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Books for Review, and Correspondence for the Editor, should be sex,

under Cover, to the Publishers. Advertisements will be received by MR. FREEMAN, Queen's Head Paluban

Paternoster Row; Mr. WillIAM WARD, 48 Paternoster Rore : Meses NELSON, New Bridge Street; and by the Publishers, MELSRS, J:DD AND GLASS, New Brilge Street, up to the 25th of each month.

De Burgh. On the Book ofatchard and ca

BOOKS RECEIVED. Alive or Dead? A Tale of St. Crispin's Parish. | Prophet of Nazareth (The). With Preisne, by

By Chas. Howell. London: Jas. Blackwood. Rer. John C. Miller, D.D. Loudon : Aspirations from the Inner, the Spiritual Life, By

and Son, Henry McCormack, M.D. London: Longman Prayer-Book Chants : Arranged for Four Tour and Co.

with Accompaniment. By Hery Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. By Gauntlet.

Wm. Thos. Lowndes. London: H. G. Bohn. Public Speaker (The), and How to Make Bohn's Classical Library-The Epigrums of Mar.

a Cambriage Man. London: Xist tial. London: H. G. Bohn.

Revival (The) in its Physical, Ptchiral, Book of Job ; in English Verse. By Lieut. Col.

ligious Aspocts. By W. M, Wiihiasa. W. C. Strather, Bath: Binns and Goodwin,

don : Chapman and Hall Bondage in the Bakehouse. By John Lillwall. Rills from the Fountain. By the Rer E n London : kent and Co.

Newton, D.D. London: Kaight ed Chess Praxis. B. H. Staunton. London: H, G. Roots and Frute of Christian Life. BTL kuse. Bohn.

Wm. Arit, London: Xeion and Christian Life (The). By Peter Bayne, A.M. Sabbath Haltung in Life's Widerra : K Edinburgh : Constable and Co.

Ontis, London : Sampson L*, Ve, i Christianity in the First Century. By Charles Saul, a Praia, in 3 Parts, London: Bus Hoffman. Edinburgh: T. and T. Clark.

Low, Son, and Co. Children of other Lands, By Sara Wood, Lon Sared and I'rsaved. London: Wert ! don: Groombridge and Sons.

Samuel, the Prophet. By the Rey. Litur. Common Sense about the Church. By a High

London: 2. Nelson and sons Churchman. London: llatchard and Co.

Schleiermacher (The Life and Letters of Commentary on the Book of Psalms. By Wm.

lated by Frederica Rowan Y De Burgh, D.D, Dublin : Ilodges, Smith, and

Smith, Elder, and (o. Co.

Self Help. by Samuel Smiles. Loudn: Xem Consumption: its Nature and Treatment. By

Murray. John Epps, M.D. London: Sanderson.

Sermons. By the Rer. Henry Ward Beck. Count Cavour : His Life and Career. By Basil H.

Vel. I. London: J. Neato al Se Cooper. London: Judd and Glass,

Sidereal learens (The). By Those Dice LLA, Echoes of Eternity. By Henrietta J. Fry, Bath :

Londou: Ward and Co. Binns and Goodwin.

Social Religica Esemplified By the R German Grammar. By L. M. Tuchman. Second

Maurioe). ith Edition. Ydin e 249 Edition. London: Lockwood and Co.

T. Nicholze. London: Wand und & Independency in Bristol. By Rev. M. Caston.

Sunday at Ilme. Part 8. Lau : Les London: Ward and Co.

Tract Sociaty. Intuitions of the Mind (The), Inductively Investi. Thoughts on the Liturgy. By the br. 39

gated. By the Rev. James M'Cosh, LL.D. Gell, M.A. London: Werters and London: John Murray.

Trades' Unions and sinkrs. RT . 1 I L James' (Rev. J. A.) Works. Vol. 1, Sermons. Un eeu (The Discourse by the Per, London: Hamilton and Co.

dels. Locdon: J.Sibertad Lichtenstein; or, the Outlaw of Wurtemberg. By Victorian Lundwape Gardenerse das

Elinor M. Swan. London: James Blackwood. Sinclair. Life of Bishop Wilson. 2 Vols. By the Rev.

Weaver's (The). By the Astlar Josiah Bateman, M.A. London: John Murray. and Lazariis, &." Lond.

n l Mademoiselle Mori: a Tale of Moderni Kome, Wiseman's Ir.) Poptad Lenars dois 2 Vols. London: J. W. Parker and Son.

posed. By Chas, H. Colkite l a loi Many llappy Returns of the Day. By Mr. and

Virtue, ard Co. Mrs. Cowden Clarke. London: Lockwood

Yes and No; (1, Glimpses of the Great Cual and Co.

