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such a sum except Amara Bin Humza, and banquets of the Caliph, filled a glass, drank with him he was on bad terms. However, it off, and, disrobing himself, put on a silken being closely pressed, he sent me, then a vest like ours. Jaffier, emboldened by lad, to request the loan of him, with assu such gracious demeanour, kissed the hand rance of returning the money when his rents of Abd al Malek, and said, “Will my lord should come in. I went to his palace, and inform me what may be his commands to being admitted, found him sitting in a his slave, in thus honouring him with a visit, sumptuous apartment, spread with the richest that I may gird the loins of my life in carpets, splendidly dressed, and perfumed obeying them ? Abd al Malek replied, “It with musk. To my obeisance he made no is not fair, that in this assembly I should return; and when I delivered my father's trouble thee with requests, or cloud the message, was silent. I was struck with joyful heart with the mist of sorrow.' Jaffier confusion. At length he exclaimed, “How was importunate, till at length Abd al Malek long wilt thou stare at me? I retired said, “ Apparently the mind of the Caliph heartless, and wandered about some time is displeased with me, and I wish his dis. before I returned home, where, on my arri- gust to be removed.' "That can easily be val, I was surprised to see at the gateway a effected,' replied Jaffier, command me in number of loaded camels, but still more so on something else.' 'I owe four millions of hearing that they had brought the sum my dirrims, continued the prince, and wish father had requested of Amara. My father the Caliph to discharge my debts. He paid all demands, and returned to his will pay them to-morrow,' said Jaffier, but government. When the revenues were re. what a trifle is this ! mention something ceived, he sent me to repay the sum he had more important.' "Thou knowest,' answered borrowed. I repaired again to the palace Abd al Malek, “ that my son Eesauk is a of Ainara, who received me as haughtily as young man of abilities. Through thy pabefore ; but on my offering him payment, tronage, perhaps, the Caliph may look upon angrily exclaimed, 'Does thy father think I him with an eye of favour.'

< Our soveam his money broker ? Begone. God hath reign, the Commander of the Faithful, connot given him a generous heart.' I returned tinued Jaffier, will confer upon him the home with the money."

government of Egypt, and give him his Jaffier, with the liberality of his brother, daughter Aleeah in marriage." was condescendingly atfable to all, learned, Eesauk of Mousel remarks, “I thought and a most elegant writer. He was prime to myself that Jaffier was speaking from the vizier to Ilaroon al Rasheed, and enjoyed fumes of intoxication, and wondered how more of his confidence than the rest of his he would perform so many high promises, brothers. Eesauk of Mousel relates of him but on going the next day to the palace of the following anecdote :

the Caliph, I found the chiefs of the Ulema says he, “ went to pay my assembled in the audience chamber; and respects to Haroon ; but, understanding soon after, the prince Abd al Malek entering, that he was reposing, would have returned Haroon received him graciously, and said home, when Jaffier sending for me, said, to him, My displeasure towards thee is • Suppose you join me in a merriment, and changed to favour, I have resolved to marry a cheerful glass ? I assented, and he con my daughter Aleeah to thy son Eesauk, and ducted me to his private apartment, where appoint him governor of Egypt, and have the requisites of mirth were prepared ; and ordered my treasurer to discharge thy debts.' after we had changed our dresses for light Jaffier had repaired to the Caliph early in vestments of fine silk, and the singing girls the morning, informed him of his last night's and musicians were introduced, he sent adventure, and prevailed upon Haroon to word to his porter to admit no one but do as he had promised.”. Abd al Malek, meaning a person who was Mahummud, the third son of Yiah Berone of his convivial intimates. When some meki, was a man of genius, but devoted to bumpers had gone round, and the wine had pleasure, and fond of retirement. Mouseh, begun to operate upon our heads, all at the fourth brother, in valour and conduct as once was ushered into the room Abd al a general, was unrivalled. From the acMalek Hashimmee, a first cousin of the cession of Haroon al Rasheed to the CaliCaliphs, to the great confusion of Jaffer, phat, till the twenty-first year of his reign, who was ashamed to be seen in such a state in which year his mind changed towards by so respectable a personage. Abd al them, the administration of all the afMalek perceiving his distress, sat down fairs of the empire was vested in Yiah without 'cereinony, asked for a collation, Bermeki, and bis illustrious sons. Various and when he bad caten, though he had are the causes assigned by historians for never condescended to drink wine at the the sudden displeasure of the Caliph

“I once,


against this family, of which the following were more remarkable than his own sister, is one.

