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A Dole for the Doctor's. IN the month of August 1791, a ation in the throat. The Moon in correspondent favoured the Editor of Aquarius governs the bladder, and bethis Magazine with a Decumbituré ing so much afflicted, caused obitrucjudged according to the canons of tions of urine. Aftrology ; but as it appears by the So far of the disease and its cause. judgment he gave, that his knowledge The lord of the ascendant being. in that very useful branch of-art is as lord of the 8th, and posited in the 6th, yet very light and fuperficial ; I con- and the moon virtually in the 12th, ceived it would not be unacceptable and both of them so exceedingly afto your readers, if a performance of flitted, gave fufficient indication to that nature, handled with more accu me that the disease would be violent, racy than the before-mentioned, was and at lali mortal, and that the miser. presented to the lovers of this amus. able man would in a great measure ing enquiry.

haften his dissolution by his own mis. The gentleman for whom this de conduct. The event justified my sucumbiture scheme was set, was taken fpicions, for he departed this transitory fick on the 5th of May, 1790, at 33 life on the 13th of May, in the even. minutes paft 3 in the morning, at which ing, just as the Moon passed the square time the celestial wanderers were po- of her radical place when he was fited as on the other side.

taken fick. If you add 45 degrees to We shall, for the satisfaction of the the Moon's place at the hour of decurious enquirer, in the first place en- cumbiture, it brings you to 2 degrees deavour to discover the aftral cause of 57 min. of Aries, which is the first the disease; secondly, the principal judicial time, and happened at near parts affected; thirdly, whether the eleven at night on the 9th of May : disease is mortal or curable.

the Moon is then separating from the And, firu, of the nature of the disa conjunction of Saturn, and applying ease, and parts afiliced. Mars, lord to that of Venus; a Aateering time of the ascendant in the 6th in Leo, a indecă : 'the fick then found himself fiery fign in conjunction of Jupiter in a more comfortable Hate ; Venus and square of the fun and Mercury, now did all the could, and the effect and the Moon separating from the of Mars with Jupiter helped on the square of Mercury and Sol, and ap; work; that is, to mislead the poor paplying to the opposition of Mars and tient and his ignorant apothecary, for Jupiter, fufficiently affure us that the how it was that Doctor Dolittle said a disease was like to be violent and dan- great many fine things, to the great gerous, and that it proceeded from comfort of all who heard him : choler mixed with melancholy. Mars the bark decoctions jumped about like in Leo in conjunction of Jupiter, and peas in a frying pan, and nothing lefs in square to the fun, detects a violent than a happy crisis was to be expected: inflammation in the pleura, proceed. but see the vanity of thofe purblind ing froin the effervescence of mixed prognosticators, for, contrary to every humdurs, attended with great heat and expectation, he gave them all the flip sharphess of the urine, a swift pulse, at the time before mentioned. &c. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus

W.E. in the zd in fquare to Mars and Jupi. Kendall Place, No. 72, ter, discovers infiammation and ulcer.. Lambeth.




"In a Letter to the Editor.


his me

I WAS peculiarly pleased, by peruf Amongst the indicial marks of his ing in your last Magazine, W. E. of commanding the public treasure, is one Lambeth's letter, addressed to B. con- which I believe never before was reccerning the gentleman and lady's Na- koned a mark of a man's advancement tivities in Numbers 4 and

viz. OD && in the twelfth house." thod of accounting for the accidents, is This house is by all authors on the sciclear and comprehenfive.

ence, esteemed the worst, and from its I have made the ftudy of Astrology baneful effects is called Caco-dæmon, the amusement of my leisure hours, for or the evil angel ; now how planets feveral years, and am convinced by ex- posited in this house can by their posiperience of the absurdity of B.'s idea, tion be a cause of advancement is a which excludes the luminaries from mystery. I have an author before me forming a description of the person who fays that in the 12th portends when lords of the ascendant,

powerful adversaries, and danger of For instance, in the nativity of a imprisonment; this was sufficiently gentleman of confiderable rank in this verified in the nativity of the late ankingdom, s afcends, the San lord of fortunate Queen of Denmark, who had the ascendant being posited in the same the Sun and Moon pofited in the 12th fign ; the most judicious writers on the in the sign Cancer. Mr. Pitt having science inform us that in gives the lady of his ascendant essentially a Hrong, well-proportioned body, large dignified by house, and being in con. limbs, full eyes, light or yellowish junction of 8 and 4, thole testimonies hair, which exactly describes the person alone are sufficient to raise the native in queition; now were we to follow to a vast height of honour and preferthe rule of B, 8 in my would describe ment ; but I will venture to affer,t that his perfon, which would be a flender the position of ħ on the tenth, although body, long arms and hands, dark hair, beheld by a platick trine of f, will de. and a sivarthy complexion, a description prive him of his honours when he least fo diametrically opposite to the native's expects it; and the position of the real person, that no one possessed of Georgian planet, (which I believe to be a grain of sense can fail of seeing the of the nature of Saturn) is a circumflagrant absurdity of B.'s observation ; stance by no means in his favour. but that gentleman appears to be so en I depend on your impartiality for tirely enveloped in spirit and ambiguity the insertion of this, it being written that common sense is put quite out of with no other view, than the exclusion the question.

of error; if I find theie few remarks His remarks on Mr. Pite's nativity well received, you may depend on my are calculated to confuse and mislead the readiness to communicate any thing in young practitioner, in many instances : my power toward the improvement In the first place, the D and 8 are of the science and che aliitance of the erroneously placed in the figure by more young practitioner ; and, contrary to than a degree each ; this in directing the aisertion of B. willing to take what the several significations will make a B. calls trouble for noiving. If you difference in time of more than a year, think the Nativity of the Queen of and must make a considerable differa Denmark worth inferting, will send it ence in the position of the part of fore in my next. tune, which is projected according to

MERCURIUS. the erroneous method of Gadbury, Bath, June 8, 1792. and contrary to the rule given in one of your former Magazines.


