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Books for Review, and Correspondence for the Editor, should be sent,

under Cover, to the Publishers. Advertisements will be received by MR. FREEMAN, Queen's Head Passage,

Paternoster Row ; MR. WILLIAM WARD, 48 Paternoster Row ; MESSRS. NELSON, New Bridge Street ; and by the Publishers, MESSRS. JUDD AND GLASS, New Bridge Street, up to the 25th of each Month.

BOOKS RECEIVED. Alive or Dead? A Tale of St. Crispin's Parish. | Prophet of Nazareth (The). With Preface, by

By Chas. Howell. London: Jas, Blackwood. | Rev. John C. Miller, D.D. London: Knight Aspirations from the Inner, the Spiritual Life, By

and Son, Henry McCormack, M.D. London: Longman Prayer-Book Chants : Arranged for Four Voices, and Co.

with Accompaniment. By Henry John Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. By Gauntlet.

Wm. Thos. Lowndes. London: H. G. Bohn. Public Speaker (The), and How to Make one. By Bohn's Classical Library-The Epigrams of Mar

a Cambridge Man. London: Nisbet and Co. tial. London: H. G. Bohn.

Revival (The) in its Physical, Psychical, and ReBook of Job ; in English Verse. By Lieut. Col.

ligious Aspects. By w. M. Wilkinson. LonW. C, Strather, Bath : Binns and Goodwin,

don : Chapman and Hall. Bondage in the Bakehouse. By John Lillwall. Rills from the Fountain. By the Rer. Richard London: Kent and Co.

Newton, D.D. London: Knight and Sons. Chess Praxis. B. H. Staunton. London: H, G. Roots and Fruits of Christian Life. By the Rev. Bohn.

Wm. Arnot, London: Nelson and Sons. Christian Life (The). By Peter Bayne, A.M. Sabbath Haltings in Life's Wilderness. By H. Edinburgh : Constable and Co.

Ontis. London: Sampson Low, Son, and Co. Christianity in the First Century By Charles Saul, a Drama, in 3 Parts. London: Sampson Hoffman, Edinburgh: T. and T. Clark.

Low, Son, and Co. Children of other Lands. By Sara Wood, Lon

Saved and Unsaved. London: Wertheim and Co. don ; Groombridge and Sons.

Samuel, the Prophet. By the Rev. Robert Steel Common Sense about the Church. By a High

London: T. Nelson and Sons. Churchman. London: Hatchard and Co.

Schleiermacher (The Life and Letters of). TransCommentary on the Book of Psalms. By Wm.

lated by Frederica Rowan, 2 Vols. London: De Burgh, D.D, Dublin : Hodges, Smith, and Smith, Elder, and Co, Co.

Self Help. By Samuel Smiles. London: John Consumption: its Nature and Treatment. By

Murray, John Epps, M.D. London: Sanderson.

Sermons. By the Rev. Henry Ward Becehet. Count Cavour: His Life and Career, By Basil H. Vol. I. London: J. Heaton and Son. Cooper. London: Judd and Glass.

Sidereal Heavens (The). By Thomas Dick, Echoes of Eternity. By Henrietta J. Fry. Bath :

London : Ward and Co. Binns and Goodwin,

Social Religion Exemplified (By the Rer. N. German Grammar. By L. M. Tuchman. Second

Maurice). 7th Edition. Ediied by the Rer. Edition. London: Lockwood and Co.

T. Nicholas, London: Ward and Co. Independency in Bristol. By Rev. M. Caston. Sunday at Home Part 68. London: Religious London : Ward and Co.

Tract Society. Intuitions of the Mind (The), Inductively Investi.

Thoughts on the Liturgy. By the Rer, Philip 'gated. By the Rev. James M'Cosh, LL.D. Gell, M.A. London: Wertheim and Co. London: John Murray,

Trades' Unions and Strikes. By T. J. Dunning. James' (Rev. J. A.) Works. Vol. I, Sermons.

Unseen (The). Discourses by the Rev. Wm. Las London: Hamilton and Co.

dels. London: J. Nisbet and Co. Lichtenstein ; or, the Outlaw of Wurtemberg. By

Victorian Landscape Gardeners' Guide. By James Elinor M. Swan. London: James Blackwood.

Sinclair. Life of Bishop Wilson, 2 Vols. By the Rev.

Weaver's Family (The). By the Author of "Dites Josiah Bateman, M,A. London: John Murray.

and Lazarus, &c." London: Judd and Glass Mademoiselle Mori: a Tale of Modern Rome. Wiseman's (Dr.) Popish Literary Blunders . 2 Vols. London: J. W. Parker and Son.

