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Important Matters brought to Light.

403 writer of the Partridge's Almanac for 'passing to the conjunction of the planet the present year, printed at Birming- Saturn, who is by nature unfortunate, ham, juftly observes, “produce broils and in Aries he is in his fall, out of and bloodshed in many places." all essential dignities, and aptly enough

That the oppofition of the superior denotes men who fight from habit, or planets frequently affect the affairs of for hire; but Saturn being direct in States and Kingdoms, may be shewn motion, and Jupiter retrograde, dispofrom a variety of intances, both in fed of by a planet in opposition to him, ancient and modern hittory; it is also clearly thewed that the beginning of apparent from some recent occurrences, the affray, so far from being successto which I fall briefly point your at- ful to the French arms, would be at. tention.

tended with difaiter and disappointFriday, the róth day of last March, ments; and the application of Venus the Moon being in Capricorn, the Sun to Saturn, manifeited that some part in Pisces, and Mars retrograde in Vir- of the French troops were strongly ingo, opposed to the Sun, ripened the clined to join the enemy. long concerted plot against the life of Venus having now entered: Taurus, the late King of Sweden. Mercury, a sign in which she has essential dignithe dispositor of Mars, came soon af. ties, the affairs of the French nation ter to an opposition by reception to will be more prosperous ; and, if in Mars; and Ankerstroein, by whose consequence of some friendly aspects hands the King fell, was taken into which happen the beginning of the custody.

next month, matters are not in some The retrogradation of Mars, no doubt, measure conciliated by negociation, as prevented the unhappy perpetrator Jupiter becomes direct in motion about of the King's death from executing the zoth of June, I judge that the his intention to take away his own French arms will be successful, and life immediately after he had executed that if they engage the enemy about his bloody purpose; and it is remarka- Midsummer-day, the troops will be ble that the very day (viz. the 27th of steady to their duty, and victory be April) on which Mars became direct, the reward of their valour: the planet Ankerstroem was put to death. Saturn about that time enters the fign

On the 16th of that month, the Sun Taurus, Mars at the same time enters being in opposition to Jupiter, no Libra, both which indicate a very madoubt so influenced the public mind terial alteration in the position of the as to cause the French nation the fame high contending parties. week to declare war against the King The month of July produces five of Hungary.

squares, three sextiles, and two conThe French, in this great struggle junctions of the superiors: much light. which involves the liberty and happi. ning and thunder may be expected, ness of all surrounding nations, are fig- the business of desolation will pronified by Jupiter, who when placed in ceed briskly, and many skirmishes with the equinoctial sign Libra, molt aptly various fuccess may be expected. The denotes whether the question relates to middle of August, the planet Saturn an individual or a nation, a desire to having entered two degrees thirteen obtain justice, right, equality. Their minutes of the sign Taurus, becomes adversaries are saturnine persons, of retrograde; and on the 16th, is opposed ferocious and martial qualities, who by Mars, Itrong, and in his eflential are signified by Saturn in Aries, the dignities : Jupiter, at the same time, House of Mars. Unfortunately for the will be beheld by a benevolent aspect French, when hostilities commenced, of Venus and the Sun. Venus, the dispositor of Jupiter, was in The Heavens will now fight against Àries, in opposition to Jupiter, and Sisera ; and the French, if they should



New Hints. now engage, may expect a glorious disposition of the Semiramis of the victory. The 14th of September, north, to the Revolution of Poland; al. Saturn and Jupiter come again to an though it cannot be objected to that, oppofition of each other, the former (as it has to some others) that it did will be then posited in Taurus, the not take place at once with the conlatter in Scorpio: this will not only currence, and for the grandeur and. have a considerable effect on the af. happiness of both the prince and the fairs of the Kings of the French, and people. of Hungary, but will tend to ftir up But let not that extraordinary prinmuch commotion between Russia and cess, presume too far upon that deftiny Poland : let the former, however, be- which has hitherto been so auspicious ware of internal revolt, for Saturn, to her counsels ; Heaven has said to who influences the minds of the pea- mortals-thus far shalt thou come, and fantry, and inspires them with a spirit no further Princes muft dic and turn of mischief, and discontent, will be in to duft. “ Illa graves oculas conata Taurus upwards of two years and a attollere, rursus deficit.” But the half.

