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I cried with my whole heart; hear me, O Lord : I
will keep thy statutes. Great peace have they
who love thy law; and nothing shall offend them.
I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies;
for all my ways are before thee. I have gone
astray like a lost sheep: seek thy servant ; for I
do not forget thy commandments.-Ps. cxix. 145,
165, 168, 176. The Lord shall preserve thee
from all evil; He shall preserve thy soul.-Ps.
cxxi. 7.

The word of God should be ever connected with
prayer; for why is it that many hear and read
without being the better? They do not pray in
faith for a blessing. We must, like David, pray
with the utmost fervor, that we may understand
and retain the word of God, and bring forth fruit;
for a Christian has nothing so much at heart as that
he may always act up to the word and will of God;
his prayer is, Lord, let my footsteps be sure, accord-
ing to thy word ; and let nothing contrary to thy
law have dominion over me, either in my doctrine
or practice ! If this prayer be granted, great will
be our peace, Jesus Himself will be our peace, and
then nothing shall offend us; we shall take heed
unto all our ways before God, and so walk before
Him as to continue humble, like David, who con-
sidered himself as a straying and lost sheep. Lord,
we are by nature straying and lost sheep ; seek and
fetch us back from the error of our ways, and pre-
serve us in thy pasture! Then shall we, with a
heart full of gratitude, shew forth the praises of thy
glorious name.

My soul has gone too far astray,

My feet too often slip;
Yet since I've not forgot thy way,

Restore thy wandering sheep.

I have waited for thy salvation,'Lord.-,

Gen. xlix. 18. MANY liave received comfort from these words in death and waited in faith for their salvation. The thoughtless and impenitent wait only for temporal prosperity in their lives, and therefore cannot expect eternal bliss; but, on the contrary, a dreadful judgment after death. Oh! that they would enter into themselves this very day, that, at the eve of life, they might, like Jacob and Simeon, depart in peace. We will not, therefore, look for any earthly things, but for the Saviour, who is already come, who will grant us His salvation, His aid and deliverance in life and death, and will conduct us safely at last, though we should wait some time for His help. Yes, my Redeemer, they who wait, depend upon, and hope in thee, shall not be ashamed. Grant us only faith and patience, that we may wait on thee from one morning-watch to another; and enduring all things, make the whole course of our lives one perpetual expectation of thy aid ; and may we ever abundantly experience thy help and salvation, especially at our latter end.

Christ's own soft hand shall wipe the tears

From every weeping eye;
And pains and groans, and griefs and fears,

And death itself shall die.

How long, dear Saviour, oh ! low long,

Shall this bright hour delay?
Fly swiftly round, ye wheels of Time,

And bring the welcome day.
Oh! I could break this carnal fence,

Drop all my sorrows in the tomb,
On angel-wings remove from thence,

And fly this happy moment home;
Quit the dark house of mouldering clay,
And launch into eternal day.



has been translated into nearly all European languages, and has obtained an enormous circulation in Germany

and Great Britain. In this country very few books, except the " Pilgrim's Progress,' have been so largely circulated or so widely read. It will surprise many to learn that more than a century and a half have elapsed since the first publication of this valued volume.

Until the great day of account, it will not be known how many thousands have derived spiritual blessing from its well-known pages. For five or six generations the familiar “Bogatzky” has been in daily use in many a godly household at family worship; in many a quiet chamber the little volume has been a treasured daily monitor ; from its pages hundreds of trembling believers have gathered strength and wisdom ; from its teachings many an enquiring soul has been led into life and light; and from its consolations many a sorrowing mourner has drawn comfort in tribulation.



The mission of the book is not yet over.

It is hoped and believed that another generation will derive spiritual instruction from a volume which has been richly blest to the one now passing away, as well as to generations which have previously “ crossed the flood."


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