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copy from the worms, de- years a close prisoner, whereof he spent fired Captain Bell, with whom he was five in the translation of the aforemenwell acquainted while he was agent for tioned work; having good cause to be king James I. on the continent, to mindful of the old man's saying, “ I translate it into English, and publish it will shortly provide for you both time in London for the advancement of re

and place to translate it." ligion ; but Captain Bell was always This narrative is extracted from the somehow most unaccountably hindered Preface of Luther's Table Talk, printfrom profecuting that work'in such a ed in 1652; and from what Mr. Aufort as to bring it to a proper conclu- brey observes upon this story, which he fion, being prevented by luch interven- briefly relates, it appears, that whatsoing business as his public occupation ever was pretended for the cause of his required him to execute.

confinement, yet the true reason of the About six weeks after he had re- Captain's commitment was, because he ceived the German copy, being well was urgent with the Lord Treafurer in health, and in bed with his wife, for his arrears, which amounted to a between twelve and one of the clock, great sum; he was unwilling to pay, there appeared to him standing at the and to be freed from his clamours, hit fide of the bed, an ancient man cloathed upon the scheine of holding him in in a light-coloured habit, and of a moit prison. reverend aspect, having a broad and white beard, which hung as low as his girdle, who smiling at him, faid, in a gentlemanly manner of rebuke, “Will you not take time to translate that book MR. Joseph Glew, a sword hiltwhich is sent to you out of Germany ? maker, lived with his wife (both anIf you do not, I will shortly hereafter cient people), many years, and one woprovide you

both time and place to do man lodger, in the house over the archit;" – and then instantly vanished. way in the passage to Bear-yard, near

This extraordinary vifion affrighted the Oratory, in Lincoln's Inn-fields; him so much, that he fell into an ex and for the sake of


desired a treme sweat ; so that his wife awaking, nephew of his, by marriage, to come and finding him all over wet, she asked and lodge in his house. Accordingly, him what he ailed ? He then related to in the beginning of January 1739, 40, her his vision, and the remarkable mef- the nephew came to his uncle, and spent fage attending it. But Captain Bell every evening with him and his wife, not paying much attention to the mat in reading, &c. for their amusementa ter afterwards, time wore it off his me About the twenty-fifth of the same mory, and he paid no more regard to month, after the nephew had been read. what he had seen and heard than if it ing to his uncle and aunt, who were at had been a mere dream.

this time in very good health, some meHowever, he had foon reason to re ditations out of Dr. Thomas Coney's collect the old man's words, for foon Devout Soul, he retired to his chamber, after being at his lodgings in King's- a large back room, up two pair of Street, Westminster, at dinner with his stairs, and, having fastened the door, wife, two meslengers came from the went to bed, and fell asleep before ten Council Board, with a warrant to


o'clock. A little before the clock him to the Gate house, there to be struck twelve, he was awakened by the confined till farther orders from the drawing of the curtains of his bed, and Lords of the Privy Countil. Upon on starting up, faw by a glimmering this warrant he was detained ten whole light, resembling that of the Moon, the


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Apparational Narrative.



hadow of his uncle in the night-gown how his uncle did, heard he was pretty and cap he had on when he last parted well. On this he told his aunt what with him, standing on the right side, he had seen, with the time and circumnear the head of the bed, holding the stances; but she, looking on it as fahead-curtain back with his left hand, bulous, they called for Mrs, Cook, who and seemed as if he was either going to was just got up, and the confirmed strike or stroke him with his right; but every thing he had said concerning the nephew believed the latter, as the Mrs. Spiller and the watchman, a poface of the spirit had a cheerful look, fitive proof he was awake, and in his and they lived in the greatest amity.-- senses. The aunt now desired hc At this instant, Mrs. Cooke, an ancient would not mention it to his uncle, woman, that lodged in the fore two pair which he promised he would not, but of stairs room, and who formerly be- withal told her he could never more longed to Mr. Rich's company of co lie in that chamber, and went medians several years, came out of her about his business. The same day, apartment to light downs ftairs the wi. before one o'clock, the nephew received dow of the facetious James Spiller, who a message from his aunt, where he was had been this evening to visit her. He at work in Fleet-street, deliring him to now heard the clock, which was in his come immediately to her: he accorduncle's apartment, underneath, strike ingly went to her house, where he twelve, and tried to call out to the two found his uncle dead, and was told that women as they passed by his door, but he fell down in crossing his room, and had lost all power of utterance. The died suddenly about three minutes beghost kept its position, and the nephew fore twelve o'clock; exactly twelve his eyes fixed on it, and heard when