the princess Abbassia, and the Vizier Jaffier. "Haroon being jealous of the influence of Haroon was therefore desirous to have them Yiah Bin Abdallah, a descendant of Ali,* together at his banquets without scandal, committed him to the custody of Jaffier Ber- and said to the unfortunate minister, “I meki, with orders to hold him in the strictest love thee with a brotherly affection, and have confinement. After a long imprisonment, the highest regard for my sister Abbassia, the venerable Yiah, fearing that Haroon in whom I will bestow upon thee in marriage, the end would take away his life, besought that I may have the satisfaction of enjoyiny Jaffier, saying, “ Fear God, nor let thyself the conversation of both together without be numbered with those on whom the pro- offence to our sacred law, but on this condiphet will be revenged in the day of judg- tion, that you never meet her but in my ment, for murdering his sacred posterity. presence.” Jaffier, dreading such a dangerThe Almighty knows that I have committed .ous connexion, at first declined, but at no fault worthy of deaih." Jaffier was af- length accepted, the offer of the Caliph. fected by the speech of the holy Syed, and, The nuptial ceremony took place, after which having released him, caused him to be con the illustrious couple met constantly at the ducted by his confidential servants to a apartments of Haroon; but as the Vizier was place of safety. The intelligence of this in the bloom of youth, and had a fine pergenerous conduct was soon conveyed by the son, the unfortunate Abbassia was immersed enemies of the minister to Haroon, who one in love, and wished to enjoy the company of day inquired after Yiah. Jaffier replied, her husband in private. She contrived to “ He is confined in a close and dark dun. express her regard by letters and messengers,

“Canst thou swear so by my head but Jaffier sent back the former, and rebuked and life ?" said the Caliph. Jaffier, upon the latter; upon which Abbassia had rethis, guessed that Haroon was informed of course to Attaba, the mother of her husband, the truth, and said, “ By thy head and life to whom she made presents of valuable it is not so; for, as I knew that Yiah was jewels, and prevailed upon her to bring old and feeble, and could do nothing to about the desired interview. occasion alarm to the Commander of the Attaba one day addressed Jaffier, saying, Faithful, I ventured to release him." The “ I have heard of a most beautiful slave, Caliph was enraged, but dissembling his and mean to purchase her for thee, as a anger, replied, “ Thou hast done well." present.” The son thanked her, after which When Jaffier retired, Haroon was overheard she requested Abbassia to be prepared when to mutter to himself

, “ May God destroy she should send for her. Upon the night of me, if I do not speedily put thee to death.” Friday, the princess was introduced as a slave

The principal cause, however, of Haroon's to the bed-chamber of Jaffier, who had reinveterate displeasure against this celebrated turned home from the palace Alushed with family, is thus related. The Caliph was wine. The princess would not unveil till fond of conviviality, and the company of the morning, when she said, “ Behold thy persons of wit and repartee, for which none handmaid Abbassia !” Jaffier was at once

delighted, and filled with dread of the • Yiah Bin Abdallah, was a great-grandson of Ali, consequences of their meeting. When the ed when mostofthat unfortunate family dad been put princess had retired, he said to his impruto the sword. He had privately formed a consider. dent mother,” “ Alas! thou hast sold thy able party in the province of Ghilan, on the Caspian Sea, and the revolt grew to such a bead, that he was

son too cheaply, but be prepared now for at last openly declared Caliph. Haroon, who was sudden calamity.” Abbassia, after some much alarmed at this event, sent Fuzzul at the herd time, brought forth a son, who, as soon as of fifty thousand men to reduce the rebels. This general, leaving his troops in Chorasan, went alone

born, was sent privately to Mecca, under the to Yiah, and, by his prudent conduct, succeeded in care of a faithful eunuch named Reaush, and persuading bim lo abandon his party, sand submit to the Caliphi, who on his part, by a writing under his

a nurse called Berberere. own hand, witnessed by bis grandees, promised to

Some time afterwards, Zobeide, the printreat Yiah with all the respect due to his birth, and cipal wife of the Caliph, became displeased not to take the least step to deprive him of lile or liberty. Yiah accepted ihe offers of Haroon ; the

with Yiah Bermeki, who had the charge of rebels, being left without a head, soon dispersed, the palace, and had insisted on the gates of and Fuzzul obtained a bloodless victory. Haroon at first treated Yiah well, gave him an apartment

the interior courts being locked early in the in his palace, with

a suitable revenue and attendevening, which prevented the eunuchs and ance, but these bappy days were of no long dura. tion, the Caliph, either through the inconsistency of

domestics of the Haram from ingress and his temper, or at the instigation of some of his egress as they wished ; of which they comcourtiers, threw Yiah into prison, to the great mor- plained to their royal mistress, and Zobeide, tification of the Bermeki, who all considered themselves as pledged for the observance of the Sove.

