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Defence of Magic. of whom the Pfalmist philofophically operates on the Spirit of man; and on says (for true philosophy is one with the spirit of his component parts: the true piety) « darknels and clouds are fame speculative, tcaches how to operate round about him :” and Solomon re thus. Natural Magic practical operates peats the fame, “the Lord said that he on the Matter of man, either wholly or would dwell in the thick darkness.” partially: the same speculative, teaches

Religion teaches the filial cultivation how to do this, and Good Magic how to or worship of this remoteft cause of hu- do these beneficially. man action, first practically; fecondly, But there is another subdivision of doctrinally; the first, respecting the Natural Magic. It must be remembered, heart or will of man, which ever and that as man is three-fold, so are his memalways regulates his practice; the se- bers; that is, there is a spiritual, incond, his head or understanding, whose nermoit or remoteft, a natural or exoffice it is to explain the manner, and ternal, and a medium between these aflign the reasons of his practice. two extents, viz. an internal. And

Now, Magic, subordinately to Reli- this triplicity or trinity is essential to exgion, teaches the social cultivation of istence, for there can be nothing withthose principles or beings, which are out a beginning, a middle, and an end, the medium of communication between whether a being of space or a being of God and man, considering the last as a time. Mr. Swedenborg, before me, genus, or between the purest spirit and has very elaborately cxplained this in the inertest matter, considering man his “ Treatise of the Holy Scripture.” individually.

This subdivision has produced its Now, there arises another distinction, correspondent in the faculty of physic. fpiritual magic and natural magic. To The chymist applies himself and his art explain this I must call to the reader's to the internal or medium; the drugrecollection (for I shall not fay inform) gift and apothecary to the matter or exthat as there is no man without life or ternal only, fo far forth as he can : for fpirit as well as body, every instance after all his efforts to avoid chemistry, of putrefaction proving, that the last he niuit trust his patient to the chymi. cannot exist without the first) so it is, cal powers of a grain of opium, or calo. the principle being exactly the fame, mel, not to the mechanic ones of a equally a fact, and equally the lubject of wheel and a lever: the chymist, the experience, that no part of a man, in- harnessed academician, after strutting ternal or external, can exist without its all his life in the chains of despotic exown proper fpirit. Thus the blood in- periment, fearing or abusing the activie formed by spirit, circulates and is warm; ty of metaphysics, and spurning the sunay, so great, fo independent is this perstitions of magic, finds, after years of {pirit, that polar cold cannot abate, nor precise abstraction and attempted reductropical suns increase its determinate tion to terra damnata in his crucibles, A warmth. But feparate the body or ex SPIRIT EXHALE AT LAST : rather internal appearance of blood from its fpi- deed, than allow the possibility of underrit, either by extravasation or disease, standing that, which they do not chuse to and corruption, pally, and death, enfue. try to understand, the physicians of the Sinews, nerves, bones, perith, on a se- day apply to diseases beyond their art, paration from their own spirit, though name by which they mean to express the the man in general lives. Embalming boundary of all art, nei vous ;. but and preservation of bodies is effected by which without regarding their vapouring the infusion of external spirits congenial at all who attempt to pass, it is the dito the original and internal spirit. rection and will be the effect of this one Now then, Spiritual Magic practical esiay to throw down, trample on and an


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The true Magician a true Chriftian,

79 nihilate. It is curious to observe, how footing Shewn by the slender rays of a word experimentally used by their their own understanding, and fluctuagreat predecessors, to express the per- tion to the region of clouds above them, fection of manly strength, has been in- rett implicitly on this region of clouds fenfibly converted by the dispirited mo as containing the Throne of GOD: the dern physicians of to day, on the same place of David's sheet-anchor was inground of rxperience to express every deed covered with waters, but ipas pro. weakness of mind and body. The an. tected from winds; it is within the cients felt the seat of their itrength to beveil

