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her up.


Witchcraft. Yes, Madam, says the woman, here apreared to her, and desired to fee the is Mary come to speak to your lady- lodgings ; fo Mary gave her ladyship a fhip.

particular relation of what had happened Mary come ! says she, in a surprize; to her also, and of the message the was what can be the mater! wny, sure, has charged to deliver. the seen something too ? Mercy on me, What followed upon this alarm, and what's the matter what does she say? how the lady was reduced, and obliged

She does not say much, Madam, says to sell her fine furniture and equipage, the woman, but she wants mightily to and came to very low circumitances, speak with your ladyship, and is in a though it be a part of the story, is not so great hurry.

much to my purpose in the relation. What says the lady, is she frighted? But what is remarkable to the cale in

I believe the is, says the woman, hard is, that they allege, that just at but he will tell nothing but to your- the juncture, Sir John Owen, the lady's felf.

husband, died in the West-Indies. . I Oh, I shall die! says the lady; call suppose, by his death, her fupplies were

immediately stopped, and that was the Pray, Madam, says the woman, don't occasion of her being reduced so sudcall her up till your ladyship has re- denly. covered yourself a little from your other This relation is taken from a manudisorders; she'll cell you some wild tale script, late in the posseffion of Sir Owen or other of her own imagination, that Ap Owen, of Brecknockihire: the cirwill discomfit you, and do you mis cumstance happened in the beginning chief.

of Queen Anne's reign. O, says the lady, let her have whatever she will to say, I do infist upon hearing it; if it Thould be from the devil, it cannot be worie than it is ; call her


I mult speak with her. Accorcingly Mary came up, and the DUFFE, the seventy-eighth king of woman was ordered to withdraw. Scotland, laboured with a new and

As soon as the door was fhui, the lady unheard of disease; no cause was apagain burit into tears; for she had been parcnt, all remedies infignificant; his crying vehemently. O Mary, says she, body languiding in a continual sweat, I have had a dreadful visit this afternoon; and his itrength apparently decaying, your master has been here.

inioinuch that he was suspected to be My maiter! why, madani, that's iin- bewitched, which increased by a rupoffible.

mour, that certain witches of Forreft, Nay, it was your master, I am sure; in Murray, practised his destruction, or the devil in his likeness.

arising from a word which a girl let In a word, it is certain it was her fall, that the king should die fhortly ; husband in apparition, or the apparition who being examined by Donald, cap. of her husband, and he talked very tain of the castle, and tortures Thewed warmly and closely to her, and told her her, confelled the truth, and how her his eitate would not support her expen- mother was in the assembly; and five way of living, and that she would when certain soldiers were sent in bring herself to miscry and poverty ; search, they surprised them roafting a and a great deal more to the same pur- viaxen image of the king before a loft pose as he had said to Mary.

fire, to the end that as the wax melted Mary immediately asked her lady. by degrees, so should the king diffolve, fhip what manner he appeared in ; and and his life waste away with the conby the description that her mistress gave, fumption of the other. But the image it was exactly the same figure that had being broke, and the witches hang.


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Force of imagination.

429 ed for it, the King recorered his health him, he laid down his knife and fork, in a very short time.

and said, " then he died inad, and I Liquorpond-street.

shall die mad too." From that time Peter, he fancied himielf mad, although he,

had not the imallest fymptom of inad-
ness. If he happened to yawn, he
would immediately cry out, " that is

the horse died, and I am mad,"

although my friends will not believe A GENTLEMAN of the name of it.” He would take nothing that Marth happened to be riding, out, was prescribed for him, saying they when a horle in the staggers came be- would answer no puspose, for nothing hind, and taking hold of him by the could do him good. Thus he conbuckle of his breeches, lifted him out tinued for the space of four months, of the saddle, gave him a shake, and and then died. He was opened, but laid him on the ground, without bite, had none of these inward marks disbruise, scratch, or any sort of harm. coverable in persons who lose their He related the circumstance, and af- lives in consequence of having been ter a day or two seemed to think no bitten by any inad animal; nor when more about it

