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KING JAMES Boswell, Dr. Goldsmith, and Dr.

COUR- Johnson were prelent, the latter reTIERS, IN THE KIRK OF LINLITH- peated, that a friend of his had pofi

tively assured him that he had seen an

apparition. To itrengthen this, GoldWHILE the king staid at Linlith- smith faid, he had been affured by his gow, attending the gathering of his brother, the reverend Mr. Goldsmith, army, which was deseated at Floddon, that he also had een one. General being full of cares and perplexity, Oilethorpe, who was present, declared he went into the church of Saint Mi- that Pendergrast, an officer in the Duke chael, to hear evening song, as then it of Marlborough's army, had mentioned was called. While he was at devotion, to many of his friends that he thould an ancient man came in, his amber co- die on a particular day. That upon loured hair hanging down about his that day a battle took place with the houlders, his forehead high, and in- French; that after it was over, and clining to baldness, his garments of Pendergraft was still alive, his brother azure colour, somewhat long, girded officers, while they were yet in the about with a towel, or table napkin, of field, jeitingly asked him where was his a comely and very reverend aspect. prophecy now. Pendergraft gravely Having enquired for the king, he in- answered, “I shall die, notwithstandtruded himself into the press, passing ing what you see.” Soon afterwards, through, till he came to him, with a there came a shot from a French battery, clownish simplicity, leaning over the to which the orders for a ceflation of canon's-seat, where the king fat. “ Sir, arms had not yet reached, and he was (faid he) I am sent hiiher to entreat you killed upon the spot. Colonel Cecil, 10 delay your expedition for this time, who took pofseflion of his effects, found and proceed no farther in your intended in his pocket-book the following folemn journey; for if you do, you shall not entry. prosper in your enterprise, nor any of your followers. I am further charged (Here the date) “ Dreamt-or to warn you, not to use the acquain- Sir Joho Friend meets me :” (here the Tance, company or counsel of women, day on which he was killed was menyou

tender your honour, life, and tioned.) Pendergrait had been a witcate.” After this warning he with ness again't Sir John Friend, who was drew himself back again into the press. executed for high treason. General When service was ended, the king en- Ogiethorpe laid, he was in companywith quired earnestly for him, but he could Clonel Cecil when Pope came and enbe no where found, neither could any quired into the truth of this story, of the bystanders (of whom divers did which made a great noise at the time, narrowly observe him, resolving after- and was then confirmed by the Colowards to have discoursed with hiin) feel nei. or perceive how, when or where he passed from them, having in a manner * Here was a blank, which may be filed vanished in their hands.

up thus was told by an aparivon ; "the write bein, probably ur certain whe her te w s aliep or awake when his mind was im. pressed with the folemn p:cfentiment with

which the faét afterwards happened to wonTHE subject of ghosts having been derholly to correfpond. introduced in a company where Ms.



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the celebrated Dutchess of Mazarine

was mistress to King Charles II. Mr. ABOUT the


1611, there lived Waller particularly takes notice of her, in Spitalfields, one Mrs. Anne Ste. as one of the favourites of that mopliens, a person at that time well known narch. and respected, for her great dealings Madam De Beauclair was a lady with the mercers on Ludgate-Hil. equally admired and beloved by his broThis person fitting one evening in her ther and succeilor, James II. 'Between house alone, and musing upon business, thele tivo ladies there was an uncommon happened by accident to look behind friendship, such as is rarely found in her, when, to her great surprise, the persons bred up in courts; parti ularly faw, as it were, a dead corple, as he those of the fame fex, and in the fame thought, laving extended upon the floor, fituation. just as a dead body should be, except But the fingularity of their circuming that the foot of one leg was fixed on stances might contribute a good deal tothe ground, as it is in bed, when one wards it; they having both lost their lies with one knee up; she looked at it royal lovers; the one by death, the other awhile, and by degrees withdrew her by abdication. They were both women eyes from 10 unpleafirg an object: how of excellent understandings ; had enjoyed ever, a strange kind of air of curiosity all that the world could give them; and foon overcame her fears, and she ven were arrived at an age, in which they tured a second time to look that way, might be supposed to despise all its pomps and saw it for a considerable time longer and vanities. I shall, without any fur. fixed as before, but yet fhe durft not itir ther introduction, give the whole of the from her feat. She again turned from relation, in the author's own words ; who the horrible and melancholy spectacle, declared himself to be an eye-witness of and resuming courage, after a little re the truth of it. flection, got up with a design to ascer “ After the burning of Whitehall

, tain herself of the reality of the vision, these two ladies were allotted very handby going nearer to it; but lo! it was some apartments in the Stable-yard, St. vanished !

James's; but the face of public affairs This extraordinary fight proved a ve- being then wholly changed, and a new ry good admonition to her; for, taking set of courtiers, as well as rules of behait for a warning of her approaching dil- viour, come into vogue, they conversed solution, the, from that hour began to almoft only with each other. settle her worldly affairs, and had just « About this time it was that Reason time to see them in a regular poiture, first began to oppose itself to Faith, or, whicn she was taken ill of a pleurisy, at least, to be set up against it by some, which carried her off in seven days. who had an ambition to be thought

more penetrating than their neighbours.

