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Ann. Inst. — Annali (Bolletino) dell’Insti

tuto di Corrispondenza Archeologica.

Arch. Zeit. Archäologische Zeitung.

Baum. — Baumeister, Denkmäler des

klassischen Altertums. Munich. Compt. Rend. Compte-Rendu de la

Commission Impériale Archéologique.

St. Pétersbourg.
De Clarac. — Musée de Sculpture.
G. EK.- Das Leben der Griechen und

Römer. Guhl und Koner.
Gior. Sca.-Giornale dei Scavi a Pom-

Hirt.- Bilderbuch für Mythologie, Archä-

ologie, und Kunst, herausgegeben von

A. Hirt. Berlin, 1805.
H. & P.- Herculanum et Pompei, par

H. Roux Ainé. Paris, 1840.
Inghirami. – Galeria Omerica.
Lütz. - Münchener Antiken von Carl

Fr. A. von Lützow.

Micali. — Monumenti per servire alla

Storia, etc.
Mill. - A. L. Millin's Mythologische

Gallerie. Berlin, 1848.
Müller. Denkmäler der alten Kunst,

C. 0. Müller. Göttingen, 1832.
Müller-Wieseler. - Denkmäler der alten

Kunst (revised by Wieseler).
Mus. Chiar. — Museo Chiaramonte.
Mus. Flor. Museum de Florence.
Nicolini. — Case di Pompei.
Overbeck. - Griechische Kunst-Mytholo-

gie, von J. Overbeck. Leipzig, 1873-78. R.R. — Raoul Rochette, Monumenti in

Sepolcri. – Gli Antichi Sepolcri, da Pietro

Sante Bartoli. Rome, 1727.
Smith. — Smith's Dictionary of Antiqui-

Visconti. – Visconti, Iconographie Ro-

maine. Zahn. - Die schönsten Ornamente aus





Death of Icarus. Wall painting at Pompeii. Baum. . Frontispiece. Juno. Statue. Mus. Chiar.

3 Ideal portrait of Virgil. Vatican Fragments.

3 The Parcæ with Minerva. Relief. Müller-Wieseler.

5 Neptune in his car, with sea-horses. Gem. Hirt.

9 Hunting Scenes. Wall paintings. Zahn. Jupiter. Statue. Mus. Chiar. Temple of Augustus (Maison Carrée) at Nismes. Photograph. 14 Flying Mercury. Vase painting. Nicolini.









Warrior with two spears. Vase painting. Compt. Rend.
Diana hunting. Relief. Mus. Chiar.

17 Building of Carthage. Vatican Fragments. Amazons defeated by Theseus. Ancient sarcophagus. Photograph. 22 Fortune seated on a throne (solium). Bronze from Pompeii. Presuhn.

23 Reception of Ilioneus by Dido. Vatican Fragments.

25 Bride with Veil. Wall painting. Monumenti dell'Istituto.

29 Lady with diadem (corona). Statue. Compt. Rend.

29 Dido and Æneas at the feast. Vatican Fragments.

34 Trojan horse drawn within the walls. - Women supplicating Pallas. - Priam seated. — Cassandra raving on the walls. H. & P.

36 Sacrifice of Iphigenia. Relief. R. R.

39 Theft of the Palladium. Wall painting. Monumenti dell'Istituto. 41 Laocoön. Vatican Museum. Photograph.

43 Cassandra. Vase painting. R. R. Murder of Priam. Vase painting. Müller-Wieseler.

54 Pallas. Statue. Mus. Chiar. The fiery omen. Vatican Fragments.

59 Flight of Æneas. Gem. Mus. Flor. .

61 Part of the Tabula Iliaca, carved (or cast in gypsum) with illustra

tions of the Sack of Troy as told by Stesichorus. Jahn, Bilderchronik.

64 Æneas's vision of the Penates. Vatican Fragments.

65 Apollo Musagetes. Statue. Museo Pio-Clementino.

68 Sacrifice. Relief on the altar of Mercury at Pompeii. Photograph. 69 Harpies. Ancient mausoleum. Monumenti dell'Istituto.

73 Offerings to the dead. Vase painting. Mus. Borb.

77 Veiled Roman sacrificing. Statue. Photograph.

80 Scylla. Ancient vase.

81 Chain-mail (lorica). Fragment found in a tomb. Compt. Rend. Temple at Agrigentum. Photograph. View of Mt. Ætna. Photograph. Polyphemus. Wall painting in Pompeii. Nuovi Scavi.

89 View of the coast of Sicily. Rocks of the Cyclops. Photograph. 90 View of Trapani (Drepanum). Photograph.

91 Dido sacrificing. Vatican Fragments.

92 Ceres. Statue. Mus. Chiar.

94 Youth with chlamys. Statuette. Müller-Wieseler.

97 Roman marriage. Pronuba uniting the pair. Ancient sarcophagus. 99


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Mercury Psychopompus (with caduceus, etc.), presenting shades to

Pluto and Proserpina. Wall painting from tomb. Sepolcri.
Mercury. Statue. Mus. Chiar.
Bacchic scene. Ancient sarcophagus in Vatican Museum. Photo-