io the Caliph. Haroon observed, “ He was reign's word.

convinced Yiah had acted as he judged most

“ If so," replied Zobeide, in a rage, “ why he. " Where is the head of the traitor ?" does he not prevent his own son from defil. exclaimed Haroon. “I have left it without," ing it?" Haroon demanded an explanation answered Yassir. Bring it me immediof her assertion; when the empress inform- ately,” cried the Caliph. The executioner ed him of the stolen interviews between retired, and in an instant struck off the head Abbassia and Jaffier. The Caliph was con- of this great man, so illustrious for his high founded, but demanded what proof she had qualities and distinguished virtues, and cast of the accusation. " What can be a clearer it bleeding at the feet of Haroon; who, after one than a child ?" said the malicious Zobe examining it for a moment, commanded de, “ who is now alive at Mecca.” “Does Yassir to call into his presence certain atany person beside thyself know this secret?” tendants. When they appeared, he ordered rejoined Haroon. “ All the women of the them to put to death the unhappy instru. harem," answered the empress. The Caliph ment of his vengeance, exclaiming, in a made no reply, but on the next day prepar- paroxysm of rage and despair, “I cannot bear ed for a pilgrimage to Mecca, on which he io look on the murderer of Jaffier.” Thus fell soon after departed. Although Abbassia this celebrated man at the age of thirty-seven, had time to have the child conveyed to a nearly eighteen years of which he had passed place of safety in Yemen before her brother's in the highest confidence, favour, and glory. arrival, the Caliph at Mecca obtained proof Jaffier seems to have had some forebodings of the unfortunate interviews, and from that of his misfortune, for it is said of him, that a instant resolved on the destruction of the short time before his death, he was one day, Bermeki. On his return from the holy city, in a contemplative mood, looking from one after a short stay at Bagdad, he repaired to a of the windows of his palace, when he saw country palace, called Anbar, taking Jaffier a very old domestic sweeping the court bewith him, and leaving Sindee Bin Shahick low. He called to him, and said, “ What in command of the metropolis.

is the reason that princes and people of On the first of Suffir, * in the twenty-first wealth are generally short-lived, while such year of his reign, the Caliph gave an enter as you attain mostly to old age ?” “ It is," iainment, more splendid then any yet beheld, said the old man, “ because God gives his to his courtiers, among whom he distinguish bounty to them all at once, but to us by slow ed the unfortunate Jaffier by numberless degrees.” Jaffier was so pleased with the favours, and in the evening dismissed him remark that he gave him three hundred dirgraciously. The minister invited home with rims. Not long after, he saw a young man him a select party, to pass the night in con- employed in the same business, and inquired viviality and mirth. When the court was what was become of the aged sweeper. “He broken up, Haroon suddenly called to him is dead,” replied the youth; and Jaffier, callthe attendant Yassir in private, and said, ing to mind what he had said, predicted his “Go immediately, and bring me the head own downfall, which happened shortly after. of Jaffier.” Yassir was confounded, and Not only did Jaffier himself have foretrembled; but the Caliph, in a rage, order- bodings of his fate, but it is related, in the ed him to depart, and execute his com- Mirraut al Jinnaun, that Sindee Bin Shahick, mands, or he would put him to instant death. whom the Caliph left governor of Bagdad Yassir departed, and entering the palace of when he took Jaffier to Anbar, used to tell Jaffier, rushed into the private apartment, the following remarkable dream :without asking leave as usual.

“I was sleeping in the upper chamber of The minister, alarmed at his boldness, in a country house, situated westerly, near quired the cause of the intrusion; when he Bagdad, when, lo! in a dream, I beheld mentioned the commission he had received Jaffier, son of Yiah, in garments of a saffron from the Caliph. Jaffier said, “ Possibly dye, who recited the following verses : this order may have been given by the Com- Not long since, from Hujjoon to Suffa no mander of the Faithful when in a state of crowd assembled, nor company met from intoxication: retire at present, and tell him distant parts at Mecca, but we were the fathou hast killed me. If in the morning he vourite themes of their discourse; yet the should appear to regret it, well; but if not, obscurity of night hath overtaken us, miscome and execute his commands.” Yassir fortone, and ruin.' I awoke instantly, and refused this request; but Jaffier prevailed related my dream to one of my confidential upon him to accompany him to the enclosure attendants, who said it was the effect of inof the Caliph's apartinent. Yassir entered, digestion, and could have no meaning. I when the Caliph said, “ What hast thou tried to repose again, but had not closed my done ?" “ I have executed Jaffier,” replied eyes, when I heard a loud knocking at my

gate, and, rising up, ordered it to be opened, • In the Christian calendar, July the 21st. fitting for the safety of the imperial honour; 2D, SERIES.-NO. 8. VOL. I.

