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5 And thus we come, O God, to-day,

And all our woes before Thee lay;
For tried, afflicted, lo! we stand,

Peril and foes on every hand.
6 Ah, hide not for our sins Thy face;

Absolve us through Thy boundless grace;
Be with us in our anguish still,

Free us at last from every ill.
7 That so with all our hearts may we

Once more with joy give thanks to Thee,
And walk obedient to Thy Word,
And now and ever praise the Lord.

Miss Winkworth. 1858. a.

Tr. Paul Eber. 1547. 534 PSALM 20.

L. M. 1 Now may the God of power and grace

Attend His people's humble cry!
Jehovah hears when Israel prays,

And brings deliverance from on high.
2 The Name of Jacob's God defends.

Better than shields or brazen walls;
He from His sanctuary sends

Succor and strength when Zion calls.
3 In His salvation is our hope,

And in the name of Israel's God
Our troops shall lift their banners up,

Our navies spread their flags abroad.
4 Some trust in horses trained for war,

And some of chariots make their boasts ;
Our surest expectations are

From Thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts.
5 Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear;

Now let our hope be firm and strong,
Till Thy salvation shall appear,
And joy and triumph raise the song.

Watts. 1719.


S. M. 1 Let God, the mighty God,

The Lord of hosts, arise,
With terror clad, with strength endued,

And rend and bow the skies!
Called down by faithful prayer,

Savior, appear below,
Thy hand lift up, Thine arm make bare,

And quell Thy people's foe.
2 Our Refuge in distress,

In danger's darkest hour,
Appear as in the ancient days,

With full redeeming power:
That Thy redeemed may sing

In glad triumphant strains,
The Lord is God, the Lord is King,

The Lord forever reigns !
3 We with our ears have heard,

Our fathers us have told
The work that in their days appeared,

And in the times of old:
With such deliverance bless

Whom Thou hast chose for Thine,
That men and nations may confess
The work is all divine !

C. Wesley. 1759.

S. M.


1 God of unbounded Power,

God of unwearied Love,
Be present in our dangerous hour,

Our danger to remove:
Jesus, Jehovah, Lord,

Thy wonted aid we claim;
Not trusting in our bow or sword,

But in Thy saving Name!

Our lives are hid with Thine,

Our hairs are numbered all,
Nor can without the Will divino

One worthless sparrow fall.
And shall a nation bleed,

And shall a kingdom fail,
While Thou, O Christ, art Lord and Head

O'er heaven and earth and hell ?
3 Beneath Thy wings secure,

In patience we possess
Our souls, and quietly endure

Whate'er our God decrees.
Teach us to understand

The thunder of Thy power,
And thus, O Lord, to see Thy Hand,

Thy Truth and Love adore.
4 Escaped the hostile sword,

O may we fly to Thee,
And find in our redeeming Lord

Our life and liberty.
Our Strength and Righteousness,

O let us hold Thee fast,
With confidence divine, and peace
That shall forever last.

C. Wesley. 1759. a.


78. 1 PRAISE to God, immortal praise,

For the Love that crowns our days!
Bounteous Source of every joy,

Let Thy praise our tongues employ!
2 For the blessings of the field,

For the stores the gardens yield;
Flocks that whiten all the plain;
Yellow sheaves of ripened grain :

3 All that Spring, with bounteous hand,

Scatters o'er the smiling land;
All that liberal autumn pours

From her overflowing stores:
4 These to Thee, our God! we owe,

Source whence all our blessings flow!
And for these our souls shall raise
Grateful vows and solemn praise.

Anna Letitia Barbauld. 1795. 538

L. M. 1 O GRACIOUS Hand that freely gives

The fruits of earth, our toil to bless!
O Love, by which the sinner lives!

0 let our tongues that Love confess! 2 Our God for all our need provides,

His sun alike o'er all doth shine;
From none his glorious beams he hides;

So willeth Love supreme, divine. 3 Again this Love our garners fills;

This Love again let all adore:
The cry of want His bounty stills,

Who biddeth all His Name implore. 4 0 may our lives through grace abound

In holy fruits, and Thee proclaim !
Let all Thy courts with praises sound

Thy gracious hand, Thy wondrous Name. 5 Lord, when Thou shalt descend from heaven, Thy ransomed harvest here to

reap : O in that day Thy joy be given

To us, who now go forth to weep. 6 May none reject affliction's hour,

May none disdain in tears to sow:
For so, by Jesus' grace and power,
Shall heaven's joy succeed earth's woe.

Unknoron. 1848. a.

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539 Was Gott thut, das ist wohlgethan.

1 WHAT our Father does is well :

Blesséd truth His children tell!
Though He send, for plenty, want,
Though the harvest store be scant,
Yet we rest upon His Love,

Seeking better things above.
2 What our Father does is well:

Shall the wilful heart rebel?
If a blessing He withhold
In the field, or in the fold,
Is it not Himself to be

All our Store eternally?
3 What our Father does is well:

Though He sadden hill and dell,
Upward yet our praises rise
For the strength His Word supplies.
He has called us sons of God;
Can we murmur at His rod ?

4 What our Father does is well :

M: the thought within us dwell.
Though nor milk nor honey flow
In our barren Canaan now,
God can save us in our need,
God can bless us, God can feed.

5 Therefore unto Him we raise

Hymns of glory, songs of praise :
To the Father and the Son
And the Spirit, Three in One,
Honor, might, and glory be,
Now and through eternity.

Unknown. 1861.
Tr. Benjamin Schmolk. 1720.

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