Sortes. -- Italian form of divination. -- Priestess of Fortune at

Præneste drawing the oracular şors. Gior. Sca.
Orestes and the Furies. Vase painting. R. R.
Hecate. Archäologisch-epigraphische Mittheilungen.
Death of Dido. Vatican Fragments.
Venus and Neptune. Vatican Fragments.
Carchesium. Ancient vase. Annali dell'Istituto.
Serpent (genius loci) tasting the offerings on an altar.—Youth with

sacred bush. H. & P.
Galley. Wall painting at Pompeii. Baum.
Nereids. Ancient Stucco.
Horse with trappings. Roman tomb. Lindenschmidt, Tracht.
Dares and Entellus. Relief. Photograph.
Ulysses shooting with the bow. Vase painting. Monumenti

Neptune. Baum.
Neptune. Gem. Baum.
Neptune and Amphitrite in car. Triton, etc. Relief.
Vicinity of Cumæ. Photograph.
Æneas, Achates, and the Sibyl. Vatican Fragments.
Theseus and the Minotaur. Vase painting.
Orpheus and Eurydice. Naples Museum. Photograph.
Hercules and Theseus carrying off Cerberus. Painting from a

tomb. Sepolcri.
Promontory of Misenum. Photograph.
Charon receiving his passenger and fare. Ancient lamp. Bartoli,

Cerberus. — Æneas and the Sibyl. — In the background, judgment

of the shades. Vatican Fragments.
Laodamia. Ancient relief. Baum.
Tantalus, Ixion, and Sisyphus. Wall painting from a tomb.

Sepolcri. .
Augustus with the civic crown. Ancient bust. Photograph.
Marcus Aurelius receiving submission. From photograph of the

walls of the Capitol at Rome.


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Numa. Ancient bust. Visconti.
Triumphal chariot. From photograph of the walls of the Capitol

at Rome.
Pompey. Ancient statue. Visconti.
Charon and shades. Relief.

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1. Samian Juno. Coin.

Mill. 2. Juno of Lanuvium. Coins.

Müller. 3. Minerva hurling thunderbolt. Coin.

Mill. 4. Ruins of theatre at Aspendos.

G. & K. 5. Jupiter looking down on the world. Wall painting. H. & P. 6. Youth reading a scroll. Wall painting.

H. & P. 7. Man clothed in skin of wild beast. Relief.

Micali. 8. Temple of Janus. Coin.

Mill. 9. Diana. Statuette.

H. & P. 10. Genii making garlands. Wall painting.

. H. & P. 11. Ransom of Hector's body. Relief.

De Clarac. 12. Amazon.

G. & K. 13. Plan of Temple of Venus at Pompeii. Overbeck's Ruins at Pompeii. 14. Vaulted chamber in baths at Pompeii.

Overbeck's Pompeii. 15. Celestial Venus. Wall painting.

H. & P. 16. Female apparel. Wall painting.

H. P. 17. Monile (Harpy).'.

Monumenti dell'Istituto. 18. Crater wreathed (?). Relief.

Mill. Vase painting 20. Lamps. Found at Pompeii.

H. EP. 21. Woman decorating a Hermes with a fillet. Relief.

Lütz. 22. Palazzo Vecchio at Florence.

Photograph. 23. Hinged door and lintel. Found at Pompeii. Overbeck's Ruins. 24. Plan of the house of Pansa at Pompeii. .

Overbeck's Ruins. 25. Plan of Greek house.

. G. SK 26. Apollo. Wall painting.

H. & P. Ancient MS. of Homer.

Inghirami. 28. Apollo sitting on tripod.

Micali. 29. Cybele journeying to Rome. Relief.

Ann. Inst. 30. Curetes, Cybele, Jupiter, and goat. Relief.

Mill. 31. Ulysses and the sirens. Gem.



19. Patera.

27. Pallas.




32. View of Leucate.

Photograph. 33. Athlete's equipment. Found at Pompeii.

H. & P. 34. Metae. Relief.

Ann. Inst. 35. Head of Pallas. Statue.

Hirt. 36. Artisans erecting a building. — Minerva superintending.

Derrick with curious treadmill for raising heavy stones.

Mill. 37. Hunting scene. Wall painting

H. & P. 38. Head of Jupiter Ammon. Coin.

Mill. 39. Head of Paris. Bust.

Lütz. 40. Bacchic procession: Bacchanal with double tibia. — Others

with torch and thyrsus, and with tambourine. Vase. . Arch. Zeit. 41. Iris. Vase painting.

Gerhard, Vasengemälde. 42. Sacrifice Cooking on spits.

Baum. 43. Symbolic representation of powers of light (sun, moon,

Lucifer, and an unknown armed youth). Boat represent-
ing the sea. Vase painting.

Ann. Inst. 44. Trireme. Relief.

Chefs-d'Euvre, etc. 45. Greek ornament (maeander). Vase.

Ann. Inst. 46. Athlete with fillet of ribbon. Statue.

Ann. Inst. 47. Cestus (a).

G. & K. (6) Statue of Pollux.

Hirt. 48. Priestess with acerra. Wall painting

H. & P. 49. Lares in their customary attitude, with trees representing the olives before the house of Augustus. Relief.

Hirt. 50. Siren. Relief.

Mill. 51. Sleep and Death carrying home the body of Memnon.. Vase painting

Baum. 52. Young hero with headless spear ; in his hand a tessera.

Vase painting. 53. Mausoleum of Augustus. Ruin.

Photograph. 54. Tailpiece. Corcyra.




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