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Published on the 1st of each Month, beautifully printed, copiously illustrated, and con.

taining contributions from many of the leading popular writers of the day,




Lord Palmerston. By J. Ewing RITCHIE--My Margate Serenade-Lost and Found, with two beautiful Illustrations-Adele Dupassier. By C. W. STOKES—Dr. Croly; a Pulpit Sketch-An Odd Fish-Sundown. By EDWARD COPPING, Author of " Aspects of Paris," &c.—The Poetical Thresher - The Legend of the Lotus—The House of Commons and the Early Closing Movement--Dournemouth. By GODFRAY TURNER—Literary Notices-Progress of Science, &c. Engravings: Youth--Dentatus - Shipwreck of Sindbad--and Charlemagne and the Saxons-with appropriate Letter-press.


Lord John Russell ; a Parliamentary Sketch. By J. Ewing RITCHIE—A Growl-
A Life Picture-Blood is Thicker than Water-Christmas Eve--Dante to Beatrice
- Down Among the factories--Ballads--Harry Lechmere's Lost Love--Little Words
of Wisdom-Progress of Science-Rev. C. Kingsley; a Pulpit Sketch-Rifles, Bows,
and Arrows-Shoeblacks in the Provinces-Sundown ; a Novel. By EDWARD
COPPING--The Monarch of Metals-Literary Notices-Progress of Science, &c.
Engravings :-A Noble Animal-Christmas Eve-Hospitality--The Breaking-up-
The Burial of Harold—The Lord of Misrule-The Magic Lantern.


John Bright; a Parliamentary Sketch. By J. Ewing RITCHIE-A Visit to Portland
Gaol-Bad Temper; a Story for Children (illustrated)—Concerning Cabs, The
Fisherman Caught. By Edwin BRANTHWAYT—The Rev. J. M. Bellew; a Pulpit
Sketch--Sundown; a Novel. By EDWARD COPPING— The Heart of Commerce—i he
Story of the Syren, &c. Engravings :- Maternal Education-A Winter Scene
Incident in the Reformation at Paris--Grandpapa.

The FEBRUARY NUMBER will contain a Sketch of RICHARD


In the MARCH NUMBER will be commenced a Tale, by

JOIN SAUNDERS, Esq., Author of “Love's Martyrdom," entitled “The Shadow in the House."


"A feature in this magazine are the political sketches by Mr. Ritchie. This month we have Lord John Russell photographed from the life. The amount of readable matter which is interspersed with the engravings is far beyond the proportion which might be expected in & periodical of the peculiar description of the • National,' which exhibits practised editorial skill."- Illustrated London Neros.

"The National Magazine' contains a great variety of light and amusing articles--so many, indeed, that we can only find room to advert to some of the most prominent."--Morning Star,

"The National Magazine contains good biographical articles on Lord John Russell and the Rev. Charles Kingsley." -Literary Gazette.

"This comes fairly under the denomination of a Christmas number, and both letter-press and illustrations elaim praise, The Burial of Harold ’ is a fine specimen of wood-engraving, and in other respects the part is almost all that can be wished." --Weekly Dispatch.

“Mr. Ritchie is improving the National Magazine,' not only by the vigour and ability of his own articles, bnt by the more careful attention which is paid to the details--literary, artistic, and mechanical-of the publi.

cation.".-- Sunday Magazine' for the presentomon Week,' both as a pictorial anes. c. Kingsley."-Critic.

"The National Magazine' for the present month contains a number of short and very readable papers. We consider it at least equal to its competitor, Once a Week,' both as a pictorial and literary work. Among other parers that we have read with considerable interest is the graphic pulpit of the Rev. C. Kingsley."-Critic.

London : W. KENT & CO., Paternoster-row.



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in Weakness : Memorials of the Rev. William Rhodes.” “Beautiful conceptions clothed in fascinating language, with scintillations of genius and fancy, grow in every page, combined with solid thought and the fruits of diligent and well-directed study - thoroughly Evangelical."-Evangelical Christendom.

Post 8vo. Price 7s. 6d., cloth, a New Edition, revised and enlarged. Mr. Isaac Taylor's History of the Transmission of Ancient • Books to Modern Times, together with the Process of Historical Proof; or, a Concise

Account of the means by which the Genuineness of Ancient Literature generally, and the Authenticity of Historical Works especially, are ascertained : including Incidental Remarks upon the Relative Strength of the Evidence usually adduced in behalf of the Holy Scriptures. “The book is throughout ingenious and interesting.”—Saturday Review.

By the same Author. Post 8vo. Price 7s.6d., Cloth. The World of Mind, an Elementary Book.

