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"A notable list of Reprints.”—Manchester Guardian.

These have been prepared to meet the demand for a series of Library Editions of the best Authors at a moderate price. Demy 8vo, cloth, 75. Sd.; half-calf or half-vellum, extra, top edge gilt, 10s. 6d.

1. Pepys' Diary, 1659 to 1669.

With Memoirs and Notes by Lord BRAYBRooke.

2. Evelyn's Diary, 1641 to 1705.

With Memoirs and Notes by WILLIAM BRAY, F.S.A.

3. Gibbon's Roman Empire.

A New Edition in 4 Volumes, with all the Author's Notes.

4. Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler.

Illustrated. Edited by G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIES.

5. White's Natural History of Selborne.

Illustrated. Edited by G. CHRISTOPHER Davies.

6. Chesterfield's Letters to His Son. Complete Edition with Notes.

7. Sheridan's Dramatic Works.

8. Swift's Choice Works.

Including "Gulliver's Travels," "Tale of a Tub," &c.

9. Bacon's Essays and Other Works.

Including "Advancement of Learning," "Wisdom of the An-
cients," "New Atlantis," &c.

10. Dante's Vision.

Translated by CARY, with Notes and Index.

11. Homer's Iliad.

Translated by POPE, with Notes by BUCKLEY, and FLAXMAN'S

12. Homer's Odyssey.

Translated by POPE, with Notes by BUCKLEY, and FLAXMAN'S

13. Motley's Dutch Republic.

3 vols.

14. Napoleon, Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. By W. HAZLITT. 3 vols.

15. Shelley (Percy Bysshe). The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Text carefully revised with Notes and a Memoir by WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI. 3 vols.

The whole of the above Series kept in stock in half-calf gilt, or half-vellum extra gilt, top eage gilt. Other volumes to follow.

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