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understand. If a fruit tree fails to pro- at Peter Street invited the members of duce fruit, it is called barren, and the the Conference to a social meeting in owner repeats the command,' Cut it their school-room, which was elegantly down, why cumbereth it the ground ?' decorated, and had all the appearance of And in every living thing thioughout a well-appointed drawing - room. A nature, productive life is the criterion choice selection of vocal and instruof worth. Men judge of a thing's value mental music was well rendered by a by what it does ; nd men judge of each number of music

friends. The preother by what they do. The test of sence of friends from all parts of the human worth is executive ability. In kingdom, and especially of the President every office, power to achieve, to execute of the American Convention, the Rev. and do is the one test of human worth. Mr Giles, so well known by his many And though in religion the doctrine of admirable and useful publications, added substitution has been invented, a doc. zest to this assembly. Short addresses trine that results in salvation by faith were delivered during the evening, the alone, yet we hold to the broad principle greatest interest attaching to that of the that a man is no better than his works Rev. Mr. Giles, who was received with make him, and that in religion, as in warm applause. On the subsidence of every thing else, this principle holds repeated cheers, Mr. Giles thanked them good—that man is judged by what he heartily for the reception, which he redoes.

ceived entirely in his capacity as repreReligion is like the perfume to the senting the New Church friends across rose, the flavour to the fruit, the lustre the Atlantic, and which, when he went to the diamond ; take perfume from the home, he would endeavour to tell some. rose the body of the flower may remain; thing about, though necessarily very so take flavour from the fruit and the inadequately. He had been asked to body of the fruit may remain ; or lustre say something that night with regard to from the diamond and the body of the the growth and condition of the New stone is yet there ; but when these are Church in America. This was no time gone their priceless worth is gone ; the for statistics, and he would not introduce body is there but the soul is wanting them. They had in America all the So with the actions of our life. Take elements that constitute the New Church from the actions of our life the principle which we have here. They had nearly, of obedience to the commands of God - if not all, the difficulties ; and they had, the principle of religion and outwardly he was happy to say, good, strong, the bulk of life's actions will remain the hearty men and women in the New same, just as the body of the rose may Church in America, who went steadily remain after the perfume has exhaled, forward in endeavouring to build up

the but the immortal worth of life's achieve. Church there, as was being done here. ments has then departed, and whatever The growth of the New Church was we then do lacks the one vitalising necessarily slow, and, in one sense, element of spirituality, and sinks to it was slow because the Church, where the level of nature."

genuine, was made up of men and Several other speakers gave short women not merely of natural minds, but addresses during the evening. The of a purer, and nobler, and finer quality proceedings were also enlivened, and the than mere natural minds could produce. numerous assembly delighted, by several For that reason the growth of the pieces of sacred music, which were very Church must, in one sense, be slow ; efficiently rendered by the choir. but it was growth. It was very difficult

to describe growth, to show how it adSOCIAL MEETINGS OF THE CONFER- vanced ; and there were some people in ENCE.-One of the most agreeable, and America, as here, who were impatient, probably one of the most useful features and seemed discouraged at times, beof the Conference, is the many pleasant cause the Church did not grow fast re-unions and attractive social assemblies enough. Having spoken of people who that are held during its session. Some take sown seeds up again and again to of these are private, and are held in the see whether they are growing, and who homes of members of the Church, and thereby prevent the growth, he said others are of a more public kind. On there were some who seemed inclined to the Wednesday evening, the Society rull New Churchmen up by the roots,

to see how they were growing. We must knew they would fully and heartily wa't patiently. To make a New Church. reciprocate all the kind feelings exman was the growth of a life, and we pressed, and would give, if not an Eng. must not be discouraged because pro- lish welcome, at any rate a Yankee one, gress was slow. The Lord was at work and that, he guessed, was a right hearty making New Churchmen, which meant one. In conclusion, Mr. Giles ad. making men, and it must be remembered dressed a few words to the youug people He had never made a man yet. He had present in the assembly, exhorting then been at work making men and women to be determined to make the most of for thousands of years, and after they themselves, but not to think they were were removed hence He still worked doing this while making money, riding upon them, giving them a touch here in carriages, wearing fine clothing, or and a touch there, moulding them into gaining worldly honour, but only in so far more perfect beauty, and giving them as they were purest in mind and noblest strength and perfection ; and it would in all the relations of life ; and there take Him all eternity to make a man, was no way of doing this equal to learn. and then He would not have finished ing the doctrines of the New Church the work. In the New Church they and applying them to their daily life. had all the materials, the means, and Another social assembly was provided the processes to make men and women, on the Saturday afternoon by the and America and England had simply generous hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. to use those materials and means accord. Mather, who kindly invited the members ing to the best of their ability, first for of Conference and the several friends in their own development and growth, and whose houses they had been entertained, then to communicate them to others; to a social party at the Royal Hotel, and if they could communicate those "Alderley Edge. "Over 150 persons were truths to men and women, they would present to enjoy the hospitality of these be doing the greatest service one human warm-hearted friends, and to participate being could render to another. No one in the enjoyments of the evening. could tell the service that the person Short addresses were given by the Predid to him (Mr. Giles) who first put a sident of Conference, by Mr. Mather, book of the doctrines of the New Church and Mr. E. J. Broadfield. into his hands; and that was a service they could all render to others. The