farther prosecution of this subject much Indeed, the recent conjunction of be postponed until another opportuVenus with the great infortune, but nity, by Sir, martially disposed, Saturn, and her

your humble Servant, late opposition to Jupiter in Libra, are Minories,

ASTROLOGUS: cvident manifestations of thę hostile May 23, 1792,




By W. E. of Lambeth. AS Mr. B. has publicly declared, lady's is November the 25th 1770, at that he is utterly unacquainted with nine hours seven minutes A. M. with any rule by which he could have prę. ten degrees of Libra ascending, and dicted a broken arm in the one nati. Jupiter lord of the sixth in the third vity, or an imposthume of the same house, and there afflicted by the opmember in the other; and as Mr. E. position of Mars. This position is finds he is publicly called on by B. to quite suficient to produce the given answer this seemingly difficult query; accident, which we thus prove :Mr. W. E. conceives it would be do- Mr. B. will turn to any good astroing the higheft injustice to himself as logical author, he will find that the an artist, if he did not, in the most third House governs the arms and plain, obvious, and self-evident prin-shoulders; Jupiter, who in this lady's ciples of art, convince B. of his mis. geniture, is significator of bodily in. take, that those who are about to enter firmities, because Lord of the fixth, is upon this Audy, may not be hunting posited in the third House, and afiliatafter airy phantoms, in order to ac. ed by the opposition of Mars, which count for bodily infirmities or acci. was observed before. Pray where dents in other nativities.

then lays the difficulty to account for Mr. B. has not obliged us with the the given accidents? Will not the estimate time of birth in either of the lord of the sixth in the third, affid. genitures alluded 10 ; but, on confi.ed by the opposition of an infortune, dering the matter, I find that of the do it? I am thoroughly satisfied that


The hugur.

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405 ft will, for which reason I take my received. But to proceed, I again ad leave of this geniture, and påss on to

vise Mr. B. to have recourse to his the gentleman's.

books, and he will find a table shew. In this, as in the other, we are left ing what members or parts of the in the dark, as to the eltimate time : body every planet governs in any of however, on examination, it is on the the twelve celestial signs, which, it firit of October 1763, at ten hours he does, he will presently discover that thirty minutes A. M. at which time Mercury in Scorpio governs the arms nineteen degrees of the Celestial Leo and shoulders in this geniture; he is ascending, which is the terms of fu- polited in that sign as was before obpiter; the sun is in seven degrees fifty lerved, and in the third house, and af, minutes of Libra, in Venus's terms flicted by the opposition of Saturn; disposed of by her, and within fix de- from which consideration it is fuffigrees of her conjunction : so that the ciently obvious, that this position, and gentleman whole nativity this is, no other, was the true cause of the ought to be of a fine clear com- imposthume in the gentleman's arm. plexion, with auburn brown hair. As to his person, complexion, &c. noBut only mark well the malice and thing can better describe him than partiality of his ill-natured stars ; for the above position of Heaven; the inftead of what we have now described given accident being thus fufficiently him to be, he is of a dull, swarthy, accounted for, fallow complexion, with very dark

I fhall conclude with observing, hair and eyes. I shall, for these rea that I could wish young fudents fons, take the liberty of making the would be cautious of suffering them. time of birth an hour and forty minutes selves to be deluded into a fondness of later, and we shall then have five de new whims ; let them rather endeagrees of Virgo ascending, and Mars vour to fathom the depth of art by exactly on the cusp of the ascendant its own genuine principles, which, if in mutual reception by House with they do, they will find their account Mercury, who will then be Lord of in to doing. the ascendant, and posited in the

I have been a practitioner of this third House in Scorpio, within orbs of science for many years ; and if a a sextile of Mars and opposition of birth is sent to me within an hour Saturn. Those that are unacquainted and a half of truth, I can, without with what manner of person this po- farther information, gain the true fition will produce, know nothing time within a few minutes ; and have of aftrology. As to that rule men- ing so done, can give a true descrip tioned by B. which excludes the Sun tion of the complexion, colour of the and Moon from forming the descrip- hair, private marks and moles, temper, tive when lord of the ascendant, it &c. is neither agreeable to reason, experi. No. 22, Kendall Place, ence, nor common sense, which I Thall near Lambeth Walk. fufficiently prove, if I find this well

W. E.



disease wherein such as sneezed died; Concluded from page c4.

and this seemed to be proved from Ca

rolus Sigonius, who in his Hiftory of THE custom of faluting or blefing Italy, makes mention of a peltilence in people when they sneeze, is generally the time of Gregory the Great, that believed to derive its original from a proved pernicious and deadly to t'ofe



On the Origin of certain Cuftoms. that sneezed. Yet there is an elder the first night of a mooni, they say: æra for this practice, it being mention. ed by Apuleius, who lived three hun All hail to the moon! all hail to thee ! dred years before Gregory's time, and

I prithee good moon, declare to me, others, as Petronius Arbiter, proconful

This night, who my huiband mnuit be.. of Bithynia; in the reign of Nero.

