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Before I rate this book, I am going to read it at least five times and share it with my family and friends who were members of the NTS just to see if there is any hint of slander or libel about this literature from Stephen Dorril. The first thing we are going to review is Dorril's background, his ideology, his previous books (if any), and any pertinent information which we may use. I have a question for those new to this topic: "If Radio Free Russia and Radio Liberte were unsuccessful, then why did the Soviets make every attempt to jam the signals on the short wave band? Why did the Soviets finally convince the West German government to do away with those two radio stations which were manned by NTS members via diplomatic channels? We have all of the proof positive evidence that this is so, and we will use it. We also have proof positive evidence that the Soviet secret police kidnapped members of the NTS or use bomb threats against us? We will read, and if we find anything libelous, we may sue for libel. All of the evidence we have will be provided at the Court of Law. Thank you very much.
---Nikolai Nikolayevich
Post Script: At the moment, we do not wish to communicate with the author. If the author insists, the best bet would be in the communication between two barristers. Perhaps the author wrote an informative book that is free of backbiting slander. I hope that this is so for all of the parties concerned.

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