, but is “ both sure and stedfast.” in mind ; they invigorated as they spirit The putting the mind of man into ualised; they expressed their idea of motion by the deepest or most efficacistrength by the seat of the most subtle ous or most mental means, which the spirits, the rerves ; they enlarged, they perron can devise, is spiritual Magic grew firm as they approach divinity. í Practical ; the devising or knowledge of will not trace the contract. I will say these means is spiritual Magic speculathough, that I mean the parallel of the tive or scientific. modern physician's science to apply to As man embraces in his form (that the modern clergyman's religion; not of God) the forms, and consequently the excepting the best man and first preacher principles or spirits of all creation, it in this class.

follows that, when these springs are I now proceed to another class or touched in him, they are touched in all scale, not consisting of many, but the creation. Hence at his fall, at the mofew of as much importance as all the ment that his mind ceased to be the rest put together. I speak exactly true, garden of GOD, the ground brought anatomically correct.

forth thorns and brambles : hence at his "The class I am now with, Magicians, renewal in peace and love, “the wolf do not in religion as chymists in fpirit- thall dwell with the lamb." Hence uals, speculatively deny its possibility too, it follows that, as the magician or sneer at its principles ; but rather may be distinguishingly, a martial, merlike physicians or apothecaries, who do curial, or solar spirit, a lunar, vencnot profess chymistry, fully and fincerely real, faturnine, or jovial, fo laws, goacknowledge its existence, but try to vernments, kingdoms, tempests, thunpractice without it as much as they can. dees, lightnings, love, winds, popular But apothecaries cannot adıninister conimotions, destruction of buildings, drugs which do not operate by a high- fires, are all in the power of the er and chymical Power, fo cannot the Magician, as far as he is in the magician operate but through the fupe- power of GOD. In a word, whatever riour influences of religion, inspired human powers can do in body, man froin the Remoteft GOD.

can cause to be done by his fpirit ; nay, As a parallel to these, are those mys- nothing can be done without this caule, tics, nay even receivers of Swedenborg, as body is efficient through spirit only. whose practice has been hugging the Therefore the true magician is the true ground like a worm, while their intellect chrilian, and alone acknowledges, as has been balking in some of the bright- such, that “ all things are his, wheest beams of divine splendors.

ther Paul 0: Apollos or Cephas, or the Thus have I brought this science world, or life, or death, or things prefrom vifionary to a foundation, and a sent or things to come, all are his, and foundation not less folid than the throne he is Chrill's, and Chrill is GOD's.” of GOD. I have quoted scriptures which, opposite to the vulgar sense of the

1 Cor. iii. 21, 22, 23. learned, who attribuie firmness to the


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5 He, a letter of the Holy name. 25 65 Adonai. 325 Graphiel, Intelligence of o. 325 Barzabcl, Dæmon of a.

OF .

IN turning over Mr. Ramsay's “ Aftrologia Munda," I have met with two other circumstances to confirm the verity of public Aftrology

“ in the Twelfth-Tribulation is threatened, and enmity with women; for men shall hate them, and in no wise be aliitant unto them; so that they shall be, while such configuration oper. ates, moit unfortunate!" The Monsters are not yet forgotten.

8 in II - The Commons Thall be exalted and elevated, and they shall fpurn at, and defpife, their superiors and rulers, and endeavour to get all power and authority into their own hands."

“ 8 in 4” in two words, does his utmost to counteract this.


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By Pinetti and other celebrated Artists.



dle; then place your eye where the Curious Method of restoring to Life, in two light was, and you will see your draw

Minutes, a Fly that has been drowned ing aflume a regular form. even twenty-four Hours.

THIS wonderful experiment, like To change the Colour of a Rore. many others, is produced by a very curious Secret from Albertus Magnus, simple cause.

Take a fty, put it in a glais or cup full of water ; cover it fo . NOTHING more is wanting to as to deprive the fly of air ; when you change the colour of a rose, whether it perceive it to be quite motionless, you is on its Italk or not, but to burn some may take it out and put it on a place sulphur under it; which will make it exposed to the sun, and cover it with turn white, and it will not regain its falt: in two minutes it will revive and primitive colour in less than two


py away.

To make a Colous that will appearor disap. To render hideous the Faces of all the pear by Means of the Air.


