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Cymbeline, king of Britain.

Cloten, Sow to tlie queen by a former husband.

Leonatus Posthumus, a gentleman, husband to Imogen.

Belarius, a banished lord, disguised under the name of


C sons to Ciimbdine, disguised under the

Guiderius, ) mil 1 n J 7

. x names or roludore and Ladual, sup

Arviragus, J , « j •'

V. posed sons to liclarius.

Philario, friend to Posthumus, } T ,,

Iachimo, friend to Philario, \

A French Gentleman, friend to Philario.

Caius Lucius, general of the Roman forces.

A Roman Captain. Two British Captains.

Pisanio, servant to Posthumus.

Cornelius, a physician.

Two Gentlemen.

Two Gaolers.

Queen, wife to Cymbeline.

Imogen, daughter to Cymbeline by a former queen.

Helen, woman to Imogen.

Ijords, Ladies, Roman Senators, Tribunes, Apparitions, a Soothsayer, a Dutch Gentleman, a Spanish Gentleman, Musicians, Officers, Captains, Soldiers, Messengers, and other Attendants.

SCENE, sometimes in Britain; sometimes in Italy.

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SCENE 1.—Britain. The Garden behind Cymbeline's Palace.

Enter two Gentlemen. 1st Gent. You do not meet a man, but frowns: our bloods No more obey the heavens, than our courtiers; Still seem, as does the king's. 2d Gent. But what's the matter? vo*. xv. A 2

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