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"Deutsche Vierteljahrs Schrift."

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Edinburgh Review.

Mexico and the Western Prairies,

119 Archæological Researches in Greece,. 271
Life and Writings of Addison, . . 216 Discoveries on the North Coast of America, 276
Life of a Travelling Physician, . . 289 | | Chambers's Edinburgh Journal.
Royal Society of Literature, :

433 Stella and Vanessa, . . . . 204

Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Facts on Suicide,



: : : 396


Colonial Gazette.

Quarterly Review.

Revolution in Greece, ... . . 504

Blaže's History of the Dog, .

World of Fashion.

Cardwell and Akerman on Coins, . . 397 | Lady Hester Stanhope, . . . . 191

Foreign Quarterly Reviewo.

Domestic Life of Napoleon,


Habits and Superstitions of the Bretons,

Air 330-Chieftain of Erin 378–Death 264-

Dr. Francia and South America, .

Death of my Infant Child 486—Dissolving

Dialogues of Plato, .

Views 319-Epitaph 535-Evening Star 270

Niebuhr's Posthumous Works, . . . . 357

-Fate of Polycrates 557-Hans Euler 409–
The English on the Continent, .

Her Name 252-Honor to Women 74–Last

Friends 178–Lines on the Death of a Friend
Louis Blanc's History of Ten Years,

394—Little Red Rose 119-Love Strong in

Death 530–Messenger Dove 190—Paradise

Westminster Review.

of Shedaud 301–Pilgrim of Nature 396—

Col Torrens on Free Trade, . . . 193 |

Sestri, 521-Spirit of Poetry 257—Spirit of the

John Knox and Rizzio, . . . . 209

Storm 300—Stranger, a Tale of the Sea 101-

Free Kirk of Scotland, . .

To a Lady Praying 409–Tomb in Pompeii
Sequel to the N. Am. Boundary Que 331

516—Trees 356-Welcome to Victoria 300-
British Critic.

Who is my Neighbor ? 354-Wisdom of Age

Lord Strafford, : ,

45— Woful Voice 215.

The Press and the Age. . . . 1

Blackwood's Magazine.

Abyssinian Embassy 284—African Discovery
Repeal Agitation,. .

572—Algiers 574--Alliance in High Life 425–
Christian Observer.

Anti-Duelling Association 328—Animal Skel-
Recollections of Southey and Wordsworth, 105

etons 284—Arrest of an American 535-Ber-

Tait's Magazine.

lin Monument 396— Boyer, General 573

Smith's Productive Farming, . . 53

British Possession of the Islands of Hawaii

Magic and Mesmerism, . .


51-Buckingham and the British and Foreign

Sandwich Islands, :..

265 Institute 140- Cardinal Fesch 446— Chal-

Recollections of Sir Walter Scott, . 563

mers, Dr. 516—Chinese Foot Torture 275-

Fraser's Magazine.

Comet at Burmah 57—Comet 284-Constan-
Esthetical Criticisms on Works of Art, . tinople 506—Crossing the Desert 14-De-

Reminiscences of Men and Things, . 379, 449 crease of Crime 328– Discipline, Prison 573—

Pleasures, Objects, and Advantages of

Duelling 178— Egyptian Expedition 284-

Literature, ..

Embassies to China-Electro-meteor. Regis-

Dublin University Magazine.

ter 476-Emigration in Russia 574-Empe-
Wordswortb's Greece,

ror of Russia, attempt to assassinate 570—

English Peasantry 139-Expense of Expedi-
American Poetry, .

tion to China 425-Father Prout 356–Fall of
New Monthly Magazine.

Frogs 446-Fête of Nanterre 282–Fire-proof
Repeal of the Union,

Powder Magazine 356—Grand Duke Michael
Recollections of Napoleon, .

of Russia 124, 535—Greece 573–Horses
Monthly Review.

Running Away 446—Humanity of the Peo-
Nelsonian Reminiscences, .

ple of Vienna 282—Impost in Egypt 14—
Tales of the Colonies,

Isthmus of Panama 283 - Jews in Germany

Ainsworth's Magazine.

141–Jews of Spain, and Inquisition 304—

A Fight in the Dark, . . .

Lord Pivot 203-Loss of Hair from Terror

The Metropolitan.

425-Magistrate's Court in India 45-Mani-

The Happiest Hour of my Life, . . 558 festo of Belgian Bishops 573-Marlborough


Papers 281-Mesmerism 52-Moorfields 208

The Scotch Church, . . . . 355 -Musical Devotion 283–Navigator's Islands

France and Greece, . .

425-Newspaper Reporting as a Political En-

History of Egypt under the Rom

gine 423– Newspaper Statistics 283—Plea-

Literary Gazette.

sure of Paying Debts 257— Premature rise of

History of Letter-writing,

: 303 the Nile 14-Printing 45-Puns 425–Queen

British Association, .

of Spain 328-Relievo Map of England and

Antarctic Expedition, . . . . 470 Wales 74-Revue Pénitenciaire 203—Rob-

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English Notions of Irish Affairs

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