A narrative of what passed at Killalla, in the county of Mayo, and the parts adjacent: during the French invasion in the summer of 1798

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Page 127 - two thoufand men. To do them juftice, the peafantry never appeared to want animal courage, for they flocked together to meet danger whenever it was expected. Had it pleafed heaven to be as liberal to them of brains as. of hands, it is not eafy to fay to what length of mifchief they might
Page 158 - of the centinel placed there by the general, and fired at the commandant, with an aim that was near proving fatal, for the ball pafTed under his arm, piercing a very thick door entirely through, and lodging in the jamb. Had we loft the worthy man by
Page 158 - of our prefent enjoyment. He complained, and received an apology for the foldier's behaviour from his officer. Leave was immediately granted to the three French officers to keep their fwords, their effects, and even their bed-chamber in the houfe. But the bifhop found a difficulty to obtain the
Page 65 - and was very fure that, while he lived in this world, it was his duty to do all the good to his fellow creatures that he could. The bifhop offered a prefent to this half-chriftian of a book that might have
Page 96 - but the wonder was, how the zealous papift fhould come to any terms of agreement with a fet of men, who boafted openly in our hearing, ' that they had juft driven Mr. "* POPE out of Italy, and did not expect to • find him again fo fuddenly in Ireland.
Page 33 - a nation apt enough to consider themselves as superior to any people in the world; but here indeed it would have been ridiculous not to prefer the Gallic troops in every respect before their new allies. Intelligence, activity, temperance, patience, to a surprising degree, appeared to be combined in . the soldiery that came over with HUMBERT, together with the
Page 33 - obedience to discipline. Yet, if you except their grenadiers, they had nothing to catch the eye. Their stature for the most part was low, their complexions pale and sallow, their clothes much the worse for
Page 24 - people, who were come for no other purpose but to make them independent and happy. The generous purpose was to be forwarded by the immediate delivery of arms, ammunition, and clothing to the new levies of the country. Property was to be inviolable. Ready money was to come over in the ships expected every
Page 22 - On the morning after his arrival, HUMBERT began his military operations by pushing forward to Ballina a detachment of a. hundred men, forty of whom he had mounted on the best horses he could lay his hands upon in the country. On the road he concealed under the arch of a bridge, adjoining to Killalla, a
Page 35 - it was convenient, the deportment of a gentleman. For learning, he scarcely had enough to enable him to write his name. His passions were furious, and all his behaviour seemed marked with the characters of

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