The doctrine soon spread, and was too O! MAZARINE, MISTRESS TO KING much talked on, not to be frequently a CHARLES II. TO MADAM DE BEAU- subject of conversation for these two laCLAIR, MISTRESS TO KING JAMES dies; and though I cannot say that ei

ther of them were thoroughly convinced (From the Female Speétator.) by it, yet the specious arguments made THE author of the following narra. use of by persons of high reputation for tive, which was published fome years their learning, had such an effect on ago, solemnly declared he was perfectly both, as to raise great

doubts to thero convinced of the truth of it; as well as concerning the immateriality of the several other persons of undoubted credit. foul, and the certainty of its exiftens Tis well known to most people ac

after death. quainted with the English history, that {To be concluded in our next.)



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For NOVEMBER, 1791.

Embellished with Three Capital Copper-Plates, purposely engraved for this Work. 1. Fouw

Men viewing a Picture, representing the Four Temperaments. 2. HEAD of a Female,

after the Manner of Raphael. 3. PORTRAIT of a Man of Taste, and Knowledge: all

accurately copies frein LAVATER.





Receipt to make Sympathetic Powder 121

Table of the Moon's Latitude

107 Composition of the Aurum Potabile


Explanation of the Table

108 The QUERIST. No. IV.


The Part of Fortune

108 Answer to Queries in No. II.

Jewith or Planerary Hours explained

109 New Queries


Letter to the Rev Mr. Beere

Curious Questions for Astrologers 126

Letter to Altronomicus

III The Augur. No. III.


Winter Solstice

Antiquity of the Office


Philosophical Anivsements

113 Lives of eminent Magicians

1 29

Sure Method of winning a Wager

113 Thomas Campanella, an Italian A-

Curious Quellions on Cards and Lot.




113 John Baptist Morinus, a French A.

Use of the Divining Rod, by Little Al.





Entertaining Tricks from Bretlaw 116

manac Maker


Amusements with Dice


Emanuel Swedenborg, the Myftic


Continuation of the Secrets of Albertus Apparitions, Dreams, &c.



Conclusion of the Narrative relating

No. III. of the English Fortune-teller 119

to the Appearance of the Duchess

Oracles of Fortune and Wisdom

of Mazarine to Madama Beau-

opened for the Gentlemen



Sympathetic Secrets in Occult Philoso Lord Baconi's Awful Affignation



Apparitions of Spirits


Way to know each other's Minds at a Domestic News




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Printed for W. Locke, No. 12, Red Lion Street, Holborn ; and fold by all

Booksellers and Newscarriers in Town and Country,


IT is required by the proprietors, that letters should be post-paid, or they cannot be attended to: `and such of our correspondents as may happen to think themselves neglected, are requested to recollect that many valuable pieces and hints are laid aside for future inspection, upon the merits of which it would be highly improper to pass an inimediate and peremptory judgment. This we hope will satisfy Peter Puzzle; N. B. D. R. 'Ben Row; Tayler ; J. A. Theodoric; and all such as do not find a ready yes or no.

The letter from Bristol, written a second time, and signed J. Watkins, upon the End of the World, founded on the astrological judgment of the Chaldeans ; is drawn up too much in the geomantic stile of the ancients for our purpose. We wish to be clear and explicit, which his paper is not. In Gadbury's Celestial Ambassador he will find his queition on mundane accidents fully answered.

J. P.'s Deceases of the Planets, is taken from Blagrave's Aflrological Praca tice of Płyfic.

Peter, requires us to display a little upon Animal Magnetism, but we must beg leave to dissent from his opinion of the utility of this non-descript Science, if it deserves the name.

However, Mr. Parker, the present Professor of it at Hox. ton, can better satisfy hiin on this head. • As various applications have been made by persons, enquiring for the author of Remarks on the Solar Eclipse in June 1788, several of whom have expressed some earneftness to see the author, the Editor is now authorised by that gentleman to say, that, if any individual supposes that he or she can derive any benefit and information from a communication with him, they will receive an answer to any letter left for those purposes with the Editor, without any view to pecuniary remu. neration. Under proper circumstances (which will appear by the previous correspondence) a personal interview will not be refused. Benefit must be the object, not curiosity.

Notwithstanding we have declaredly rejected poetry, we are astonished at being constantly obseded with offers and effusions. T. S's hint however shall be at

tended to.

Elections of Times for lottery transactions are received and gratefully acknowledged. We have likewife received Mr. Moss's Tables for regulating the Infurance in the Lottery, and the events of Annuities upon Lives.

Answers to Queries in our No 3, shall be duly noticed in time. The paper on Day F.tality, shall foon have a place. In Dr. Dee's transactions with the spirits, and Deacon and Walker's Dialogical Discourses of spirits, J. M-rms will find ample satisfaction ; our department for Apparitions will be always narrow but choice.

The disappointment of our wood cut obliges us to defer our article of Palmistry till next number: and also that of Magic..

It is with the utmost satisfaction we can declare to the public, the alacrity and readiness of our ingenious correspondents to answer our Queries, and to propose others equally important; but we wish they would confine their enquiries to matters of fact or occult fcience, as our space will not allow us to deviate into moral and speculative matters ; such questions are only fit for debate in the haranguing rooms.

Answers to Queries in N° 2. Query 1. answered in the negative very elaborately, by J. Balso, by P. Puzzle, Ben Row ; and in the affirmative, by A. Jewit, John Taylor, A. c. Peter, S. Prior, A. B. O. and several without fignatures.

Queries 2, 3 and 4, were ingeniously anfwered by the following gentlemen : G. Barlow, T. Haultain, John Taylor of Ufculm, Devon. A. C. A. C. Peter; N. B. D.R. S. L. and Altrologcs, whose MS. will be used as defired.

to accept of a« Riddle Box" for his Answer in the present

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Having the Place of the Moon's Nodes for any Time, you may easily find her

Latitude, by the following Table from Lilly.

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