3 B

152.- VOL. XIII.

when, behold! Sullum Abrush, a confiden- the great powers of Europe, aroused by his tial domestic of the Caliph, entered my alarms, have made awful preparations, and chamber; at the sight of whom I was alarme completed their dispositions for the most ed, supposing that he might have brought a sanguine and horrible contest Europe ever sentence against myself. He saluted me, witnessed. Sixty rounds of ball cartridges and, sitting down, delivered me a note, sealed have been already issued to the Austrian rewith the impression of the signet which giments, who stand ready for the words of Haroon wore upon his finger. Its contents command-Present! Fire! But a stronger were as follows:- When this note reaches arm than even the Austrian arm, hath hitherthee, repair instantly with Sullum, and, ar to bridled the chiefs of nations, and, champresting Yiah, confine him in the dungeon ing the iron curb, they have pranced, rather formerly allotted to Munsoor, the heretic; than careered, in the field of slaughter. then despatch Madameh to seize Fuzzul, and Hope has yet whereon to stand : the intersend parties to imprison the whole family position of Divine Providence may avert of Bermeki, male and female, young and the judgment of war, and even out of these old, however distantly related.'

conflicting elements peace may ensue. The The historian continues: When Sindee had voice from heaven, crying over Babylon, is, received this order, he proceeded to execute “ Come out of her, my people, that ye be it, and cast Yiah, his son Fuzzul, and all the not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive family of Bermeki, into prison. The wretch- not of her plagues !” “For the vial of ed old man lingered nearly two years in con wrath is about to be poured out upon the finement; and the unhappy Fuzzul, after sur seat of the beast; and his kingdom will be viving his father some time, also expired in filled with darkness," Rev. xviii. and xvi. a dungeon, and mingled with the assembly In Poland alone has the fiend of power of the grave. Not a single relative of this glutted himself with blood There, war, sanillustrious, wealthy, and munificent family guine and protracted, has been waged during escaped imprisonment or confiscation. The all the months of preparation for the harvest; luckless Abbassia, though the sister to the and the fields, instead of waving rich with greatest monarch then in the world, was the golden ears of plenty, remain desolate, reduced to the necessity of asking alms even and clotted with the blood of their cultivain the sight of the palace of her brother. tors and invaders. The hand of Providence The headless body of the unfortunate Jaffier has hitherto arrested the potence of him who was conveyed to Bagdad, and hung for some raged against this band of patriots; and, time on a gibbet on the bridge over the river although few in number, they yet brave the Tigris; but at last it was burned, and his mighty foe, single-handed amongst the naashes scattered in the air.

tions, crying to the powers around them, As an example of the wonderful muti “ Who will shew us any good ?" bility of fortune, as it regarded this extraor France evinces a disposition to obey the dinary man, a clerk of the imperial treasury call from heaven, and come out from Babysays, “ I was one day amusing myself with lon. The nucleus of a society is formed for perusing the accounts of the expenditure of the establishment of Sunday Schools; half Haroon al Rasheed, and saw the following a million of Tracts have been distributed by entries : On such a day, by command of the an increasing society, which is fast maturCaliph, was given to Jaffier, son of Yiah, ing; a Bible Society, with extended and ex(may his bounty be eternal !) as a present, tending branches, annually deals out the word such and such sums of money, rich robes, of God to the people, and promises shortly horses, and perfumes. I had the curiosity to to overshadow the land; Missionary So. cast up the value placed opposite to each cieties, for home and foreign instruction to article, and found the sum total amount to the rising generation, as well as adults of thirty millions of dirrims. In another leaf their own and other nations, are formed and of the same account, I saw the entry of the forming; and the views of the conductors of expense for burning the body of the same these gradually open, with that experience highly favoured Jaffier, thus expressed : which is inseparable from benevolent action. “ Disbursed for burning the carcase of In watering others, they are watered them. Jaffier, son of Yiah, four dirrims and half selves—in blessing, they are blessed. For a dangeh, for pitch and straw.”

the Lord of the vineyard sendeth no man on (To be concluded in our next.)

a warfare at his own charge. To say that the present government of France does not

oppose itself to these efforts of its citizens, EUROPE IN THE SUMMER OP 1831.

