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181 the different proportions and weight and therefore they cannot be dispersed which these mixed bodies have to one by that means, care is taken that when another; the manner in which they these animals exoneratc, vegetables may are mixed and generated ; and the sub not be hurt by them. ţilty of the integrant parts."


a. I, The fame Sun which hardens the

From whence originated the epithet wax, softens the clay -Nearly the of porter for strony beer; and how same might be frid respecting the ex- long has that name been in use ? crement of dogs. The beetle kindi, in fummer, extract all moist and glucinous marter.out of the dung of cattle, fo 12 that it becomes like duit, and is

From whence derived the custom of spread by the wied over the ground. putting up laurel, box, bolly, or irry, Were it not for this, the vegetables in churches at Chriftmas ; and what that lie under the dung would be so is the fignification thereof. far from thriving, that all that spot would be rendered barren. As the 14 excrements of dogs are of so filthy a Is it known in general, whether fish pasure that no infect will touch them, sleep, and what natural senses have they?

Q. lI.

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SECRETS OF RATCATCHERS, coming where the scent of human fret

lies very freh, and intimates, to their ( Concluded from Page 152) fagacious instinct, the presence of hu

man creatures, when they naturally IN the practising either of these me- d.crd. To the above mentioned means thods, cf trailing or calling, great cau of alluring by trailing, way-baiting, tion must be used, by the operator, to and calling, is added another of very fuppress and prevent the scent of his material efficacy, which is, the use of feet and body from being perceived ; oil of Rhodium, which, like the mawhich is done by overpowering that rumlyriacam, in the case of cats, has a fcent by others of a stronger nature. very cxtraordinary falcipatips power In order to this, ti.c feet are to be co on these aniinals. It is cxhaied in a vered with cloths rubbed over with finall quantity in the place, and at the allafætida, or other strong-sinelling entrance of it, where the rats are insubstances: and even oil of Rhodium tended to be taken, particularly at the is sometimes used for this purpose, bụt tiine when they are las brought 599sparingly on account of its dearness, ther in order to their deliruction; ard though it has a very alluring, as well it is used allo, by smearing it on the as dilguising effect, as will be cbserved furiace of some of the implements below. If this caution of avoiding uled in taking them by the method bethe scent of the operator's feet, near low described; and the : fc&t it has in the track, and in the place where the taking off their.caution and dread, by rats are proposed to be collected, be not the delight they appear to have in it, is properly observed, it ill very much very extraordinary. obitruct the success of the attempt to It is usual, likewise, for the opera. take thein ; for they are very shy of tor to disguise his figure as well as fcert;


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which is done by putting on a fort of for this pursose, which directed four gown or cloak, of one colour, that ounces of the coculus indicus with hides the natural form, and makes him twelve ounces of oatmeal,and two ounces appear like a poft, or such inanimate of treacle or honey, made into a moiit thing ; which habit likewise muit be paste, with strong beer ; but, if the nux fcented as above, to overpower the smell vomica be used, a much less propor. of his perfon ; and, besides this, he is tion will serve than is here given of the to avoid all motion, till he has secured coculus. Any fimilar composition of his point of having all the rats in his thete drugs, with that kind of food the power.

rats are most fond of, and which has a When the rats are thus enticed and Itrong flavour, to hide that of the drugs, collected, where time is afforded, and will equally well antwver the end. If, the whole in any house and out-build- indeed, the coculus indicus be weil ings are intended to be cleared away, powdered, and infused in the strong they are suffered to regale on what they beer for fome time, at least half the moit like, which is ready prepared for quantity șiere directed will serve as them, and then to go away quietly for well as the quantity before-mentioned. two or three nights ; by which means, When the rats appear to be thoroughly those which are not allured the first intoxicated with the coculus, or fick night, are brought afterwards, either with the nux vomica, they may be ta, by their fellows, or the effects of the ken with the hand, and put into a bag trail, &c. and will not fail to come duly or cage, the door of the place being hirit again, if they are not diturbed or mo. drawn to, left those who have itrength Jested. But many of the rat-catchers and senle remaining escape. make shorter work, and content theinfelves with what can be brought toge

A PLEDGET TO WEAR ABOUT ONES ther in one night, or two; but this is

NECK, TO PREVENT BUGS, FLEAS, never effectual, unless where the build.

OR GNATS BITING IN THE NIGHT ing is small and entire, and rats but few in number.