1. posed. By Chas. H. Collette. London: H . Many Happy Returns of the Day. By Mr. and

Virtue, and Co. Mrs. Cowden Clarke. London: Lockwood Yes and No; or, Glimpses of the Great Condict and Co,

3 Vols, London: Macmillan and Co. Men who have made themselves. London: James

Missionary Martyr of Delhi. By James Culross,

A.M. London: J. Heaton and Son.
Modern Europe: a School History. By John Bible Readers' Journal. Jan.
Lord, A.M. London: Simpkin and Co.

Bibliotheca Sacra. Jan. Old Friends and New Acquaintances. By Agnes Cassell's Illustrated History of England. Part I. • Strickland. London: Simpkin and Co.

New Series.
Original Australian Proverbs, &c. By Jas, Sinclair. Congregatiopa. Pulpit. Feb.
Our Home Islands: their Public Works. By the Correspondant (Le). Jan. 25, 1860,

Rev. Thomas Milner, M.A., &c. London: Cornhill Magazine. No. 2.
Religious Tract Society.

Evangelical Christendom. Jan. ad Feb.
Our Homeless Poor, &c. By the Author of “ Helen Evangelical Magazine, Feb.

Lindsay, or, The Trial of Faith.” London: Friend (The). Vol. 18, No. 203.
James Nisbet and Co.

Good Words. Part 2.
Poems: Lyrical, Didactic, and Romantic, By M. Liberator. Jan, and Feb.

H. G. Cruikshank. London; Wertheim and Life Boat. No. 35. Vol. 4.

Protestant Theological and Ecclesiastical Eargele Pope's Dream (The). A Tale of the Lower pedia. Pert X.

Regions. By Thomas Plummer. London: Spiritual Magazine,
Judd and Glass.

Youth's Magazine, Jas.


Nearly complete, the Bighth Edition of the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA;

Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature, CONTAINING CONTRIBUTIONS BY AUTHORS OF THE GREATEST

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The Work, when complete, will contain as much matter as would occupy above One Hundred Demy 8vo. volumes. Illustrated by nearly Five Thousand Engravings on Wood, and Four Hundred on Steel.

Vols. I. to XIX., price 24s. each, are now Ready, And Vols. XX. and XXI. and Index, Completing the Work, are in the Press. *.* Prospectuses, containing a Summary of the principal Articles, with the names of the

Authors, may be had on application.


In Two Vols. Medium 8vo. Price 60s. With a complete Index, and

upwards of 554 Illustrations,


lopædia of Biblical Literature,

Compiled by the late JOHN KITTO, D.D. With the Assistance of numerous able Scholars and Divines, British, Continental and



Canon of Scripture-Literary History and Peculiarities of the Sacred Books

Formation and History of the Texts of Scripture. 2. BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION-Comprehending the Principles of Translating

and Expounding Scripture-Critical Estimate of the leading Interpreters and Princi

pal Versions, Ancient and Modern. 3. HISTORY-Proper Names of Persons-Biographical Sketches of the more promi.

nent Characters—Detailed Accounts of the Principal Events recorded in Scrip

ture-Chronology and Genealogy of Scripture. 4. GEOGRAPHY-Names of Places_Description of Scenery-Boundaries and Mutual

Relations of the Countries mentioned in Scripture, so far as necessary to Illustrate

the Sacred Text. 5. ARCHÆOLOGY--Manners and Customs of the Jews, and other Nations mentioned

in Scripture-their Sacred Institutions—their Military Affairs-their Political

Arrangements-their Literary and Scientific Pursuits. 6. PHYSICAL SCIENCE-Scripture Cosmogony and Astronomy-Zoology-Mine.

Edinburgh: Adam & CHARLES BLACK. London : LONGMAN & Co.;
And Sold by all Booksellers.



The above Company has been formed for the purpose of supplying the Nobility, Gentry, and Private Families with Pure Wines of the highest character, at a saying of at least thirty per cent.

PER DOZ. SOUTH AFRICAN PORT . . . 20s. & 248. SOUTH AFRICAN SHERRY .. . 208. & 245.

(The finest ever introduced to this Country.) ROYAL VIOTORIA SHERRY · · · · · · 32s.

(A truly excellent and natural Wine.) SPLENDID OLD PORT · · · · · ·:.

(Ten years in the wood.) PALE COGNAC BRANDY . . . . . . 528. and 60s. SBARKLING EBERNAY CHAMPAGNE . . . . 388.

(Equal to that usually charged 60s. per Doz.) ST. JULIEN CLARET. . . . . . . . 286.

