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And you claim the liberty of teaching. Stop! Be sincere ; let us understand the liberty which you claim. It is the liberty of not teaching You wish us to give you the people to instruct. Very well. Let us see your pupils. Let us see those you produced. What have you done for Italy ? What have you done for Spain? For centuries you have kept in your hands, at your discretion, at your school, these two great nations, illustrious among the illustrious.

What have you done for them? I shall

Italy-which has taught mankina to read- now knows not how to read !

Spain, thanks to you, a yoke of stupor, which is a yoke of degradation and decay."--VICTOR HUGO.

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Printed at the Manitoba Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

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The system of education embodied in the Acts of 1890 no doubt commends itself to, and adequately supplies the wants of the great majority of the inhabitants of the Province(of Manitoba). From judgment of Privy Council in the Referred case.

It is not the law that is at fault ; it is owing to religious convictions, which everybody must respect, and to the teaching of their church, that Roman Catholics and members of the Church of England find themselves unable to partake of advantages which the law offers to all alike.From judgment of Privy Council in City of Winnipeg v. Barrett.


THE PRESENT SITUATION. From · Form the year 1890, when the new educational law of Manitoba was enacted, until quite recently, the Dominion Government managed to keep the now celebrated school controversy out of the House of Commons, and to contine it to the Courts of Justice. With the passage of the remedial order in March last all this was changed. The question is now a political one. · A government has been found in Canada willing to declare that, as a maiter of public policy, it is more important that some alleged

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