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and of the quantity of surplus water that flows SELECT LIST OF RECENT PUBLICATIONS.

from it into the Mediterranean. The numerous salt lakes covering considerable spaces in the provinces of southern Russia, prove that the Caspian was formerly much more extensive than it is at the present day. It was the gradual retirement of the waters of that sea, that left behind those remarkable hollows from which the Russians extract vast quantities of salt."-Foreign Quarterly.

Southey's Poetical Works, complete in one Volume. pp. 800. Double columns. Longmans.

Like the late popular edition of Moore, the publishers have here collected the poetical treasures of Southey into a single volume, together with the separate explanatory and highly interesting prefaces to former editions. These present much for the critic to reflect upon, and are peculiarly worthy of attention for the author's criticisms upon himself, and anecdotes connected with the composition of so many immortal writings. For Southey is one of the immortals; and when we view the vastness and variety of the productions contained within this volume, we feel that we are within the shrine of a genius of original character, great attainments, and extraordinary powers. To say more now would be superfluous. The public has every reason to rejoice in being enabled to possess such a monument of literary devotedness and magnificent talent. It is a library in itself.-Lit. Gaz.

The Rebellion in the Cevennes. An Historical
Novel, in two volumes. By Ludwig Tieck.
Translated from the German by Madame Bu-
rette. Nutt.

Tieck is becoming better known and better liked in England every day. This is one of the best of his historical stories exceedingly well translated.

The rebellion of which it embodies the principal feature was one of that long succession of insurrections in which the small Protestant sects, such as the Albigenses and Waldenses, vindicated themselves to the death against the crusades and oppressions of the papal power. The characters in this narrative are nearly all historical, and Tieck exhibits considerable art in the which he blends his facts, and the dramatic inciway dents he interweaves with them, so as to produce a romance no less picturesque than true.


History of England, from the Peace of
By Lord Mahon, vol. 4. From
the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle to the Peace
of Paris.

the Reformation to the Present Time.
History of the Church of Scotland, from
By Thomas Stephen, vol. 2.

Hagen, LL. D. Translated from the GerSystem of Political Economy. C. H. man by J. P. Smith.

Journal of a Missionary Tour through the Desert of Arabia to Bagdad. By the Rev. Jacob Samuel.

Religious Life and Opinions of Frederick William III., King of Prussia, as narrated by the Very Rev. R. Egbert, D. D., Bishop in the United Evangelical Church of Prussia.

Varronianus: a Critical and Historical

Introduction to the Philological Study of the Latin Language. By the Rev. John William Donaldson, M. A.

Researches on Light. By Robert Hunt, Secretary to the Royal Polytechnic Society.


Bibliotheca patrum ecclesiast. latinorum selecta. Cur. E. G. Gersdorf. Vol. xi. Firmiani Lactantii Opera. Tom. ii. Leip. Vierteljahrs-Schrift, kirchliche. No. 2, (Ap.-Ju. 1844.) Berlin.

Atlas Von Asia. No. 2.: Karte Von China u. Japan. Von H. Berghaus. Gotha


Sprache zum semitischen Sprachstamm. Ueber das Verhältniss der ägyptischens Von Th. Benfey. Leipzig. Suidæ Lexicon, græce et latine. in fidem optimorum librorum exactum post Th. Gaisfordum recensuit et annotatione I. Fasc. vii. et ult. critica instruxit Godofr. Bernhardy. Tom. Halle.

These rebellions and struggles for freedom of religious opinion are favorite topics with the German writers, but none of them exceed in interest the bold circumstances attending the movement headed by Roland, the hero of Tieck's plot. To the English reader these stories ought to be no less attractive. England is the champion of the protestant world. The dispersed and hunted protestants of all denominations in all parts of the earth look to England, with much the same feelings as the followers of the Greek church look to Constantinople-short of the historical tradition which consecrates it as the metropolis of their religion. It is hardly necessary to commend Madame Burette's labor to every body who takes an interest in such topics.-Court Journal.


Illustres Médicins et Naturalistes des
Temps Modernes. Par M. Isid. Bourdon.

Revolutions d'Angleterre et de France sous
1688-1830, ou Parallèle Historique des
Jacques II. et Charles X. Par M. le Comte
Maxime de Choiseul-Daillecourt. Paris.

Edouard de Warren, Ancien Officier au
L'Inde Anglaise en 1843. Par le Comte
Service de S. M. Brittanique dans l'Inde,
Presidence de Madras. Paris.

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In order to increase the value and attraction of the Eclectic Magazine, arrangements have been made to develop a part of our plan, which will add greatly to the expense of the work; but we rely on a generous public, in our effort to make the Eclectic Magazine, as a Repository of Art, what it is as a work of Literature. We propose, in our monthly circulation, to supply to all parts of the country, the most beautiful specimens of Engravings that can be procured.

Friends of the work in the editorial corps and elsewhere, will oblige us by announcing-that each number will be embellished with an ENGRAVING ON STEEL, executed expressly for the Eclectic Magazine, in a style of finish not surpassed in this Country.

It is intended that this Series of Prints shall embrace the whole range of MODERN EUROPEAN ART, illustrating the different schools, and consist of a careful selection from subjects of a popular and interesting character, from the works of the most distinguished Painters. No pains or expense shall be spared to render this new feature of our periodical entirely satisfactory, and we trust a short time will suffice to establish the opinion that the insertion of a picture in the Eclectic Magazine will be a guaranty of its intrinsic merit. We feel at liberty to speak with great confidence on this subject, as we have engaged the assistance in this part of our editorship, of a gentleman who is abundantly capable of satisfying the expectations which this advertisement will create.