RELIGIOUS SERVICES DURING THE CoxNew Church was growing in America, the Conference has diminished the public

FERENCE. —The growth of the business of putting out its roots and developing services which were wont to take place strength. They had had “hard times” in during the session. Beyond the daily America, but hard times to the men of opening and closing of the Conference, the the world were easy times for the only Conference service is that held on Church. In the winter the roots of Tuesday evening, the service on the Friday trees grew deep and strong, and if there evening having for some years past been were no winter, no permanent growth relinqnished. The Society in whose church could be expected. They had all kinds the Conference is held usually arranges a of New Churchmen in America. Some

series of services during the time of Con. were timid ones, who were afraid to ference, which are publicly announced, speak of the doctrines above their breath, the pulpit in Peter Street was occupied on

and are of considerable interest. This year and these were not New Churchmen Sunday, August 8th, in the morning by exactly, but it was hoped they would the Rev. Mr. Wilkins, of Nottingham, and be. Others were not able to stand in the evening by Mr. Ashby, of Derby. alone, but required to be held up and On Tuesday, as stated in our report of strengthened ; these were like infants, Conference proceedings, the Rev. Mr. Potts, and it was necessary to foster and nurse of Glasgow, preached, and on the following them. But they had also men in Sunday morning (Augnst 15th), Rev. Mr. America who could stand up and stand Giles preached in the morning, to a crowded alone, though they were the only New congregation, a sermon of singular power Churchmen" in the world ; and there Books in the Judgment; and in the even,

and impressiveness on the Opening of the were also such men here. He could not ing Rev. Mr. Presland, of London, closed close these remarks without saying that the Conference services with a discourse he knew the American New Churchmen, on the words, “Freely ye have received, and if they were there that night he treely give."

At Heywood, advantage was taken by us into closer union with each other, and the minister of the nearness of the Con- into conjunction with the Lord, we can ference to obtain the services of ministers never know. But we have every reason in attendance on the Sundays preceding to believe that they have a most important and succeeding the session. On the first and powerful influence upon us in harof these, two discourses were delivered by monizing, our own natures and imbuing the Rev. T. L. Marsden, of Snodland; and them with power from on high. on the second, by the Rev. W. O'Mant, of The Convention this year misses the Leeds. The attendance at these services presence of its venerable president, the was good, though in the evenings some- Rev. Dr. Worcester, whose place in the what thinned by the attraction of the presidency is filled by the Rev. Chauncey opening services at Ramsbottom, which Giles. One of the great works of which the the congregation had been exhorted by Convention has taken note, is the gratuitheir minister to attend. Those in at- tous distribution of the True Christian tendance were much interested in the some. Religion to the clergy and ministers of all what novel, but lucid, and interesting dis- denominations. This work has been courses of Mr. O'Mant. In the tirst of these initiated and prosecuted at the sole charge discourses, on the words, “ As the days of of Mr. L. C. Iungerich. The work coma tree are the days of my people," the menced in September 1872. Three agents preacher presented the spiritual truths and trustees have been appointed to carry involved in the text from a wide basis of on this good work, and they have presented natural knowledge respecting the growth an interesting report to the Convention. and structure of trees. The same mode of In two years and a half between seven and expounding his subject was adopted in eight thousand copies of this work have discoursing, in the evening, from the text, been applied for and received by clergy“Foxes have holes, and birds of the air men and students; and during two years have nests, but the Son of Man hath not five thousand copies of Heaven and Hell where to lay His head.” The sermons have been distributed in the same manner showed a mastery of the science of cor- by the American New Church Tract and respondences and accurate acquaintance Publication Society. And now the bewith the doctrines of the New Church. nevolent promoter of this great work is We cannot but hope for this esteemed commencing the distribution of a work minister, who has just entered the Church on the Spiritual Sense of the Word from another communion, a future of in the same manner. The Apocalypse eminent usefulness.