Perhaps the original of nailing a This custom is not only used in En. horse-Moe on the threshold of some gland, but in the remoteit parts of Africa, and the East, as Codigous and people's doors, though no: pretended

to keep out witches, might be from Pinto in their travels witness. The ground of this so ancient cus- shire, where stands Burgley House, the

the like custom practised in Rutlandtom was probably the opinion the an

ancient Seat of the Harringtons, near cients held, that Incezing was a good Oakham, a fair market town of that fign'or bad; and therefore used to congratulate the one, and deprecate the Harrington enjoyed, with this privi.

county, which Lordship the Lord ocker by this falutation; for out of

ledge, That if


of noble birth came Plutarch, Aristotle, and others, we find within the precinct of that Lordship, that sneezing at certain times was held lucky, at others unlucky; and St. Thoe from the horse whereon they rode,

they should forfeit as an homage, a Austin testifies, the ancients were wont

or else redeem it with a sum of mo. to go to bed again if they sneezed while

ney. In witness whereof, there are they put on their shoes. In several places, particularly on Hall door, fome being of large fize, and

many horse-Shoes nailed upon the Shire Malverne's Hills in Worcestershire,

ancient fashion, others new, and of our when people fan their corn, and want wind, they cry Youl, Youl, Youl, to

present nobility, whose invoke it; which word (no doubt) says

stamped on them; but there are some

without any names. Mr. Gadbury, is a corruption of Æ0.

That such homage was due it apJus, the God of Winds. And others think it is from Æolus that they call formerly commenced against the Earl

because there was a suit at law

pears, the Yule-batch, or Christmas-batch, of Lincoln, who refused to forfeit his the Yule-block, or Youl-block, i.e. the Christmas-block; as also the Yule.

penalty or pay the fine.

Of the customs at funerals in Here. gams, that is, Christmas-games, fo fordshire to hire poor people to take named because about Christmas time the Eastern winds, faid to be govern- whom they termed fin-eaters : and the

upon them the sins of the deceased, ed by Æolus, are then most preva. practice in fome parts of Lancashire lent.

and Cheshire, on the second of No. In Herefordshire, and some other veinber, to set on a table-board a high counties, the vulgar people at the prime heap of foul-cakes (like to the shewof the moon use to say it is a fine moon, bread in the bible) where every visitant God bless her; which may be a blind zeal retained from the ancient Irish, forbear to speak at large, referring to

took one, and other the like usages, I who adored that planet, or else might others who have writ thereof, and now proceed from the custom in Scotland,

come to enumerate some few who have particularly in the highlands, where writ of Augury, of which are these women are used to make a curtsey to the new inoon.

And that some En. Authors: Amphiateus, Tyresias, Mop

And that some En. sus, Aphilotus, Chalcas, Romulus, glish women do retain a touch of this

and Cornelius Agrippa. Gentilifin is plain, when getting over, and fitting astride on a gate or stile



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( 407 )


(Continued from Page 346.)

the sun that day, and of what nature APHOR. XIX.

the spirit is which you desire; and

saying the prayer following, your deOLYMPUS and the inhabitants fires frall be perfected. thereof, do of their own accord offer şi Omnipotent and eternalGod, who themselves to men in the forms of spi- haft ordained the whole creation for rits; and are ready to perform their thy praise and glory, and for the sale offices for them, whether they will orvation of man, I beleech thee that thou not: hy how much the rather will wouldest send thy spirit N. N. of the they attend you, if they are desired ? sólar order, who shall inform and teach But there do appear also evil spirits, me those things which I shall ask of and destroyers, which is caused by the him; or, that he may bring me media envy and malice of the devil; and cine against the dropfy, &c. Neverbecause men do allure and draw them theless not my will be done, but thine, unto themselves with their sins, as a through Jesus Christ thy only begot. punishment due to finners. Whoso ten son our Lord. Amen." ever therefore desireth familiarly to But thou shalt not detain the spirit have a conversation with spirits, let above a full hour unless he be famili. him keep himself from all enormous arly addiệied to thee, fins, and diligently pray to the most 6. Forasmuch as thou camest in High to be his keeper; and he shall peace and quietly, and hast answered break through all the snares and impe. unto my petitions ; I gave thanks unto diments of the devil: and let him


God, in whose name thou camelt; and ply himself to the service of God, and now thou mayest depart in peace unto he will give him an increase in wis- thy orders ; and return to me again dom.

when I shall call thee by thy name, or

by thy order, or by thy office, which APHOR. XX,

is granted from the Creator. Amen."

Ecclefiaft. chap. 5. Be not rash All things are possible to them that with thy mouth, neither let thy heart believe them, and are willing to re be hasty to utter any thing before God, ceive them ; but to the incredulous for God is in heaven and thou on and unwilling, all things are unpofli- earth : therefore let thy words he few, ble: there is no greater hindrance than for a dream cometh through the mul. a wavering mind, levity, inconstancy, titude of business. foolish babbling, drunkenness, luft, and disobedience to the word of God.' A

The Fourth Septinary. , Magician therefore ought to be a man that is godly, honest, constant in his

APHOR. XXII. words and deeds, having a firm faith towards God, prudent, and covetous We call thąt a secret, which na of nothing but wisdom about dịvine man can attain unto by human industhings.

try without revelation; which science lieth obscured, hidden by God in the creature; which nevertheless he doth

permit to be revealed by fpirits, to a When you would call any of the due use of the thing itself. And these Olympic fpirits, observe the rising of secrets are either concerning things Vol. I.





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