( 436 )


1. THE foundation of Chiromancy 6. The dillance between both ends depends upon the true appropriation of is the way of its passage, in which way the feveral mounts, fingers, or places in it either crosses some other line, or else is the hand, to their proper Itars or pla- crossed : if it do neither its signification pets.

is continual, and ought so much the 2. The ancients have assigned the more to be taken notice of. root of the middle-finger to Saturn, of 7. Every mount hath a proper figthe fore-finger to Jupiter, the hollow nification, which it receives from the of the hand to Mars, the root of the fignifications of its proper planet, be. ring-finger to Sol, of the thumb to ing abstractly considered the same Venus, and lastly the brawn of the understand of all the planets aforehand near the writt to Luna. .

said. 3. The line which comes round the 8. Saturn is the author of age, inball of the thumb towards the root or heritances, melancholy, malice, forrow, mount of Jupiter, is called Linea Jovi. milery, calamities, enemies, imprison. ales, or the life.line; that from the ments, fickness, diseases, perplexities, writt tó the root, or mount of Saturn, poverty, crosses, death, &c. whatsoever Linea Saturnialis : but if it points to evil can befal human life; he signifies the root or mount of Sol, Linea Sola- fathers, old men, labourers, dyers, sis; if to Mercury, Linea Mercurialis; smiths, and jesuits. He also signifies diat which goes from Linea Jovialis to one austere and satyrical, with a head the mount of Luna, Linea Lunaris, or declining, eyes fixed upon the earth, the natural line; the other great line hanging lips, and a sullen countenance, above it is called Linea Stellata, or waiting himself with a furious filence; the line of fortune, because it limits he gives himself a complexion or colour the mounts of the planets, and is im- between black and yellow, meagre, pressed with various virtues in thole distorted, of an hard skin, eminent places, according to the nature of the veins, fmall eyes, eye-brows almost planet, whose mount it runs under, or joined together, a thin beard, thick lips, fets a boundary unto ; lastly, the ípace cast down looks, an heavy gait, and between the natural line, and the line fumbling as he goes. He fignifies envy, of fortune, is called Mensa, the table.. and envious men, a way-layer, or pad.

4. All cther lines either proceed der upon the highway; but where he is out of the fides of the former, or elfe well placed, he signifies one subtile, from fome proper mcunt.

wise or witty, intelligent, ingenious, a 5. Every line, great or small, long preserver or keeper of hidden things, or Thort, hath a certain beginning or one given up to secrei contemplations, root, from which it rises; and a cer- and a finder out of things loft. tain end or point to which it tends. Montrose,



ANSWER TO QUERY 1, IN NO. IX. the freezing principle is affifted thereby BY R. E. 'D.

as follows. The faline particles, in

the different regions of the atmosphere, AS the volatile parts of plants are . are attracted with the volatile parts of seen to peripiic from the fermented, or plants, whereby from a contraction of putrified paris thereo, ii follows that their parts these flakes of ice are formed,


Answers to Queries.

437 which are often driven down, from thinned, and the particles before-montheir becoming too dense to stay in the tioned are parted ; leaving the oily and air. This freezing principle is more faline particles more room wherein to plainly perceived upon the surface of the float, and the spirituous parts more at earth, and water from the different liberty to act-consequently these parti degrees of porosity belonging to each ; cles seem to be the chief inftrument in and also from their condensation. resisting the cold in any dagree. The

concentered oil, must consequently be

ex contra. QUERY II. BY THE SAME. The nitrous particles in the air is QUERY II. certainly the principle whereby the freezing is formed, from the condensa

VOLATILE falts being a subtle va. tion of the volatile parts of those parti-poor or spirit, is left more at rooin, or cles; seeing that the moisture, and rather to an exposer of air, than other coldness of the atmosphere, being im- bodies which are fixed and more porous; pregnated by the nitrous particles, is but upon being mixed with any acid, contracted, and the pores thereof which is corrosive, it kills the fpirituous brought closer, or more dense, whereby parts therecf, and leaves room for any the spirituous parts thereof is killed, degree of cold thereupon to act, con and freezing muft necessarily ensue. sequently it must produce coldness. If

an acid be mixed with fixed alkaline,

which is very porous, and wherein RVERY III. BY THE SAME.

many particles of fire lodge, the most

violent effervescence or ebullition will As to the third Query, it is sufici. ensue, which produces a great degree ently answered from the foregoing- of heat. Consequently the reason is as making the freezing principle to be entirely from the different degrees of distinct from either of the above, would porosity, which occasions the heat of imply a contradiction in terms.

one, and cold of another, from the action of the self-same body.





Snow being a meteor engendered in VITRIOL being composed of an

the air by moisture and cold, and exacid, salt, and fulphurous earth, the ceeding porous--when mixed with spireason as may be deduced is as follows: rits of wine, which is of an inflammaa

1. The acidity of fulphur confifts ble and oily nature, the porous parts of of acid particles, and water, which the fnow will be filled with the volatile from its nature is very corrosive.

parts of the spirit; but upon being 2. The falt is of a volatile and spic mixed with a bottle of water, it thence rituous nature.

becomes denfe, the spirituous parts be3. The fulphurous parts of the vi, ing congealed, that the whole will be. triol, consist of very oily particles, and

come as it were fixed and confiftent, is very inflammable'; all these

parts are

which before was spirituous and volaattracted, or mixt in one body after the tilem-consequently an uncommon de. tion with water takes place, the oil iš gree of coldness will be feli, though

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