The means of taking them, when THIS to many people inay prove no they are brought together, are various. less advantageous than any, especially Some entice them into a very large bag, where these insects are a second plague the mouth of which is sufficiently car of Egypt to people: to do this, gapacious to corer nearly the whole floor ther asmart or hounds tongue, an herb of the place where they are collected, with a long harp pointed little leaf, that which is done by smearing fome vefiel, grows in ditches, in molit places in placed in the middle of the bag, with summer, dry it to a powder, add to it oil of rhodium, and laying in the bag as much of the powder of farsafax Þaits of food. This bag, which before wood, as will lay upon a fhilling, Jay flat on the ground with the mouth sprickle them a little with juniper wa. fpread open, is to be suddenly closed țer, mix it with the wool of a black when the rats are all in it. Others sheep, cut off betwịxt the horns, in the drive, or fright them, by flight noiles wane of the moon, write on a piece of or motions, into a long bag, the mouth paper these characters mag ca 1 *ņi of which, after all the rats are come in sprinkle the paper, when you have fold is drawn up to the opening of the ed it up, with the juice of rue, and place by which they entered, all sew it up in a thin filk bag, and with a other ways of retreat being secured. little small cats guts hang it about

pour Oiliers, again, intoxicate or poison neck, when you go to sleep: and if them by mixing with the repait prepar.. you are awal, the power is the same: ed for them, the coculus indicus, or you will reil with aut being disturbed the nux vomica. I have seen a reçcipt with these, or any other insccis.


( 183 )


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THE doctrine of Talismans or Te- ther; without the maker or the Talesmes, I know from experience to be lisian having ever been within a thou. one of the most enveloped in the whole fand leagues of the person intended to circle of magic. The practice receiv- be affected to accomplish this, I ed more opposition from persons called fay, is a great art. And yet, it is an divines, than perhaps any other in art, which has been more or less permagic. On the other hand, it has fectly known to philosophers of all food its ground more firmly.--Mourn- ages, and which I have completely ing rings, miniature pictures, lockets, mastered after many struggles and op. devices, armorial bearings, are all on positions. this principle-And so far has feeling Will you exercise it for the good of retained its hold on the actions and inankind? I will, and do for the good minds of the learned, that we often of myself and friends, and for the desee quoted from Virgil :

struction of my enemies.

person who may want my assistance, Sunt rymae rerum

and will apply for it, will not meet a talia tangunt.

rebuff, but satisfaction as ample as he

can conceive. They feel, that pleasant sensations I know, there is nothing but which are produced by pleasant images ; and falls before me in either my will or my not only this, but that indescribable sen- telesmes--for the second can issue from sations are often produced by an unde- only the firtt. But I tell them fairly, fined combination of forms. They that I treat mankind no more 'as freeperceive, even in the least apparently men I cannot truit to either their animated bodies, what they call an sense or their generosity, ----I therefore air of grandeur, a fomething of folem- will be paid, and paid HANDSOMELY, nity, &c. which excites these respective The matter is very short---if they want emotions and sways the mind to them. Me, and can get nobody else to atchicve

But to define the principle on which what I can, they will do what is nethese cases act-----to learn scientifically cellary.--ctherwise they will not. forms and times, which will produce A few choice friends I except. proposed effects on given objects, even though the form inay not even Secrecy is the very foul of Telelines. an eye of talte betray its intention, Any person may apply, through Mr. nay, though it be concealed in an en- LOCKE, by Letter to ine. velop, or buried in the earth, and far


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ISHALL employ this Number to GOD, they advanced sound theology controvert and discuss those wretched and found philosophy ; not the hellith furmises which the Egyptian darkness jargon of incorrigible idiots, i uch as of modern literature has made on the have lately disgraced, or like harpies rise of Augury, and, with all the im- defiled, every branch of learning. And, padence and carelessness of fly-like in- farther, they advanced common fente: zanity, attributed to the wisdom of the when I speak of coinmon teníe, I speak antients.

of those who have fo:ne sense, and are If the ancients advanced, that the a degree removed from idiocy, not Birds did retire at certain periods to


any modern collegians or acadeinicommunication with the invisible cians, I adare you.


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First, then, they advanced the com know what connection there is bed mon sense of men of fenie, for they tween these subjects, he must find it only faid with P'ope, that

out, or wait till I choose to tell him. Reafon raisi o'er in lim.CZ as you

There is a farther theological ini.

quity in barring up the only external In this ’ris GOD directs, in that’uis Man. windows, by which the heathen world

They were not so funk in reason received the light of Gov., Scripture as to quit COD and prefer their own

says, and fays it to and of these very wisdom: or, fcripturally speaking, Gentiles in queftion too-that.“ GOD they lied not caten so very gluttonously

hath not left himself without a witnefs of the Tree of the Kaowledge of Good in any age.” Therefore, thefe fellows and Evil, as Cliristians have.

give god the lie dircet. Nest, thcy advanced, that “GOD

In confidering lastly the philosophie feedketh the young 'ravens when they

of an union between the architect and cry,”-that " the cyes of all wait upon

all his works, their fubfiftence will apGop; ad he gavets them their food pear autopsical evidence. If the filt in due seafon, "ihat the lowls of the air caurse of existence be reroved, how can lov not, neither do they rcap, nor gather exiflence continue? Therefore God into burns, vet the fune HEA

muit crtcr into his creation every moVENLY FATHER frescih them" ment as neceisarily as he did the firstthat “ knorth wito GOD are all his