hours from his ghosts appearance to the two women opened the ftreet-door,

his nephew. that they called to the watchman, as he This circumstance induced the young came by crying the hour of twelve, man to think his uncle might want to and agreed to give him some pence

to reveal something to him, and therefore light Mrs. Spiller to her lodging, which defired to fit up with his corpse the was but at a little distance. On which

night preceding his interment, which she went away, and Mrs. Cooke the aunt agreeing to, he fortified his having again faftened the door, was mind, and prepared a devotional book coming up the fairs, when the ne for his companion, with which he shut phew supposes he swooned away; himself up in the room with the body, for, on coming again to the use of his about fix in the evening, in hopes he reason, he found himself half out of might see the spirit of his uncle, if he bed, and immerged into a cold and had any thing to say or open to him ; fickly sweat. The first thing he heard but as nothing occurred, during fourafter he had recovered from his fright, teen hours he was alone with the corpse, was the clock striking one.

the following evening he attended his wrapped himself up in his bed-coaths, funeral to the north part of the church but closed his eyes no more the whole yard of St. Giles's in the Fields, where night. About eight in the morning, his body was interred, leaving beas soon as he heard his aunt open the hind him the character of a good door of her apartment, he jumped out christian, a tender husband, and

fin, of bed, and putting on his apparel with cere friend. what expedition he could, hurried down to her room; and having aked

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He now






THE frow has fallen remarkably hea- terribly bruised, by the Swanland, vy in the Weit; on Saturday the 3d Capt. Barnes, of Hill. instant in particular, it lay exceedingly 1. At three o'clock this afternoon, deep. Two poor farmers, in going a la catast-ophe haprcred. Three from Axminiter to Honiton, millcd non ventured fo far on the ice that it their way, and were found on the Sunday give way, and they fell into the midfollowing frozen to death, and almeit dle of the Canal, which is at least ten buried in the snow.-- This article foet deep. is literally coried frein the ncut

An unhappy youth ventured to their papers, See the Iridiction, p: 112, aisti itance, and reached a ftick, and of the lasi number.

with the itruggling the ice on which 5. This evening, about five o'clock, he stood gave wiy, and he fell a vicMr. Carver was itopred in the fields tim to his humanity. near the Shepherd and Sivepherdeis, In about half an hour the bodies Hlington, by three foctpads, who were dragged out; two were taken to robbed him of a silver watcii, two gui-. the Horse-Guards, and one to a pubneas and a half in gold, and eight lic house, and every effort vsed by the fhillings ard fixpence.

medical gentlemen, but without efect, Several human kulls, and other re A fifth man fell in at the fame time, mains of skeletons, have been found and was saved by a ladder ai the mo, in the course of this month, by the ment he was fir.kirg. workmen digging the foundations of Tuesday night the 11th, as Colonel some houses adjoining to Wilderness- Sinclair was returning froin the City, row, behind the Charter Houłe Gar- he attacked at the corner of dens, near Sutton-street. It is not ge- Fleet-market, by three men armed nerally known, that to,coo ferions with bludgeons. Their fuit blows were buried upon this spot, during knocked him down totally fenfeless ; one of the earliest plagues.

Land it evidently appears from the state 10. This evening, about twelve of his head and body, and the opinion o'clock, as Mrs. Eaton, of Sommers of his furgeon, that the intention Town, was returning from London to all'asinate, not rob, as his to that place, she was fiopped in the money and watch were left, and fields between Gewer-firect and the only lis pocket book taken away, in Bowling-green Houfe, by two foutpids, which was a 201. bank note, and a with crapes thcir faces and aimed


of a letter addrefied with piltols, one of them beat her great personage in Germany. It is very much over the head and arm, and lulpeced from circunstances, and sobbed her of tivo guincas, fome file from their not spcaking a word, that ver, and a pair of iteckings, which the attack was preconceited. the had just before bought in t W. 12. Early this morning a melan

