Medical Review, Volume 28

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An insightful and engaging read.


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Page 239 - No envelope will be opened except that which accompanies the successful essay. The committee will return the unsuccessful essays if reclaimed by their respective writers or their agents within one year. The committee reserves the right not to make an award if no essay submitted is considered worthy of the prize.
Page 20 - Co., to whose advertisement we refer our readers, have placed upon the market a much improved form of this compound, Robinson's Phosphoric Elixir.
Page 398 - The College of Physicians of Philadelphia announces that the next award of the Alvarenga Prize, being the income for one year of the bequest of the late Senor Alvarenga, and amounting to about One Hundred and Eighty Dollars, will be made on July 14, 1905, provided that an Essay deemed by the Committee of Award to be worthy of the Prize shall have been offered.
Page 398 - ... the name and address of the author. It is a condition of competition that the successful essay or a copy of it shall remain in possession of the college; other essays will be returned upon application within three months after the award.
Page 225 - Whatever indulgence may be granted to those who have heretofore been the ignorant causes of so much misery, the time has come when the existence of a private pestilence in the sphere of a single physician should be looked upon, not as a misfortune, but a crime...
Page 225 - It is the duty of the physician to take every precaution that the disease shall not be introduced by nurses or other assistants, by making proper inquiries concerning them, and giving timely warning of every suspected source of danger.
Page 317 - Hopkins understood all this and specially directed that "in all your arrangements in relation to this hospital you will bear constantly in mind that it is my wish and purpose that the institution shall ultimately form a part of the Medical School of the University.
Page 288 - It is possible that an insane uncontrollable impulse is sometimes sufficient to destroy criminal responsibility, but this is probably so only where it destroys the power of the accused to comprehend rationally the nature, character, and consequences of the particular act or acts charged against him, and not where the accused still has the power of knowing the character of the particular act or acts, and that they are wrong.
Page 398 - July 14, 1894, provided that an essay deemed by the committee of award to be worthy of the prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for competition may be upon any subject in medicine, but...
Page 216 - ... prevention of contagious and infectious diseases, and for the diffusion of sanitary knowledge among the people. The growth of the Association and the work it has accomplished more than justify its existence. Its membership has been augmented from year to year until it now constitutes the largest and strongest sanitary body in the world, and embraces in territorial extent the United States, the Dominion of Canada, and the Republic of Mexico. Under the impetus given by its work, state and local...

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