"It is nowise inferior to his former works either in vigour and originality of speculation, or in its terse, translucent style."-Eclectic Review.

Small Crown 8vo. Price 3s. 6d., Cloth. Power in Weakness: Memorials of the Rev. William Rhodes. By the Rev. CHARLES STANFORD, of Camberwell.

** A remarkable book, because the memoir of a remarkable man. The memoir is well written. We em phatically commend the volume."--Homilist.

By the same Author. Just Published. 4t. Edit. Price 6d., Cloth, Limp, Red Edges, Friendship with God. “This exquisitely beautiful discourse."--Freeman,

Post 8vo. Price 7s. 6d., Cloth. Ages of Christendom before the Reformation. By John


"We know not where to find, within so brief a space, so intelligent a clue to the labyrinth of Church History before the Reformation." -British Quarterly Review.

Post 8vo. Price 7s. 60., Cloth. Psychology and Theology ; or, Psychology applied to the In

vestigation of Questions relating to Religion, Natural Theology, and Kevelation. By RICHARD ALLIOTT, LL.D. " It is in every sense a first-class work,”-Homilist.

Foolscap 8vo. Price 5s., Cloth, Antique, Red Edges. The Christian Harp: designed as a Companion to “The Foreign Sacred Lyre.” By JOHN SHEPPARD, Author of "Thoughts on Devotions,” &c., &c.

"Pew volumes which Mr. Sheppard has published will be preferred to the one now before us. The light aud pleasing play of fancy, the refined and delicate taste, the pure elevated tone of sentiment, and the chastened piety, which are so conspicuous in all his productions, gtve a peculiar charm to this collection of minor poems." --Baptist Magazine.

Also, Foolscap 8vo. Price 5s. 6d., Cloth Antique, Red Edges. The Foreign Sacred Lyre: Metrical Versions of Religious Poetry, from the German, French, and Italian, together with the Original Pieces.

" In the literary point of view the execution is praiseworthy : in the devotional, the selection is judicious. The original is given on oue page, the translation on the other : an excellent plan, which, while it facilitates criticism, shows at the same time that Mr. Sheppard need not fear it. The book will form a right pleasant and profitable companion of continental travel."-British Quarterly Review.

By the same Author. 18mo. Illustrated with 12 Wood Engravings. Price 3s., Cloth.
On Trees: their Uses and Biography. By John Sheppard,
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Also by the same Author. 18mo. Price 2s. 6d., Cloth.
On Dreams, in their Mental and Moral Aspects. In Two

Post 8vo. Price 2s. 6d., Cloth, Limp. The Apocalypse of Saint John. A New Translation, Metrically

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London : JACKSON & WALFORD, 18 St. Paul's Churchyard.

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FATE of SIR JOHN FRANKLIN. With an Introduction, by Sir Robin

MURCHISON, F.R.S. With Maps and Illustrations. 8vo., 16s. LIFE OF BISHOP WILSON. With Extracts from his Journals are

Correspondence. By Rev. Josiah BATEMAN, M.A., his Son-in-Law and First Our

lain. With Portrait and Illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo., 28s. THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON'S CIVIL CORRESPONDENCE, while

Chief Secretary for Ireland, from 1807 to 1809. 8vo., 20s. ON THE ORIGIN of SPECIES by Means of Natural Selection. I

CHARLES Darwin. Post 8vo., 14s. MODERN SYSTEMS of FORTIFICATION examined with reference to

the Naval, Littoral, and Internal Defence of England. By General Sir HOWARD

DOUGLAS. With Plans. 8vo., 129. A BECKET; A BIOGRAPHY. By Rev. Canon ROBERTS With Illa


Translated, with a Notice of his Life and Writings, by PATRICK JANE STIU,

F.R.S.E. 8vo., 7s. 6d. PICTURES of the CHINESE. Drawn by Themselves. Described by

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Map, Plans, and numerous Illustrations. 2 vols. Post 870, 248. HISTORICAL EVIDENCES OF THE TRUTH OF THE SCRIPTURE

Records Stated Anew, with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries &

Modern Times. By Rev. Geo. RawLINSON. 8vo., 14s. SELF-HELP. With Illustrations of Character and Conduct. By SANTE

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WROTTESLEY, F.R.S. Post 8vo., 78. 6d. SCIENCE IN THEOLOGY. Sermons Preached before the l'niversity of

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Growth, and Present State. By David ROWLAND. Post 8ro., 10s. 6. MEMOIRS of the EARLY ITALIAN PAINTERS. By Mrs. JAXEROX

A Revised Edition, with New Introduction, and much additional matter and round

cuts. Crown 8vo., 12s. LIFE of SIR THOS. FOWELL BUXTOX. By His Son. With Portrait

Post 8v0., 28. (Murray's Railtay Reading.) THE ART OF TRAVEL ; or, Hints on the Shifts and Contrivances avail

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9, Plans, and Rumor $. Tuomox, AD.; Past and Pre

London : JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street.

