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It is due the families and individuals whose names are

used or referred to in this work, to state that it was conceived, and has been written by its Author without their knowledge or consent; and that the Author, and the Author only, is solely and wholly responsible for it.


The Colonization of North America:

The Revolution and Independence of the Colonies :

The Constitution of the United States :

The first Great Struggle under the Constitution as to the
powers and policy of the Government:

The settlement of the Valley of the Mississippi, and the
acquisition of Louisiana :

The Great Contest with South Carolina, and the doctrines
of Nullification by the States:

The late War with England:

The Colonization and acquisition of Texas and the Cali-
fornias :

The consequences of the Colonization of Texas to individ-
uals and to the government:

The policy of the Government in regard to further acquisi-
tion of Cuba, Mexico, and Central America :

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The history and Constitutional rights of African slavery

in the Union :

The relations of the general government to the Territories
and States, as developed by the Kansas contest:


In observing the historical map of the world, we see a few great facts as prominent above the rest, as the bold mountains of the globe. Among these are the discovery and colonization of America; the Independence and Union of the States; the subsequent addition of new States, and the vast extension of the blessings of freedom.

To us, the most important portion of the history of our race is the history of our own country. That history is strikingly composed of individual and united struggles and achievements. Although able and extensive American histories and biographies have been written, some of their great and important truths have been given in the abstract only; others erroneously given, whereby some persons have received more and others less than their share of honor.

It is the object of this humble effort to place those great truths in their true connection; to record others that have been omitted ; to show how great events have been produced by individual efforts; to render a just tribute to the memories and services of some of our Fathers; to show the injustice that has been done, and to indicate further attempts that have been made and committed upon some of their children ;

to show how National growth, and wealth, and glory have cost, in some instances, individual life and family prosperity ; yet to discover the direction which the great and glorious hand of the past points out as the only true course of that grand destiny for which our country seems to have been designed, and which she will certainly attain, if she prove faithful to herself and the sacred causes committed to her hands.

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