3 Vols. London: Macmulas an. De Men who have made themselves. London : James

Missionary Martyr of Delhi. By James Culross,

A.M. London: J. Heaton and Son.
Modern Europe: a School History. By John | Bible Readers' Journal. Jan.
Lord, A.N. London : Simpkin and Co.

Bibliotheca Sacra. Jan.
Old Friends and New Acquaintances. By Agnes Cassell's Illuminated litory of Earl Petl
Strickland. London: Simpkin and Co.

New Series
Original Australian Proverbs, &c. By Jas. Sinclair. Congregatioun. Pulpit. Pel
Our Home I lands: their Public Works, By the (rrespondant Le Jan 2, IM,

Rev. Thomas Milner, M.A., &e. London: (ft hiil Maquine. Xo.
Religious Tract Society.

Erilical Christendom. Jatt en pre
Our lloniclese Poor, &c. By the Author of " Yelen | Evangelical Marine. Tel.

Lindsay, or, The Trial of Faith." London: | Frienu (Thej. fol. I. De 305
James Nibet and Co.

Good Words. Part 2
Pocins : Lyrical, Didactic, and Romantic, By M. Liberator. J . and Feb.

II. G. (ruikshank, London ; Wertheim and Life Bunt. 2. 3. Val. 4.

I'rotestant Themical ad Ecclesi
Pope's Dream (Thel. A Tale of the Lower pedia.

X. Regions. By Thomas Plummer. London: Spintial Naime, Judd and Glase,

Youtli's Naga 26. Jas.

STAR Life Assurance Society,


The STAR LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY was founded in the Year 1843.

The advantages it offers to Assurers include all the benefits which have been developed during the progress of the system of Life Assurance.

BONUS.-Three distinct calculations have been made with a view of appropriating the surplus sum or profit arising from the operations of the Society. At the last, made at the beginning of the year 1859, the Actuary reported that, after putting by £180,379 18s. 10d. As a reserve for future contingencies, there was available for division £67,347 158. 9d.; and the following Tables will show the practical effect of this and previous divisions at the ages specified :

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The following are specimens of reductions in lieu of the last Bonus, for Five Years ending 1864 :

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An inspection of these Tables show results which have but few equals in the history of Life Assurance ; and a comparison with those obtained during the same term by any similar Institution is invited. Prospectuses and every other information will be forwarded on application to (122)

JESSE HOBSON, Secretary.


The above Company has been formed for the purpose of supplying the Nobility, Gentry. and Private Families with Pure Wines of the highest character, at a saving of at least thirty per cent.


20s. & 248. (The finest ever introduced to this Country.) ROYAL VICTORIA SHERRY . . . . . . . 325.

(A truly excellent and natural Wine.) SPLENDID OLD PORT . . . . . ... 425.

(Ten years in the wood.) BALE COGNAC BRANDY . . . . . . 62s. and 60s. SB ARKLING ERERNAY CHAMPAGNE

38s. (Equal to that usually charged 60s. per Doz.) ST. JULIEN CLARET. . . . . . . . . 286.

(Pure and without acidity.) COLONIAL BRANDY (Pale or Brown), · · 168. and 18s. per Gal.

(The finest imported,)

BOTTLES AND PACKAGES INCLUDED. TERMS, Cash or Reference. Delivered free to any London Railway Station

Country orders to be accompanied with a remittance. Price Lists sent free se application.



1s. 6d. per lb.,

Should be used in preference to any other. It is greatly preferred by the most eminest Physicians in London for Invalids, and as the best food for Infants. It also forma light nutritious diet for general use.

REPORT ON PLUMBE'S ARROW-ROOT BY DR. HASSALL. “ I have subjected Plumbe's Arrow-Root to careful examination, microscopical and chemical.

I s le perfectly genuine, and of superior quality ; equal in all respects to the best Bermuda, for which has is usually charged.

(Signed) “ARTHUR HALL HASTALL, LD Directions and Testimonials with each packet which bears the signature of AS Plumbe, 3 Alie Place, Alie Street, London, E. Retailed in London by Exow, Paternostes Row; FORD, Islington; MORGAN, Sloane Street; WILLIAMS & LLOYD, Moorgate Street; MEDES, Camberwell.


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