Three weeks after the living was he troubled with the hydrogentleman who owned the horse came phobia, or dread of any liquid; but to see Mr. Marsh, and told him that faw and swallowed it without any the horse which dismounted himn was concern, so that the judicious are dead of the stacgers. Being at din- agreed, that it was fancy, not madner when this information was given ness, that occafioned his death,


1. AN Austrian officer, being re The Duke Regent has given his fused an audience of the King of property to his chi:dren (who are to Hungary, drew a horse pittol from his change their names) though it was forpocket, in the presence of the Guards, feited to the State by the laws. who repulsed him, and shot himself

An inhabitant of Belfast has engaged through the head in one of the Court much attention by the discovery of a yards of the palace, at Vienna. perpetual motion on philosophical prin

3. Sentence passed on Ankarstroem, ciples. This power, in the present was." That he is adjudged to be in- inttance, is applied to the machinery of famous, and unworthy of any of the a clock, which, unconnected therea righ's of a citizen.

with, is contrived to go two years with " That he shall be put into the pile out winding up, by the weight of a lory for two hours in the forenoon on fingle pound, that gives motion to a three successive days, and whipt with pendulum of 2318. which moves fix pair of rods.

through the space of 518,409 inches ci That his head shall be severed from in 24 hours, while the maintaining his body, his right hand be cut off, pound descends but s-Ioth of an inch. and his thus mutilated body fhall be The most extraordinary circumftance impaled ; an inscription to be placed in this clock is the faculty of winding on the pillory as follows: “ Johan itself up by the weight of the atmos Jacob Ankarstroem, Affaffin of the phere, as long as the change of the King.” The sentence has been put in weight of the air, five times in the execution.

course of two years, shall cause the mer.


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cury either to ascend or fall 2-10ths of The deceased was the wife of an inch in the barometer above or Dell, who, until a few weeks back, below the mean height. From a fair has for some time been at fea; during comparison of its friction with that his absence the formed a connection of common clocks, it is thought it may with Robert Anderson, and lived with have an uninterrupted motion for ages. hin until her death. The husband of Its principles are of the simplest nature. the deceased went to Anderson's lodg.

In the parish of St. George, Canon- ings, in Lewkner's-lane, in order to ftreet, Ratcliff-Highway, there is an speak to his wife ; Anderson was then initicution founded by Mr. Raine, with her in the room, and a compawhereby young women who have been nion of his, Matthew Goodall, was four years in the school, four in the with them. Anderson and the hulhospital, and five in service, are enti. band of the deceased were quarrelling tled to draw lots for a wedding por. with each other, when Anderson and tion of rool. The days of drawing Goodall drew knives, and the former are May-day, and the day after Chrilt- swore he would do for Dell; the mas day; when fix of these young deceased threw herself on him, and begwomen, who have previously laid in ged he would not strike at him, when their claims, draw tickets, which con Anderson conceiving the preferred her fist of five blanks and one prize ; but husband to him, in a fit of jealousy those who are unfortunate at one stabbed her in the breast, and she ex. time, are not precluded an half-yearly pired in less than half an hour. An. chance as lorg as they live. But if the derson and Goodall then ran out of fortunate maid cannot find a man who the house together, with their knives will marry

her on that day six months, drawn, menacing destruction to all that from which she draws the fortunate opposed them, and near the bottom of lot, the forfeits her right to the rool. Drury-lane assaulted a soldier, for which which is otherwise then paid. When they were apprehended and commite ever this ceremony takes place, the ted by Mr. Justice Walker, for that concourse of people is iminense; and assauli. They were soon afterwards the interest which such an institution charged with the murder, and are now has on the feelings of the young female detained for it. spectators, is wonderful.

11. A fire broke out at the corner of 3. A melancholy affray happened Stevens-street, Tottenham-court-road, between two Riding Officers and three it gained great strength at the bottom of smugglers at Pluckley.. The smug, the house before it was discovered by glers were loaded with contraband the family, who had all retired to bed goods, two of whom surrendered, but in the upper apartments, and when the shird would not; shortly after the the alarm was given, the stairs were en. two first returned armed with clubs, tirely consumed, and the windows left and endeavoured to rescue their com the only means of escape. The man panion, who in the intermediate time of the house, by leaping from the winhad received a violent blow on the dow of the first floor, escaped; but his head with a hanger, and whilst in the wife endeavouring to assist her children act of jumping over a gate, one of the in an adjoining room, was, with a fine officers shot him through the neck, boy, nearly burnt to death. Two which proved instant death.

children, the one eleven, the other two 8. A most ihocking and wanton years old, were consumed in the premurder was committed on the body fence of their parents. The woman of Susannah Dell, in Lewkner’s-lane, and child were taken to the Middlesex Drury.lane, of which the following are Hospital, but with little hopes of reall the particulars that have transpired: covery.