Revealed has been selected for this purSimilar services to those we have noted pose; the first edition of one thousand were held in other neighbouring churches, copies is exhausted, and a second edibut of these no particulars have reached us. tion is in course of distribution. The

demand for all three of these books GENERAL CONVENTION. — The meeting steadily continues. As showing the desire of this large and influential Association of and anxiety of many to get possession of the New Church in America was held this these books, it may be mentioned that the year in the city of New York, in the agents have received certificates of ordinamonth of June last. There were present tion and certificates of post-masters and forty-four ministers and one hundred and other officials to establish the fact that twenty-three delegates. The Messenger the applicants were entitled to the books gives short notices of the several days as- under the terms of the offer. In receiving semblies, which appear to have been con- this report, Hon. Theophilus Parsons said: ducted with great harmony and a manifest It is my conviction that the efforts of desire to promote the prosperity of the this gentleman are the greatest ever yet Church. A prominent feature of the meet- performed by the New Church on earth. ing is the number of religious exercises I could indulge myself by speaking at and of social gatherings. Speaking of the much length upon this subject if he were Sabbath services, the Messenger says:- not present; but knowing him as well as " There was a large attendance at the re- I do, I feel that it would not be pleasing ligious exercises on Sunday. The Rev. to him. His marvellous munificence has William B.

Hayden, of Portland, brought to my mind a circumstance I shall preached an excellent discourse, which relate. Over two hundred years ago, in was listened to with profound attention. England, a worthy and benevolent man The Sacrament of the Holy Supper was died, and requested that the following alministered at 4 P. M., to two hundred epitaph shonld be placed upon his tomb. and thirty-two communicants. It was a It was placed there, and remains to this season of delightful communion with each day. other and with the Lord. We do not yet

“What I spent I kept; fully appreciate the use of such seasons.

What I saved I lost, How much is done, at such times, to bring

What I gave I have."

Many other subjects of interest occupied world ; in the course of which time the time and attention of the Convention, numerous works on the Apocalypse have some of which we sball notice in a future appeared and many disappeared ; some number.

of them meeting at first with extensive

reception, then as gradually declining in SWEDENBORG SOCIETY.—The follow- reputation, and not a few finally sinking ing is a copy of a circular about to be into oblivion. The contrary has been issued by the Committee to the clergy the case with Swedenborg's Apocalypse and ministers of the United Kingdom. Revealed. Beginning only with a small It is expected that the response will be circulation, it has been gradually extend. worthy of the spirit of free inquiry ing its sphere of reception ; instead of which characterizes the present day. sailing down for a time with the stream The Committee hopes to supply every of popular favour, it has always been applicant, and has made the best arrange. sailing up against it ; and by the innate ments the fuuds will permit to do so. But force of its statements, has made its way if only one half of the clergy and minis- in the minds of thousands through every ters of the United Kingdom were to opposition, gathering fresh strength the apply, the demand could not be met with further it goes.'” out additional funds. The offers, there. “The same writer gives the following fore, will have to be limited according outline of the subject matter of the Book to the proportion of the applications, of Revelation, as explained in The unless the friends of the Society, more Apocalypse Revealed :particularly those who are not yet sub- · First, that before the First Advent scribers, will come forward and lend all things had fallen into disorder; that a helping hand to this noble enterprise. our Lord became incarnate that by reAnother BENJAMIN ATTWOOD, and the demption He might reduce all things to work is done.

order ; that this was effected by a pro“ The Committee of the Society for cess of Judgment and Creation, constiprinting and publishing the Theological tuting that dvakepalalwois or gathering Writings of the Hon. Emanuel Sweden- together into one, in the fulness of tinies, borg have resolved to present to every which was spoken of by the Apostle Paul clergyman and minister in the United in Eph. i. 10 ; the result of which was Kingdom, who is willing to receive it, a the making of all things new at the First copy of that author's work, entitled Advent, such as a New Heaven, a New *The Apocalypse Revealed.'

Earth, and a New Church. The distinctive character of this in- Secondly ; that after this reduction terpretation of the Book of Revelation to order the Church fell again into dismay be judged of by the following ex. order, till, having lost its unity, it lost tract from the author's preface :- its being ; that this was foretold by our

"Not a few have laboured at the ex. Lord in Matthew xxiv., in which chapter position of the Apocalypse, but, as the He likewise promised to come again in spiritual sense of the Word has hitherto clouds, and a second time to restore all been unknown, they could not discern the things to order ; or, in other words, in arcana which it contains, for these can the fulness of times again to gather them only be unfolded by the spiritual sense. together into one or under one head; Expositors have, therefore, formed vari- so that the Apocalypse relates to an ous conjectures respecting it, in many dvakedadalwors of the same kind as that instances applying its contents to the mentioned in Eph. i. 10. Hence, states of empires, blending them, at the “Thirdly: that this second åvareda. same time, with ecclesiastical matters. Aalwors was in like manner a process of The Apocalypse, however, like the rest Judgment and Creation, and that it is of the Word, in its spiritual sense treats in reference to this that our Lord not of mundane, but of heavenly things ; assumes the title of the Alpha and thus, not of empires and kingdoms, but Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, of heaven and the Church.

