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Luna ad square of Saturn in munda
So ad square of Mårs in Zod.c. d.
** sine ad square of Sol in Zod. c.d.
MC ad fextile Luna
Afcendant ad fextile Venus
Sol ad fextile of Venus in munda
Luna ad trine of Venus munda c. d.
MC ad opposition of Mercury
Sol ad opposition of Jupiter c. d.
Luna ad opposition of Mars c. d.
M C ad opposition of Sol
Sol ad conjunction of Saturn
Sol ad femiquadrate of Mercury d. d.
Death ascendant ad opposition Luna
Lana ad square Venus in munda
Sol ad femiquadrate Mars 2od. c. d.

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THE want of room taft month to formed, that objects appear to him infert more Querics, occafions our de- much larger than to use ferring the answers thereto till onr next; when all our deficiencies in querieal matters will be made

up. In the mean time, we present the follow

20 QUIRY III. ing ingenioas queftions to the curious for their serious investigation.

What is the reason why lime grows

hot when sprinkled with water? 77 QUERY 10 FY BOURTONIENSIS,

QUERY IV. BY THE SAME. Why are mince-pies so universally taten at Christmas, and whence arole

I will now venture to propose a that custom?

query, which though very common,

has never yet (I think) been properly I QUERY 11.

answered : viz. What reason can be

añigned why the echo in Woodfock WHETHER it can be proved by de- párk repeats twenty fyllables by night, monftracion, that à horfe's fight is fe and only feventeen by day?


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h, and applying to the opposition of Never did a position of the planets , is another circumstance which adds more clearly point out the fate of an to the native's misfortunes, of which individual than in this geniture, 2 more may be thought than spoke. h. in the tenth house gives great honour in the fourth denotes a bad end to the and preferment: this was evinced by native, however exalted; instances of:. her advancement to the throne of which may be seen in the genitures of Denmark, The 8 in the mid-hea- Charles I. and James Duke of Ha, ven, declares loss of honour and repu. milton. ” in this figure, signifies her tation; an old author-says, “it precio enemies, as being lord of the seventh, piţates the native from the chief pin.., and being posited in her fourth, which, nacle of dignity into the very jaws of, is their tenth, and in conjunction wich a dengcon, and often portendá exile, 8, it is no wonder they should overor perpetual imprisonment."

." All the come her. The luminaries not being world knows how truly this was veri- in án hylegial plase, cannot either of fied. The luminaries in the twelfth them be giver of life; therefore the are also a corroborating sign of the ascendant must be taken for that puronative's imprisonment, especially as: pole, which directing to the quartile one of them is, lord of the ascendant. of h, occasioned her death at the Venus, lady of the tenth, in-quartile of age of twenty-three years, ten months.


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1. THE ascendant and the moon are the general significators of a whole

RULES OF SAFETY. fhip, and of its success at its first launching, which is called its birth,

1. WHÉN the principal significa and the lord of the ascendant fignifies

tors, viz. those signs on the lines of the failing therein.

good houses, and their lords are strong, 2. In horary questions, which re. well pofited, and free from any afilic. late to the success of a voyage or elec- tion, safety and success is denoted to tions for the same, the seventh houle,

the thip's company. as said of the ascendant, is for the ship

2. The afcendant fortunate, and and its lord, the persons fáiling the lord of the ascendant unfortunate, therein.

and in abject houses, the fhip does well, 3. The ascendant, the breast of the and arrives happily at its intended ship.

port, but there happens damage and The seventh house, the hinder part.” misfortune to those failing in her. The M C the upper part.

3. The 'D and the fortunate stars, The I C the bottom, or that part angular and well affected, and the under water.

infortunes cadent and otherwise op: The 11, 12, 2, 3, 10, and ift, the pressed, the ship and her lading will ftar-board, or right fide.

go very safe to her intended port withThe 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, the larboard, out any interruption. or left fide.

4. When the teitimonies of safety 4. r The breast of the ship.

and danger are equal, the significators ở That part of the brealt under of safety are derived from more noble water.

parts of the figure, the ship will be I The rudder and fern.

wholly freed from menaced danger.' The bottom, or floor.

5. The principal fignificators, fivift The birth above water,

in motion, and happily assisted by me The belly of the ship.

fortunate stars, in good houses, and The part above the breast of the above the earth, a speedy and fuccefs. ship in the water.

ful voyage, profitable to the owners, m The place of the mariners. and reputable to the ftars, and this # The mariners themselves,

will be more eminently considerable w The ends of the fhip.

if the lord of the fecond and part of The master or captain.

fortune favourably aflifts. * The oars.

(To be continued.)


Continued from Page. 449:

of illness during the fourth quarter, SO consonant to truth are the fore- the patient ought carefully to avoid going observations, viz.of the influence bloodlerting, or any wound, particuof the signs on the different parts of the larly in the head, whereby the brain human body, that it is known by ex. might be injured, since even an excoperience to be of dangerous conse- riation might be productive of misquence to wound any member when. chief. foever its predominant fign concurs

