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INDIA CIVIL appear to be in other respects duly qualified. Should any of the selected Candidates become disqualified, the Secretary of State for India will determine whether the vacancy thus created shall be filled up or not. In the former case, the Candidate next in order of merit, and in other respects duly qualified, shall be deemed to be a selected Candidate. A selected Candidate declining to accept the appointment which may be offered to him will be disqualified for any subsequent competition.

9. Selected Candidates, before proceeding to India, will be on probation for two years, during which time they will be examined periodically, with a view of testing their progress in the following subjects:-*

1. Law

2. Classical Languages of India-





- 1,250




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3. Vernacular Languages of India (each)
4. The History and Geography of India
5. Political Economy

In these examinations, as in the open competition, the merit of the
Candidates examined will be estimated by marks, and the number set
opposite to each subject denotes the greatest number of marks that can
be obtained in respect of it at any one examination. The examination
will be conducted by means of printed questions and written answers,
and by vivâ voce examination, as may be deemed necessary. The last of
these examinations will be held at the close of the second year of pro-
bation, and will be called the "final examination," at which it will be
decided whether a selected Candidate is qualified for the Civil Service
of India. At this examination Candidates will be permitted to take up
any one of the following branches of Natural Science, viz., Botany,
Geology, and Zoology, for which 350 marks will be allowed.

10. Any Candidate who, at any of the periodical examinations, shall appear to have wilfully neglected his studies, or to be physically incapacitated for pursuing the prescribed course of training, will be liable to have his name removed from the list of selected Candidates.

11. The selected Candidates who, at the final examination, shall be found to have a competent knowledge of the subjects specified in Regulation 9, and who shall have satisfied the Civil Service Commissioners of their eligibility in respect of age, health, and character, shall be certified by the said Commissioners to be entitled to be appointed to the Civil Service of India, provided they shall comply with the regulations in force, at the time, for that Service.

12. Applications from persons desirous to be admitted as Candidates are to be addressed to the "Secretary to the Civil Service Commis"sioners, London, S. W.," from whom the proper form for the purpose may be obtained.

September 1877.

*Full instructions as to the course of study to be pursued will be issued to the successful Candidates as soon as possible after the result of the open competition is declared.

The Civil Service Commissioners are authorised by the Secretary of INDIA CIVIL State for India in Council to make the following announcements :


(1.) Selected Candidates will be permitted to choose, according to the order in which they stand in the list resulting from the open competition, as long as a choice remains, the Presidency (and in Bengal the Division of the Presidency) to which they shall be appointed, but this choice will be subject to a different arrangement, should the Secretary of State, or Government of India, deem it necessary.

(2.) The Probationers, having passed the necessary examinations, will be required to report themselves to their Government in India not later than the close of December 1881.

(3.) The seniority in the Civil Service of India of the selected Candidates shall be determined according to the order in which they stand on the list resulting from the final examination.

(4.) An allowance of 150l. a year will be given during each of the two years of their probation to all Candidates who pass their probation at some University to be approved beforehand by the Secretary of State, provided such Candidates shall have passed the required examinations to the satisfaction of the Civil Service Commissioners, and shall have complied with such rules as may be laid down for the guidance of selected Candidates.

(5.) All selected Candidates will be required, after having passed the second periodical examination, to attend at the India Office for the purpose of entering into an agreement binding themselves, amongst other things, to refund in certain cases the amount of their allowance in the event of their failing to proceed to India. A surety will be required.

(6.) After passing the final examination, each Candidate will be required to attend again at the India Office, with the view of entering into covenants. The stamps payable on these documents

amount to 17.

(7.) Candidates rejected at the final examination of 1880 will in no case be allowed to present themselves for re-examination.

*This choice must be exercised immediately after the result of the open competition is announced, on such day as may be fixed by the Civil Service Commissioners.



Printed by GEORGE E. EYRE and WILLIAM SPOTTISWoode, Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty.

For Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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