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Embellished with the following elegant Engravings, all accurately copied by BAR LOW, framn








To make an addition before the fin Decumbiture of a Gentleman who died,

gures are set, by knowing only how by W. E. of Lambeth


many figures are in each row; as Astrological Remarks in answer to B. 435

likewise how many rows compose Original Correspondence on Chiromancy 436

the whole; and then adding youre The Querift, No. XI.

self some figures equal to chofechas. Answer to Queries


had been fer. New Queries 438. Rings strung on a Double Ribbon

450 Curious Receipts


The cards named by a Perfon BlindPalmistry, continued


451 Of Venus's Girdle, and its Significa The Sympathetick Lamp

451 tions

The Little Sportsman

451 How to know the Temperament and

A wonderful Secret
Complexion of any body by the Lives of Eminent Magicians, &c. 453
Lines of the Hand, and whether John Baptista Van Helmont

453, resembles Father or Mo

Peter Poirec

454 ther 439 Apparitions, Dreams, &c.

455 Obfervations on the Discovery of Mur Authenticated Apparition

455 derers, concluded

A Singular Dream

..455 Wonderful Properties of Bodies 441

An initance of Pricitcraft

455 Reasons for the Sagacity of Animals 442 Appearance to Mr. Tornley, deNature and Effects of Poisons

fcribed in a Letter to the Editor

457 The Divining Wand destitute of Vir

A truc and surprising account of a

444 Natural Sleep-walker, read before Arbatel's Magic, continued


the Philosophical Society of Lave Aphorisms

fanne in Switzerland, on fixth of Albertus's Secrets of Natare, continued 448 February, 1788.

Influences on the Human Body 449 Dreaming Anecdote Philosophical and Ingenious Amuse Domestic News, &c.

464 449











A Subscriber to our Plan urges us to insert the following requisition ; an atta fwer to which will confer the greatest obligation upon R. Č. N.


Whether or not they are poffeffed of the knowledge of any manner to prepare metal in such a fore, that on its contact with linen' or paper, it may impress a mark from its chemical property solely, without using any liquid ? For instance, is it poflible to acidulate paper in such a manner, that when a brass needle is run through, it may leave a stain or spot of blue or green, by the power of the verdi. greasc.

The Querist is in poffeffion of a secret or two of this kind, but they only anfwer the intended purpose very partially.

The Letters to Mr. B. are forwarded as directed.

An Observer from Lincoln's Inn Mall have due attention paid him: as like. wise our worthy friend at Lambeth.

No offers of interest can induce us to make our Magazine a vehicle of abuse againft characters however objectionable, not obnoxious to ourselves. This we hope is a sufficient answer to two petulant letters addressed to two Meretricious Astrologers, S. and U. or a cobler and a blacksmith.

H. H. requires the Schema Cæli, pro. temp. Feb. 21, Sat. 10 o'clock at night, 1767. Cranborne.

Our North Britain Correspondent has our fincere thanks for his well executed and well meant endeavours ; we hope shortly to avail ourselves of his labours.

We likewise acknowledge with gratitude the receipt of the M. S. upon the influence of diabolical agency upon the human body.

All the Querical Letters will be noticed next month.

The accomplishment of Aftrological Judgments upon Nativities is in hand and under confideration.

P. P. who jocofely stiles himself poft-paid, is altogether of our mind, but mum. 'Ride fi fapis.

The learned Dissertation upon the Nativity of the World reminds us by its length of Caryls tedious Exposition upon the Book of Job. However waste

The Astrologer of the Strand should make his application to the trunkmakers in the Yard, as they have always ready money by them, for the purpose of purchasing linings for their boxes, i

L.M. and Domus Scientia in our next.

paper is useful.

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