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fomething more has been drawn in the shape of notes, to which are fubfcribed his initials. Of this number is the explanation of that celebrated phrase, "the fwinifh multitude:" an explanation which was uniformly given by him to his friends, in converfation on the fubject. But another note will probably intereft the reader ftill more, as being ftrongly expreffive of that parental affection

which formed fo amiable a feature in the character of Mr. Burke. It is in page 208 of Vol. V. where he points out a confiderable paffage as having been fupplied by his "loft fon." Several other parts, poffibly amounting all together to a page or thereabout, were indicated in the fame manner; but, as they in general confift of single sentences, and as the meaning of the mark by which they were distinguished was not actually expressed, it has not been thought neceffary to notice them particularly.

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EFORE the philofophical works of Lord BoLINGBROKE had appeared, great things were expected from the leisure of a man, who from the fplendid scene of action, in which his talents had enabled him to make fo confpicuous a figure, had retired to employ thofe talents in the investigation of truth. Philofophy began to congratulate herself upon fuch a profelyte from the world of business, and hoped to have extended her power under the aufpices of fuch a leader. In the midst of these pleasing expectations, the works themselves at last appeared in full body, and with great pomp. Those who fearched in them for new discoveries in the mysteries of nature; those who expected fomething which might explain or direct the operations of the mind; thofe who hoped to fee morality illuftrated and enforced; those who looked helps to fociety and government; those who defired to fee the characters and paffions of mankind delineated; in fhort, all who confider fuch things as philosophy, and require some of them at least, in every philofophical work, all these were certainly disappointed; they found the landmarks of science precifely in their former places:

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