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No. I. - APRIL, 1858.

No. II. – JULY, 1858. 1. Meliora.

1. Paterson, Founder of the Bank of England. 2. Symbolisms of the Human Form.

2. Consolidation & Amendment of the Statuto Law, 3. The East India Company and the Opium Trade. 3. How shall we dispose of our Dead ? 4. The Morals of Business.

4. Homer : his Translators and Commentators. 5. The Place of Temperance in Science.

5. The Social Power of the Pulpit. 6. The Vices of the Streets.

6. Popular Art-Education. 7. Reformatory Schools.

7. Temperance in History and Legislation. 8. Keeping up appearances : A Novelette.

8. Our Friends in Council. 9. Record of Social Politics.

9. Record of Social Politics, 10. Review of Current Literature.

10. Literary Reviews. No, III. - OCTOBER, 1858,

No. IV. - JANUARY, 1859. 1. Life in Arcadia

1. Progress of Prison Discipline. 2. Recent Travels in Norway.

2. Morals of France in berContemporary Literature 3. The Philosophy of Wages.

3. Carlyle and his Writings. 4. Social Claims and Aspects of Science.

4. Cotton Supply. 5. Genius and Prospects of Negroes.

5. The Philosophy of the Temperance Reformation. 6. The History of the Struggle in Maine.

6. Friends in Council. 7. Caste: A Tale.

7. Records of Social Politics and Literary Reviews.

No. V. - APRIL, 1859.

No. VI. - JULY, 1859. 1. The Literature of Labour.

1. The Science of Philanthropy. 2. Douglas Jerrold.

2. Memoirs and Chronicles of French Literature. 3. The British Workman.

3. Penny Savings Banks. 4. The Rev. John Clay.

4. Types of Disease and Crime. 5 Liberty, and Mr. J. S. Mill.

5. Death in Coal-Pits. 6. Our Friends in Council.

6. Education versus Drunkenness. 7. Record of Social Politics.

7. Union Surgeons. 8. Literary Reviews.

8. Record of Social Politics.
9. Literary Reviews.

No. VIII. - JANUARY, 1860.
No. VII. - OCTOBER, 1859.

1. Libraries for the People.

2. The Employment of Women. 1. Lectures and Lecturing.

3. Lyrical Poetry in France, 2. Mechanics' Institutes.

4. Liberty and Law. 3. Tennyson and his Poetry.

5. Strikes. 4. The Church and the Liquor Traffic.

6. For Life: A Tale. 5. Revolutions of Race in England.

7. Our Friends in Council. 6. What 'Il you Drink !

8. Record of Social Politics. 7. Records of Social Politics.

9. Literary Reviews.

Title Page and Index to Vol. II. NOTICES OF THE PRESS. "Meliora' is rightly named, and is likely to be, according to its promise, 'a first-class review.'” Eclectic Reriero.

"The One Shilling Quarterly, second to no contemporary in grasp of thought, vigour of writing, or perfectness in the knowledge which it brings to bear on social, political, and economical questions, now stands before the world as one of the facts which the advance of the age has brought to realisation." Atlas.

“This new quarterly is evidently in the hands of persons of extensive observation, of considerable ability, and of benevolent intentions. Though it ranks amongst the cheap publications of the age, it is not inferior, in literary merit and valuable information, to similar works of far higher pretensions. It sceks not to charm by verbal descriptions of things as they should be, but to instruct by faithful representations of things as they are. It is replete with social, historic, and scientific facts, not conveyed in dry forms, but with enlightened and philanthropic views of the several theories propounded, or in operation, for the improvement of the social and moral condition of the community." -- British Banner.

The appearance of this review justifies its name. It speaks Acliora 'better things' for the prospects of social science, when its promoters can publish a work of this size and value for a shilling."The Inquirer.

"This journal derives its inspiration from a class of the community who are honestly and energetically labouring for the social improvement of our race, especially in one department of social morals. We honour them for the purity of their motives, the ardour of their zeal, and their self-denying efforts. Their journal is worthy of their object, and admirably fitted, instrumentally, to accomplish it.--Lady's Newspaper.

London : PARTRIDGE & Co., Paternoster Row; ALLIANCE DEPOT, 335 Strand. Manchester: ALLIANCE OFFICES, 41 John Dalton Street, and W. BREMNER, Piccadilly.


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