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who for many years preferred the welfare He subscribed to most of the institutions of “Jerusalem above his chief joy.” As of the Church, and during the last twelve a testimony of Christian esteem, on the years of his life became a regular attendoccasion of his funeral about 100 re. ant, when his health would permit, on spectable townspeople attended at the the services of the Church at Old cemetery, where the service was read by Lane, Worsley. He contributed libeMr. Ray, who at request delivered a rally to all the funds of that Society, funeral discourse on Sunday evening, and thus helped in the alterations and October 31, to a large and attentive improvements which have been made in audience.

the church building, as well as in the Sarah Richardson, a member of the erection of the Sunday school-room. Brightlingsea Society, passed into the Nothing gave him greater pleasure than eternal world, October 13, 1875, in the conversation on any subject connected thirty-eighth year of her age. After a with the doctrines of the New Church. long and patiently-borne affliction, dur. He was a man of sterling uprightness ing which she enjoyed a pappy experi. and integrity, and of a most genial disence of the consolatory nature of the position. His great aim seemed to be teachings of the New Church concerning to live the life of his faith. the future life, she peacefully passed At Accrington, November 5, Mr. Roaway to realize the truth of the Apos. bert Holt departed from this life, aged tolic declaration, that "the light afflic. sixty-seven years. His removal has tion which is but for a moment worketh caused great sorrow among the congrefor us a far more exceeding and eternal gation and in the town generally. He weight of glory ; while we look not at was a man of sterling honesty, and so the things which are seen, but at the unassuming and ready to assist in things which are not seen.

doing good that all who knew admired Passed into the spiritual world, on the and loved him. He had risen from 28th October 1875, Augustus Winter, the condition of an operative to one of aged 42 (nephew of John Woolltorton, considerable affluence, and in his altered Esq.). Mr. Winter was born in Lon and improved circumstances he was one don of New Church parents. In 1859 of the most generous of men. For he married the eldest daughter of Mr. twenty years he had filled the office of Richard Gunton (the present Treasurer treasurer to the Society in Accrington, of Conference), who with two sons and to the great advantage of its finances, one daughter survive him. Mr. Winter and for a very much longer period he was a member of the Society at Argyle had been an active member of the church, Square, although by his marriage he be helping in various ways its several insti. came associated with Cross Street, of tutions, and withal with such modesty, which Society he was for a short time that he seemed to be rather accepting a the secretary. He was also the occa- favour than conferring one in giving his sional reader at Cross Street during the assistance. He was a member of the ministry of the Rev. 0. P. Hiller. For Local Board of Health, the members of some time past he has suffered many which showed their respect by voluntarily bodily ailments, and the change he has attending his funeral, as did also reprenow experienced must be, to him, a de- sentatives from the Mechanics' Institu. lightful one indeed.

tion, to which he had been a benefactor, On the 5th of November, Mr. Edward and from another institution of which he Preston, of Eccles, entered the spiritual was trustee. His illness, which arose from world. He was in the eighty-ninth year disease of the heart, was not of long duraof his age, and was one of the very few tion. His end was like his life, quiet who learned the doctrines of the New and peaceful, a gentle sinking to rest, Church through the ministrations of the late Rev. John Clowes. He was for a very great number of years a member of ERRATUM.—In our last number, page the Peter Street Society, and one of the 553, in the report of baptisms at Hull, trustees of that church. To aid the the name “Mr. Best, the former leader augmentation of the minister's salary he of the Society," should have been “Mr, gave a small endowment to the trustees. Needler.'

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