown warbler, 7644; Kentish plover killed in Devon, Arrival of summer birds in the neighbourhood of Plymouth, 7647; Northern diver in June, 7648 Gatke, H. Ou the occurrence of American birds in Europe, 7346 Gillett, Edward

Notes on the Natterjack, 7515 Gordon, Rev. Georoe, M.A.

Little bustard in Moray, 7433; List of Lepidoptera hitherto found within the Province of Moray, &c., 7663; Bats in Aberdeenshire, 7705 Gosse, Philip Henry, F.R.S.

Curious annelids at Ashburton, 7319; Beetle musicians, 7366; Luminous beetles, 7368 Gostlino, William Late stay of swallows and martins in the Isle of Wight, 7382 Goweb, William Hugh

The new British Physa, 7402 Graham, David Gyrtalcon near York, 73L2; Bustard near York, 7507 Gbekne, Rev. Joseph, M.A.

How to cure grease in insects, 7375; Description of the larva of Ephyra orbicularia, 7760

G REGSOn, C. S.'

Eggs of the genus Colias imported in

clover, 7405 Grvbb, Jonathan Ornithological notes from Felixstow, on * the Suffolk coast, 7349; Cat taking

the water, Hedgehogs, 7378; Sin

gular instance of sagacity in birds, 7382; Habits of the moorhen, 7384

GuRNEY, J. H., M.P.

Sword-fish on the Norfolk coast, 7819 Gurney, Samuel, M.P.

Hooper at Carsbalton, Surrey, 7386; Black swans at large, 7647 Guyon, Georoe

Bluebottles and ants, 7766 Hadfield, Capt. Henry

Late stay of swallows, 7315; Rate of speed of flight of a butterfly, 7358; Migration of swallows, 7382; Migration and torpidity of swallows, 7430; Migration of swallows, 7505; Preservation of our little birds, 7640 Haoen, Dr. On Phryganida3 and their parasites, 7766 Hancock, John

Nesting of the crossbill in the county of Durham, 7383; Flight of the wood sandpiper, 7384; Duck in the plumage of the drake, 7385; Notice of the breeding of the tufted duck in Northumberland, 7712 Harding, George

Platypteryx sicula near Bristol, 7680 Hardy, J.

Notodonta biculor in Staffordshire, 7682 Harvey, R.

Number of eggs of the dipper, 7643 Hasskll, G.

Hooper in Buckinghamshire, 7385 Haward, Alfred

Amiiicecius bre»is at Sotithport, and notes on other Coleoptera, 7367 Hawkes, J.

Lizard with bifid tail, 7514 Hayward, W. H.

Colias Edusa and Acherontia Atropos at Launceston, Cornwall, 7796 Healy, Charles Curious economy of Talseporia pseudobombycella, 7363 Hellins, Rev. J., M.A.

Note on Eupithecia succenturiata and E. subfulvata, 7797 Hensman, Henry P.

Great spotted woodpecker in Northamptonshire, 7506 Higgins, E. T., F.L.S. Rare birds occurring at Weston-superMare, 7312; Rare fishes occurring at Weston-super-Mare, 7317 Higgins, Rev. HuNBy H. Pupa of a Liranobius enclosed in-a jelly-like substance, 7801

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