is a negative praise, which sinks beneath the War, the fiend of power, stalks from na- truth ; for it forwards them. Yet awful tion to nation, on a crusade of blood ; and drawbacks exist in France : systems of in

fidelity, ycleped St. Simonism, &c. unhallow, Prince Leopold has accepted the throne. ed under hallowed names, draw multitudes Peace at length has taken place between from the Roman communion, and make Belgium and Holland; and the Dutch are them two-fold more the children of hell than once more left to plod in commerce, aloof heretofore.

from the turmoils of war. Over Greece, while hope yet lives, we can From her high station, as a Christian only mourn. Her senatè, on the question, empire, is Great Britain about to descend ? Whether Greece is in a situation to make Her Bible, her Missionary, her Tract, her use of the freedom of the press ? has declar- School, and her Benevolent Societies, of ed in the negative. Refined idolatry has every form and name, are extended and re-introduced paintings in her schools and extending; yet her Sovereign speaks, on a churches, and prostrated the dignity of wis- high occasion, to his people—and, for the dom—that wisdom which is from above, be- first time, the name of the King of kings fore the likenesses of men. Alas, for Greece! and the Lord of Lords, and His providence When will she awake from the sleep of ages? over the nations of the earth, are unnamed. When will she arise and shine, as she was Amidst the awful turmoil, on the question, wont ? “ Return, O Lord, deliver this peo- who shall, and who shall not elect, the reple: O save them, for Thy mercy's sake." presentatives to the legislative assembly, is

The navies of the Sublime Porte float on the wisdom which cometh from above disthe Adriatic, and blockade the coasts of carded ? Behold, the day of the Lord is Albania. A rebellious pacha, erewhile de- made a day of feasting ; wherein men eat, feated his utmost potence, and menaced and drink, and rise up to play : “And to Constantinople; but, in his turn defeated, the work of the Lord' her nobles put not his capital, Scutari

, is menaced, and he who their necks.”. Yet Britain ought to weep, yesterday marched a baughty conqueror, is yea, tears of brine, for great are the disto-day a prisoner at large amidst his own tresses of her sons. fortress. Thus does the Crescent waste itself Over Portugal the soul of the pilgrim in turmoils with its own chiefs, and effuse weeps : left a prey to passion, instead of the blood of its own citizens, and thus is fed piety ; to superstition, in place of veneits insatiate thirst for blood.

ration; to folly, where wisdom in her Russia, equally insatiate with Turkey, has Cortes erewhile fostered a people willing had blood to drink. Its armies are wasting, and obedient, who now go astray every while they have achieved nothing; and its man after his heart's desire. Her ships, resources impoverishing, while a frightful her islands, and her commerce, yea, her disease, the cholera morbus, hurries to the very capital, become a prey to an enemy, grave her most renowned sons. The Grand created by her own misrule—an enemy Duke Constantine; the commander-in- who longs to become her friend; for chief, General Field-Marshal Count Die France has nothing to gain in such a warbitsch Sabalkansky, and others of renown, fare, equal to the cost of contention. with thousands of citizens and soldiers, have Spain is internally struggling for existence. been swept away, and thousands are follow- Her treasury is exhausted, her resources cut ing in their train. The Imperial city, St. off, and a loan, which is dictated to her by Petersburg, is in extreme consternation, be- imperious necessity, is all but impracticable. neath this desolating malady; and the Im- A change of policy would deliver her at once: perial family have Aed for safety to Peter- but who can hope for change, where folly hoff. Wide does this awful pestilence waste reigns, to the exclusion of wisdom ? the north, and, extending, menace the south Switzerland is armed, and peace is not also. Wo to the drunkards in Europe ! upon yet frowned from her domains. you is this destroyer come.

The Italian States are beneath the sword Twenty-three counties in Hungary have of Austria : if they remain quiet, she formemorialized the Emperor of Austria, in bears; but her armies, ever ready to seize favour of the Poles. The mild despotism, the match, discharge instant vengeance on all as it is denominated, of Austria, may perhaps agitators. Alas for this land of darkness ! bend to these remonstrances: but, if Poland is The Eternal City, so named, has recoemancipated from the thraldom of Russia, will vered from her late perturbation, and prothe remaining provinces continue in bondage mises herself days of peace : but danger is to Austria and Prussia? We think not. at hand, and tribulation. Alas, the angel

Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, of wrath is encamped against her, and in general, have their day of peace from the darkness will cover her! sword, but the pestilence, already in Dantzic, Of the Two Sicilies, no note has reached us : menaces these countries on every hand, beneath their young monarch, the path seems

Belgium has elected its sovereign, and smoothed before them, and they dwell at rest.

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