He is as necessary to sublistence as to Works,” This they laid-What says

exitence. Thus fools! Have you ariy modern philofophy--that the poor thing to say again the philosophy of ignorant heathens were fuperftitious the birds communicating with their enough to think, that « sirds went Heavenly Father.” Nothing; but out of the sphere of the earth at certain

this is not all: If any part of creation times="" Ah! you abomizable fools !! be lost, the creation of which it makes You don't know, that brings may be in

a part must be destroyed communication with Fieaven, and yet " From Nature's chain whatever link you on earth : Buit, if " the kingdom of Hezren were svithin you," you would

Tenth or ten thousandth breaks the chain know it. St. James was, therefore,

alike.” right, when speaking of Wisdom like

Under the Levitical law, nothing yours, “carth y and lensual,” he added, mained was to be offered in facrifice; as and division." And what says, a and of the great facrifice it was prodilinguihed divind; as quoted in vided, that a linb of him hould not No.3?—for I never took the trouble be broken. Here, however, I must to read hiin, that “ there was a natu leave modern philofophy the 'inerit of ral propensity in ignorant people to having left my ground clear, and I imagine this comunicatici, as soon leave it gladly -- they have exploded as foine adventurous genius had the annihilation--whereas any removal of impudent tem:erity to allert it--”i. e. the FIRST CAUSE is annihilation ipso this acizmaintance between GOD and fatto. bois quoiks.

I have now galloped with a loose I knew of no adventurous genius, rein, but firm feat, over the solid fields that has aiitried it with more freedom which yield Augury. The Nations than David, particularly in the 148th that ride best ulc no curb. LIBERTY Palm, and the form of David--I affert IS SOLIDITY. it too-And dioes England, or the ter To divane specifically, requires a ritories of any poor rettering German knowledge of the specific properties defpot, produce a fool hardy enough to and accidental qualities of the bird or deny it? I mention Gerran delpot, in birds, beasts, dic. alusion in thole ra'rais cly who on As I have rooin, I will remark that pule biance If ili one wani to St. Paul, when he Mo:tly enemerated


Cagliostro to triumph as a Malon.

187 the principles I have afferted here, he- mand of the Oracle is in point to fore the Areopagites, had no reason to prove, that God had not left bimself be ashamed before either Christians or without a wiiness in even the savings Philosophers; nor on the other hand of the Pythoness and the dark avenues did he treat their poets at Athens with of Doda

-ergo, that there was fome that contumely, which has been done fenfe in them:" Is this conclufion al. for some years past.

Hecondescended lowed me? to quote them, and even to admit, that The Free Masons are the only Corthey worshipped the TRUE GOD, though poration, whether under the name of not luminoully ; for I do not confine this a church, a nation or a focicty, ivho have sentiment of approbation to the altar melted the knosvledye of gop the CREas an altar, (which every one knows to ATOR pofleiled by the Antients into the have been erected by order of the Ora- ' fame fire with the knowledge of a recle to stop a plague); but I say, that DEEMER given to the Christians. May God's having an altar there, though he they fhine with invigorated glories! was not known, is a proof, that he cvas They shall! And shall give Rome the secretly worshipped; and thus St. Paul blow, it has always suspected and ferunderstanding it

, he said what I have ed from their hands. As far as Cage quoted : “ And the very circumstance liostro is a Free Mason, he shall revenge of this altar's being erected at the com and triumph.



THE Baron, afterwards Duke of it not for a cabut algol.

« What do Biron, being under fome uneasiness of those words import?” enquired the mind, occasioned by the death of Lord Baron.

" Aik

not, returned La Cerency, and others slain in a quarrel, Brolle. “I infilt upon knowing the is said to have disguised himlelf in meaning," rejoined the other. “Since the habit of a letter-carrier, and per- you muit know," cries La Brosie, “he fonating that humble character, con will commit a crime that shall bring him sulted the celebrated La Broíle, a Ma to the scaffold !” whereupon the Baron thematician, highly reputed for his aflaulted the poor conjuror, and thwackfill in casting nativities. Having in- ed him as never wight' had been beformed the conjuror of the purport of fore; leaving him half dead. - He his visit, he presented his nativity drawn locked the garret door, carried the by some other ; not acknowledging it key away with him, and was afterto be his own, but that of a gentleman wards heard to boalt of the exploit. whom he served, and desired, for par. He had a conference with one naticular reasons, to know what was por- med Cæsar, a Magician at Paris, who tended by it. La Brosie rectisied the told him that nothing would prevent figure; after which, he said it was his accession to the throne, but a backmeant for a person of distinguished blow from the Bourguignon. This birth, and looking carnestly in the face prediction he recollected when impriof the pretended letter-carrier, asked foned in the Bastile, and intreated one if it were his? The Baron refused to of his friends to enquire what countryfatisfy him; but persisting in his de man the executioner was? when, fire to know what his life and end on hearing he was a Bourguignon, or hould be "My fon," replied the old Burgundian, “Then,” exclaimed the man, “ he whose nativity this is, shall Baron, “ I am a dead man !" and soon ii e to great honour by his military at- after was beheaded for having been conchievements, and might be a king, were cerned in a conspiracy.



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