We have now in preparation for 1844, BEAUTIFUL PLATES, from the following English Painters: Lawrence, Danby, Chalon, Hilton, McClise, Wilkie, Eastlake, Turner, Martin, E. Landseer, Bonnington, Mulready, etc.

The AMERICAN ECLECTIC was in existence two years, and now comprises four 8vo volumes, of over 600 pages each. Old or new subscribers for the ECLECTIC MAGAZINE, who would like to have the ECLECTIC from the beginning, will be supplied with the four vols., in Nos., at $5—and handsomely bound at $6,50. The most valuable articles of the British Quarterlies are contained in them, with a number of translations from German and French Journals, not elsewhere to be found in the English language.

COMMISSION FOR PROCURING NEW SUBSCRIBERS. With a view to the increase of our subscription-list, we offer to Postmasters and others, who will interest themselves in forwarding new names and money to us, the following commissions: For each subscriber who pays in advance, when the number is less than five, $1.-Over five, and under one hundred, $2.-Over one and under two hundred, $2,25.Over two and under three hundred, $2,50.-Over three hundred, $3.





In consequence of a misunderstanding in interpreting a contract, it was decided that the list and title of the Eclectic Museum must be sold, without the good will, however, and with the understanding, that either party might proceed to publish a similar work. These were accordingly sold and bought out of the hands of Mr. Agnew, who both edited the Museum last year, and had all the pecuniary responsibility. We are thus bound to sacrifice the old title: but we have chosen one which we think preferable.

Professor Agnew will edit the Eclectic Magazine; and his editorship having given the Eclectic Museum its present very high reputation, we feel great confidence that a large majority, if not all, of the subscribers to the E. M. will choose to take the Eclectic Magazine.

Prof. Agnew has sustained the Museum, by his enterprise, amid many difficulties; and now that the times are better, a discriminating public, valuing what is truly valuable, will doubtless support the present undertaking.

Persons are, of course, at liberty to select any other Periodical, but in this one they have an assurance of efficient editorship and of a good work, one which has been pronounced, by good judges, the best in the world.

Mr. Sartain will furnish the embellishments in his unrivalled style. We begin the year with a portrait of Macaulay, presuming that all our readers, who so much admire his articles, will be glad to see his face.

Our readers will see that we issue in new type, and it must be apparent that the work is not nominally, but really cheap.


194 Broadway, N. Y.

N. B. All the property of the last year, debts, back Nos., etc., belong to J. H. Agnew. Subscriptions due on the Eclectic Museum can be sent to his address, 194 Broadway, N. Y.

The back Nos. of 1843 can be had by those who wish the E. M. from the beginning.

Please pay early, and through a Postmaster, without expense to any one.

JOHN F. TROW & Co., PRinters.

L., T. & Co.

as possible.

Subscribers will facilitate our operations by paying as speedily

Postmasters are authorized to frank letters containing remittances; and we hope our subscribers will embrace this and all other opportunities of making payment, so that we may know upon which of them we may count as friends of the work.



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Quarterly Review,
Quarterly Review,
Westminster Review,
Frazer's Magazine,

Westminster Review,


British and Foreign Review,
New Monthly Magazine,

Foreign Quarterly Review,
Chinese Repository,

Asiatic Magazine,
Bentley's Miscellany,
Literary Gazette,




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The Winds; I Sigh in Vain, 566; The Arab Mother; Spring and the Consumptive, 567; Stanzas; Come to the Woodlands; Morn at Sea; Sonnet, 568.


British Museum-English Historical Documents-Napoleon Relics, 471; Robor Carolinum, 488; Magnetic Dynamometer, 494; Application, 496; David Hume's Correspondence; Parish Prizes, 497; Lady Elizabeth Lewison Gower, 521; Debts of the Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, 530; Diving Bell, 543; Morocco and France, 552; Expedition into the Interior of South America, 565; Mail Arrangements for India and China-Dr. Wolff-Dock Yards of FranceSociety for the Encouragement of Medicine, 569; A Glimpse of Fairy Land-Police Interference in Germany, 570; O'Connell-Byron's Statue by Thorwaldsen-Population of German States-The French in Algiers, 571.


Antiquities of Athens-Mr. Drayton's Invention for Silvering Mirrors, 572; Pneumatic Apparatus for Valuing the Respiratory Powers-Land Draining, 573.


The King of Sweden-The Duke of Angouleme, 474.

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES.-France, 575; Great Britain, 576.

SELECT LIST OF RECENT PUBLICATIONS.-Great Britain-Germany-France, 576.

Postage, Six sheets: under 100 miles, 9 cents; over 100 miles, 15 cents. Mr. HENRY M. LEWIS is collecting for us in Alabama, Tenessee, and part of Missouri. Mr. ISRAEL E. JAMES is collecting for us in the South and South Western States and Florida, assisted by James K. Whipple, Wm. H. Weld, O. H. P. Stem and Henry Platt. Mr. C. W. JAMES is our agent for the Western States, Iowa and Wisconsin, assisted by Moses Meeker, James R. Smith, John T. Dent, J. B. Humphreys, G. H. Comstock and E. Y. Jennings. W. H. and W. M. Wheeler, are agents to solicit subscribers. Also, A. W. Schermerhorn.

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