TAKE a smelling-bottle; put in it

DISSOLVE fome salt and faffron in some alkali volatile, in which you have some fpirits of wine ; dip a little tow dissolved some copper filings : this will in it and set fire to it. At this light, produce a blue colour. Present then those who are of a fair complexion will the smelling-bottle to one of the com appear green, and the red of the lips pany, defiring him to stop it; and, to and cheeks.turn to a deep alive colour, their great astonishment, the colour will disappear as soon as the smelling-bottle is stopped: you will make it easily re Method of Engraving in Relief on the appear by taking off the cork, which

Shell of a new-laid Egg: will be not less surprising:

CHUSE an egg that has a thick

fhell; wash it well in fresh water; then A Method of drawing a deformed Figure, dry it very carefully with a linen cloth which will appear well proportioned from

this being done, put some taliow or a certain Point of View,

fat in a silver spoon ; then hold it

the fire; when the fat is melted and DRAW


thing you may fancy on very hot, it will serve instead of ink, a thin white paiteboard ; then prick it; for drawing with a new pen whatever afterwards


the same on an horizon- you like. This being finished, you are tal surface, which we will suppose to be to take the

egg by the two ends between another pasteboard. Put a lighted can two fingers, and then lay it gently in a dle behind that drawing, and draw on tumbler filled with good white wine the horizontal surface the lines given by vinegar; wherein, after remaining for the light : this will give a deformed de- three hours and an half, the acid of the sign. This being done, take away the vinegar will have eaten enough of the drawing that was pricked and the can thickness of the shell ; and as it cannot VOL. I.


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have the same effect on those places that men, there are three suins very diffeare covered with the fat, all the drawing rent from each other, and very disprowill have preserved its thickness, and portionate ; yet I wish to divide them svill form the relief that is wanted, the among three persons, fo that they may operation fought for.

have an equal sum cach, and yet withBy this means one may draw on an out altering any thing in either of the egg a coat of arms, a mosaic piece, sums. This will appear very difficult, medallion, or any other design whatever, yet nothing to fimple and caíy; one

single addition will fuffice to prove to How to shoot a Swallow flying, with a Gun

you that the amount of each {um will loaded with Powder, as usual; and after, be the same, and that the Mares will nog to find Means to bring it to life again. enrich much the relpective persons :

here is the proof; LOAD your gun with the usual charge of powder, but infiead of shot put half a charge of quicksilver ; prime

51 34.1 22 and shoot : if your piece bears ever so

61254 little near the bird, as it is not necessary

7218 to touch it, the swallow will find itself stunned and benumbed to such a degree,

OPERATION. as to fall to the ground in a fit. As it Cast up the first of these sums in the will regain its fenfes in a few minutes, following nianner, and say: 5 and i you may make use of the time by fay- make 6; 3 more, 9; 4 more 13 ; ! ing, that you are going to bring it to more, 14; 2 more, 16; and 2 more, life again ; this will astonish greatly the 18: fet down

18 company ; the ladies will no doubt in

Make the addition of the second suin terest themselves in favour of the bird, in the fame manner as you have done and intercede for its liberty: fympathiz- the first, and you will find the same ing with their feelings for the little prix sum of

18 foner, may be the means of some of

Then proceed for the third as in the them fympathizing with yours, two preceding, and the product will

be allo

18 To make a Calve's Head bellow as if alive,

Here then, is my division made, and when dressed and ferved up.

each person will have only 18, as I THIS is effected by a simple and in- have proved by the foregoing example. nocent stratagem ; it consists in what By this we see, that nothing more is follows: take a frog that is alive, and required than to be attentive in setting put it at the farther end of the calve's the íums, to make the numbers so that head, under the tongue, which you will cach lum may amount only to 18. let fall over it; taking care not to put You may make the fame question on the frog diere till the calve's head is whatever fun you picale, only observgoing to be served up.

ing, as above, that the amount of the The heat of the tongue will make the numbers you set may not exceed the frog crcak; which found, coining from sum you desire to belong to each person the hollow part of the head, will imi- ţhat is to have a share. tate the bellowing of a calf as if it were alive.

How to dispose two little Figures, so that

one shall light a í andle, and the other A puzzling Question to be proposed for Solution. Taken from Ozannan.

put it out. From Dean's Legerdemain. SET down three sums on paper ; and TAKE two little figures of wood or fay to the company, Ladies and gentle clay, or any other materials you please,


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