Hence arifes another consideration with the influence of the moon: the of serious import to the health of in. reason of which is, that by nature the dividuals, which is, that coition with moon increases the moisture, particu. menftruous women is a gratification larly at the full; fo that if a wounded not to be indulged in, without running limb be exposed to the moon's rays, the hazard of impairing one's conftitu. the humours will be collected to the tion, many having thereby unwarily affected part, in which case the dan- contracted a leprosy. This caution ger that may

follow is too obvious to comes recommended by the authority be infifted on These consequences of Hippocrates, who says the air is are not to be apprehended from the infected by the fetor proceeding from Sun, because it exhales the moisture, the menstrua, of course so must the Hence it is reasonable to conclude,

frame of man. Another danger to that the moisture is greatest at the full be guarded against during the fourth moon; at which period, the marrow, position of the inoon, is lying exposed menftruous humour, and the brain, ap to her influence; which is the cause pear to be the most sensibly affected; of head-achs, and fluxion of the a truth which is confirmed by the tes. rheum, which ends in a catarrh, timony of persons of a ftudious dir. Albertus, after having dwelt as long position, who find that time less fa as he thought necessary on the signs, vourable than any other to the profe- in a minute invettigation of their cution of their studies. Towards a

agency, retorns to the planets, called farther elucidation of this subject, our by the ancients the deities of nature, author notices the different positions of presiding over men. With much the-mioon, and the effects ascribed to propriety was this appellation bestowthem. The firit quarter, which cor- ed upon them, inasmuch as nature is reíponds with the air, is hot and moist, governed by them, as a kingdom is hy and all who are' begotten then, are of a king. But, it will be said, if the fanguine habits. The second quarter planets be the gods of nature, where.. partakes of a more fiery nature, and in conlists the use of the ftars ? wliat to it are attributed choleric tempers. benefit is derived to us from the starThe third quarter corresponds with ry heaven? It is said to be the univer. the earth, which is dry and cold, and fal and uniform cause of nature, and is thought 10 engender melancholy, that the planets diversify the effects by The fourth quarter being of a cold, wa. their motion. The effects of the pla. terish nature, is supposed to produce nets are here considered as they opephlegm: whence fome contend that rate on the body and the mind. And if a piece of flesh be exposed to the first Saturn, the remoțeit of our system, moon in the fourth quarter, it will so affects the corporeal paris, as ca ren. breed worms sooner than at the full der the person born under it of a swar.

Be it observed, that in case thy and dark complexion, with lank Vol. I.


moon. .

3 A


Properties of the Planets. black hair, and thick-sei with beard. who are born under him. A degree Such are the - distinguishing bodily of heat excseding that of moisture, is marks. The mental distinctions are, the cause of the hair's curling, which, a perfidi us, and malicious difpofition, by the bye, is a fure prognoitic that an irascible and sorrowful temper, whomsoever it belongs to is of a frone to filthiness, flow to venery, and hasty temper. Tlicy are also in comhardly ftimulated to it by provoca- plexion of a dark red; for the redness tives, Hence even those who are is owing to the action of the heat up. apteft to ridicule the notion of the in on the moisture, which it consumes, fluence of the planets, contradict them. as may be exemplified by bricks, which selves frequently by their expref:ons; are of a whith colour before they are for at the same time that they deny burni, and become red in proportion Saturn any ascendancy over inarikind, as their n:oisture is dried up by the they make use of the words, saturnine heat. To want of moisture is likeand melancholy as fynoni.nous tcrms. wise to be ascribed their imáll eyes,

Jupiter, the next in distance and those organs being waterish, as is cvi. magnitude, is the reverse of the for- dent froin the quantity that guhes. mer in his operative capacity over us, forth when they receive any hurt; and from his producing in the body a now Mars being dry and hot, cannot different set of features, and in the conlequently form large, beautifui, mind far cther dispositions, the fabu- eyes. With the ancients, Mars was lous account of Jupiter's having ex accounted the God of war, from the pelled Saturn may be accounted for. knowledge of that planet's tendency The influence of this planet is chiefly to dry the brain, and inflame the discoverable in the face, which under heart, thereby preparing it for violence. his predominance is beautiful, of an He likewile begets a defire of copulaoval figure, with bright eyes, long tion, but unprovided with moisture in hair, and a complexion in which the a degree proportionate to heat, such as rose and lily blend their hues. The are born under him are incapable of person born under him is long-haired, "fuliy fatistying their carnal appetite. because he is hot and moilt, which are The fourth planet is the Sun; to the cause thereof, hair being nothing whose kindly influence our globe is more than the fuperfluity of the moisture principally indebted for its comforts iffuing at the pores. It is observed and conveniences. It ivas called the likewise, that those wlió are bearded Eye of the World, and Father of the early are well-complexioned.

As Gods; it being the firm principle of from the elegance of the mansion, life, giving animation to every thing. we form an idea of the refident, fo His approach towards our orb in. are the intellectual gifts of those born flucnces fertility and generation ; under Jove proportioned to the bodies 'whereas, at his recels, nature seems to they dwell in; they are merciful, true, puton a robe of sadness, feeling throughand liberal: long lived, and lovers out all her parts a decay of the vital of cleanlincís. They are moreover principle. His effects on the body amorously inclined, and fitted to ac are benign, rendering those who are quit themselves vigoroufly of love's born under him comely and well-profunctions, by reason of the heat and 'portioned, and to this corporeal fymmoisture of their constitutions,

metry uniting the most valuable enThe planet that claims notice after dowinents of the mind, such as wis. Japiteris Mars; who is far Icis friend. dom, a love of truth and justice, ly to the body and mind than the for. and adherence to religion. Some ne. mer, on account of his heat and dry.. vertheless contend, that under a spenes; hence the small eyes, short, friz. cious appearance of integrity lurks a zly locks, and distorted li:nbs, in many fiend of hypocrisy.

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