Letters in town, contrn the truin choly accident happened close to Doof the report of the loss of the Soder ver harbour.- Five young seamen, the mandland, a Swedish vessel of 500 eldeit about seventeen, were rowing off rons burthen. Mr. Nealion, who is a to a ship; but getting too near the lieutenant of the admiralty of Sicck- breakers under Shakespeare's Cliff, a holm, was the commander. The So- heavy fca drove the head of the boat dermandland was wrecked on the round, and the next wave takiug her Lemon, on Monday fortnight. The on the broadside, overset her; the two crew, after driving twenty fix hours first mentioned young men had the en pieces of the velici, were all, excepto good fortune to swim to fhore, but the ing one man who perished, taken up three latter were unfortunately drowned.




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Printed for W. Locke, No. 12, Red Lion Street, Holborn; and sold by all

Booksellers and Newscarriers in Town and Country,


The great length and importance of the Answers to Queries 4 and 5, ill out No. 4, occafions the postponing their insertion till our next Number.

We were prevented, by want of room, from making use of the curious Paper upon the Faces of the Planets. In a future Number, 5. G.'s hing thall be attended to; but the Letter, complaining of the incorrectneis of Dr. Halley's Tables, the quarto edition of 1752, does not fall within any department of our Magazine, and would only draw us into a tedious mathematical disquisition of little or ne imporrance to the generality of our readers.

Mr. W-mol may find his doubts refolved at some of the Mathematical Socieries in this City.

The Nativity of a Genileman, worked in full, is received ; as likewise two other nativities, calculated according to the Placidian Canons, and shall be irker:ed as foon as poble. -Our respects to the writer of the first article, for sending the Ephemerits for the year of the Geniture, as it will save much troue ble in proving the calculation.

In answer to our humorous correspondent Quoz, who pleasantly files our Magazine Le Paradis Des Fous, we can replyg that, fince our first appearance, Mr. Lejeaux, a Bookteller at Paris, has begun a similar publication with our's there, which is called Lus Sorciers, ou Le Magazin Magique, a periodical work from which we thall not be athamed to borrow.

To form Judgments from Tranfits, Revolutions, Directions, and Positions of any kind, Tyro may contult Salmon's Horæ Mathematica, or Soul of Astrology; Thresher, Middleton, and Partridge's l'ade Nfecum.

Mr. L-V-L's doubts respecting Leovitus's Aftrology, are iil founded. He was a celebrated Bohemian Astrologer, and has left many learned works behind him in Latin, a particular account of which we shall present to our readers next month.

The Second Part of the New Afrology ftands in the same predicament as the first. The third edition of Ward's Introduction to the Maihemațics is the inoff cyrrect, as it was fupei vised by the Author. To T. P.

I. P Q's Requisition will be duly attended to.
Wm. Hardy's Letter and Queries in our next.

B's Anfwer 'o the Czery upon Palmistry, will better, we think, appear as an article by itself, and Mall have room next month.

Peter's Aftro ogical Prediction will find place in No.7,his Queries shall also be attended to.

The learned Differtation by Bon Row, ser. is returned, as desired.

The MS. upon the Diving Bell, inclosing several curious Queries, is under cons fideration.

Querical Correspondence closed for this month. Besides the successful candidates, we have received fome very ingenious An. swers from the fellowing Gen lemen :-R. Davenport; Josepion; T. S. N.; Theodoric ; Amalthusus ; Leicesterienfis ; Domus Scientiæ ; B. Wm. Dani $. Canterel ; V. U. Sebastian Sigismond; Althorpe and Jofeph.

We are heartily forry that Locubus has met the fate of many other ingenious men, even of the Marquis of Worcester himself, of whom he lo pitifuily complains.

R. C.'s very excusable complaint of the hortness of the Translation of Albertus's Secrete, cannot be answered this month, as this department is in the b'ands of a Person out of town, to whom his letter will be conveyed.

The Philosophical Amusements are unavoidably postponed till our next.

Mr. FRANCIS BROWNE, (as Ben Row) Cooper, in Golden-lane, returns his shanks to the Editor for a Magic LANTERN prescuted him last months as a willing recompens for his attention to this highly fareu:ed Work,

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