the First and the Last. "A clergyman of the Church of Eng- “Fourthly : that this judgment and land speaks thus of the Work :

new creation were accomplished by a "The Apocalypse Revealed, which was published in 1766, has now (1851) been lypse." By the Rev. Angustus Clissold, M.A.,

1 "The Spiritual Exposition of the Apocafor upwards of eighty years before the formerly of Ex. Col., Oxford. Preface, p. T.

Second Advent of the Word or of evening's entertain ment. The progress Divine Wisdom coming in clouds of made thus far by the Brisbane Society has glory, which are those of the Scriptures ; led some of our members to consider the and which imply a new manifestation advisability of our combining with the or revelation of Divine Wisdom.

sister Societies in Australia, to secure the "Fifthly: that the scene of the could spend a portion of each year in each

services of an ordained minister, who dvakepalalwois at the Second Advent, colony. in the Apocalypse, lies primarily in the spiritual world and subordinately in the BATH.— The Society of the New Church natural ; in like manner also as at the in this city was favoured with a visit by First Advent.

Mr. Gunton, the national Missionary, who *** And lastly : that the result of the delivered two discourses on Sunday, July whole process of judgment and creation 11th, a lecture on Tuesday evening, July are New Heavens, a New Earth, a New 13th, and also attended a social meeting of Age or Economy, and a New Church, the Society on Monday, the 12th. Not called in the Apocalypse the New Jeru. only the attendance was good, but the

attention was all that could be wished, salem.'

and no less than 100 copies of the “Silent “All applications, with name and Missionaries" were sold. An earnest deaddress, to be made to Mr. Speirs, the sire was expressed that the Society might Society's Agent, 36 Bloomsbury Street, be again visited by Mr. Gunton. W.C.. Sent also by post, on receipt of one shilling in stamps."

BLACKBURN.—The second anniversary of the opening of the present church

in this town, was celebrated on the BRISBANE,, Queensland. - The annual 13th of June, when the venerable Rev. meeting of the members of the Brisbane E. Madeley, of Birmingham, officiated. the 4th of April

, when the various reports In the morning he delivered an earnest were brought forward and adopted, and and interesting address to the scholars office bearers elected for the ensuing year. and teachers of the Sunday-school ; The resignation of the leadership by Mr. in which he inculcated the duty of Diggles having been read and accepted, punctuality and obedience to the young ; Mr. John Garsden (who has been inde- and an earnest, attentive and diligent fatigable in bis work for the advancement preparation on the part of the selfof this Society) was unanimously elected as Leader. Quoting from the Secretary's which their labours could not be

sacrificing, useful teacher, without Report, it appears that the affairs of the Society are in a flourishing condition :- crowned with that success which every “We have now nearly forty members on

one desired.

The afternoon's sermon the roll." Services have been held in the was “That disciple_whom Jesus town-hall on Sunday morning and evening loved ” (John xxi. 20). The discourse for two years without intermission; the feelingly portrayed the leading charaverage attendance in the morning being acteristics of the great, distinguished, about twenty, and in the evening fifty. and good Apostle John; from his first We have a Sunday School, but in this de- becoming a disciple to his crowning partment of our work I regret to say that work of receiving the divine Revelation we have made no progress, so far as regards at Patmos ; and, no doubt many of the number of children attending. We have also a free library, containing nearly 200 interesting incidents of John's chequereil volumes of New Church literature, which life will be long and affectionately rewe find an invaluable auxiliary. With membered by all who had the pleasure reference to the financial position of the of hearing this discourse. The evening's Society, a favourable report was given last sermon was from the tenth chapter of year--the debts of the Society were £23, Numbers and 29th verse, and was a viviil they are now about £13. With the increase description of the trials and changes in the number of members, we look with which the Christian experiences before some confidence to having a balance on his triumphant and glorious victory over hand at our next annual meeting. On the the enemies of his own household, and 26th April we held our anniversary tea before the Lord Jesus can give him the meeting. Owing to unfavourable weather, only about sixty-five members and friends good land flowing with heavenly milk of the Society were present. Some read. and honey. Both discourses were atten. ings relating to the New Church, inter- tively listened to, but the unpropitious spersed with music, afforded a pleasant state of the weather, no doubt, pre.


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