(Pure and without acidity.) COLONIAL BRANDY (Pale or Brown), · · 16s. and 18s. per Gal

(The finest imported,).

BOTTLES AND PACKAGES INCLUDED. TERMS, Cash or Reference. Delivered free to any London Railway Station.

Country orders to be accompanied with a remittance. Price Lists sent free on application.



1s. 6d. per lb.,

Should be used in preference to any other. It is greatly preferred by the most efninent Physicians in London for Invalids, and as the best food for Infants. It also forms a light nutritious diet for general use.

REPORT ON PLUMBE'S ARROW-ROOT BY DR. HASSALL. "I have subiected Plambe's Arrow-Root to careful examination, microscopical and chemical. I find it to be perfectly genuine, and of superior quality; equal in all respects to the best Bermuda, for which so high price is usually charged.

(Signed) “ARTHUR HALL HASBALL, M.D." Directions and Testimonials with each packet which bears the signature of A. S. Plumbe, 3 Alie Place, Alie Street, London, E. Retailed in London by Snow, Paternoster Row; FORD, Islington; MORGAN, Sloane Street; WILLIAMS & LLOYD, Moorgate Street; MEDES, Camberwell. *** AGENTS WANTED.



THIRTY-SECOND EDITION, (Thirty-second Thousand, of Mr. GEORGE

1 THOMAS CONGREVE's Work, showing the Causes, Symptoms, Progress, and only successful Treatment, with recent highly interesting cases of Cure. Post free for Fire Stamps, from the Author, Coombe Lodge, Peckbam, S.E. N.B.-At home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings until Twelve o'clock, and at other times by appointment only. EXTRACT FROM A LETTER OF A CLERGYMAN OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND.

Parsonage, nour “Dear Sir,-Althoagh personally unknown to you, I cannot but state (from sense of gratitude) te beperkt I have received from yon. Por years I have been subiect to a severe pain in my chest on taking on it irritation of the windpipe or trachea, producing a stoppage in speaking and preaching, and for pel found great benefit in this complaint from your medicine. My name is well known to many of the Clery : Well not wish it to appear in print, but you are welcome to any private use of it. Yours faithfully. H. Las Incumber ," Mr. CONGREVE will furnish the Dame of this gentleman on inquiry.






168 FENCHURCH STREET, LONDON, E.C., Supplies every Description of Stationery and Account Books, at the lowest possible Prices for Good Materials and Workmanship.

(226) IMPORTANT NOTICE. GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH Is the only Starch used in Her Majesty's Laundry. And as some unprincipled Parties are now making and offering for Sale an Imitation of the Glenfield Starch, we hereby caution all our Customers to be careful, when purchasing, to see that the word GLENFIELD is on each' Packet, to copy which is Felony. WOTHERSPOON & Co., Glasgow and London.



AND GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. THE LATE MR. ABERNETHY.—This great man, alth ugh rough and eccentric in his manner, was, notwithstanding, a most skilful medical practitioner, and it is now generally acknowledged that the above are the only medicines that can be relied on for curing these complaints. They are prepared from the original recipes, solely by the Proprietor, Mr. G, LEA, of 14 South Street, Walworth, Surrey. EMULSION, in bottles, at 28. 3d. and 4s. 6d. PILLS, in boxes, at 72 d. and 1s. 1 d., and may be ordered of any Patent Medicine Vender, through Messrs. BAROLAY, 95 Farringdon Street, London.

N.B.- The Pills sent free by post for 8 or 14 postage stamps. (208)


Established 1749.

BENSON'S LADY'S GOLD WATCH, “ Exquisite artistic feeling in ornamentation, and perfection of mechanism in structure."- Morning Post.

5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Guineas each. BENSON'S GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH. “All that can be desired in finish, taste, and design."--Globe.

6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30 Guineas each.

BENSON'S PRESENTATION GOLD WATCH. Excellence of design and perfection in workmanship.--Morning Chronicle. nicle. 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 Guineas each.

BENSON'S SILVER LEVER WATCHES. “Leave nothing to be desired but the money to buy them with." - Standard. 4. 5. 6. 8. 10. 13 and 20 Guineas cach.

BENSON'S SILVER HORIZONTAL WATCH. “A good Watch without paying an exorbitant price."- Telegraph.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Guineas each. BENSON'S NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF WATCHEB, free for 2 Stamps. contains Prices and Important Information as to what Watch to buy. It should be read by all who are about buying

a Watch. Watches sent free to any part of England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales, on receipt of a remittance payable

To J. W. BENSON. 33 and 31 Ludgate Hill. London. E.C.

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