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vented and admirable means for educat- month during the holiday quarter. The ing at once the affectional nature and Friends at Flodden Road seem to believe the musical capacity of our young folks, in good music, as we see that the morn. commonly known as “ Services of Song:" ing anthem during the present month is The subject of the service was the Bible one of Mozart's choruses. story of Moses, as published for the purpose by the Sunday School Union, a few SOUTHPORT. — The Southport Daily verbal alterations being made in the News of Monday July 12th gives the poetry, here and there, to make it har- following account of the opening of the monize with the views held by the wor. New Church at this town :shippers in this church. Mr. Austin, “Yesterday morning the New Church the minister, presided, and read the erected in Duke Street was opened for portions of Scripture by which, as in Divine service. There are many people all such services, the musical pieces are frequenting Southport who desire such a connected and introduced. The Sunday place of worship, and it is for their scholars who, assisted by members of sakes in the first instance, and then for the choir, performed the musical por- the growth of families and the promotion, were under the direction of Mr. tion and extension of what are believed Camp Penn, jun., and gave abundant to be important truths, that the work evidence of that gentleman's skill and of the New Church here has been perseverance in training. The work originated and carried on. In 1868, must be pretty well known to our a few friends who had come to reside readers, as we have frequently noticed here, holding the views which Swedenits performance. The various pieces in borg has advanced, thought it desirable the work received a sympathetic and in- to open a meeting room for worship. telligent interpretation from Mr. Penn They were supported by the Manchester and his choralists. The audience, Missionary Society in connection with though somewhat chary of applause, their own denomination ; and it was during the progress of the service testi- the custom for a missionary to come fied, by the close attention throughout over every Sunday to preach for the and cordial hand-clapping at the close, Society. In October 1872, they found a high appreciation of the merits of the it of advantage to invite a resident performance.

minister ; and invitation was given The officers of this Society have to Mr. Smithson (the present minister), adopted an excellent plan of com- who had just finished his studies at the municating with the members of the College in London. Soon after Mr. church and their friends upon the work Smithson had been appointed, a buildwhich is forthcoming. They issue, ing fund was commenced ; and the monthly, we believe, a four page pam congregation have now succeeded in phlet, under the title of “The Camber- building a church which does credit to well New Church Chronicle," and the themselves and is an ornament to this number for July now before us contains beautiful town. in calendar form an announcement of “ The New Church, which is erected the services and meetings, and the sub- in Duke Street, will comprise nave, jects to be discoursed upon, an arrange- chancel, vestry, and organ chamber; ment by which every one may go with a but the part now erected consists of the prepared as well as inquiring mind. Be- nave and vestry only. The intention sides this, details respecting forthcoming ultimately is to add a chancel, when the special events are set forth, there is cor- funds will admit of it; but at present respondence upon points affecting the the trustees are anxious to clear off a Society's interests, a list of anthems to debt of nearly £1000, which remains on be sung during the quarter, and such the building. The building externally general information as room can be is faced with white fire bricks, relieved found for. The Mutual Improvement with red pressed bricks in corbellings to Society have again adopted what we gables, weatherings of buttresses, and think is a wise plan for the summer outer arches to openings. The stone months. The members have not at- dressings are of Rainhill stone. The tempted to keep up the weekly meet- Duke Street, or west-front, has two ings, but have adopted a compromise in deeply-recessed doorways, between which holding a social meeting once in each an arcade of eight panels (four of which

are glazed, the remainder filled in with the communion table. The introducmoulded bricks), divided by stone shafts tory passages of Scripture were read by with moulded caps and braces. Over the Rev. Mr. Smithson, after which the this arcade, and between centre but- hymn was sung, “This Temple we to tresses, a depth of 24 feet is faced with Jesus raise.' The Rev. Dr. Bayley then enamelled and coloured bricks in deeper read an address on the advantages of pattern, and above this is an encaustic public worship, after which he offered tile band. The west (wheel) window is up the consecration prayer. Two lesin stone, with carved radiating shafts, sons followed (1 Kings viii., and Rev. bases and caps ; and the glazing is in xxi.), impressively read by Mr. Smithtinted cathedral and coloured glass. son ; after these the “Te Deum LaudaSurmounting this, again, a stone panel, mus was sung, and then another

prayer with carving of an open Bible, is fixed. and hymn, * Rich in mercy Jesus The sides of the building is divided into reigns,' brought this part of the service bays, by buttresses of three stages, with to a close. windows in pairs between each. Inter- The Rev. Dr. Bayley then ascended nally, a screen, partially glazed with the pulpit, and delivered an eloquent figured glass, forms a porch of six feet sermon from the text, “Thy Word is a in width at the west end. The seats, lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my wall linings, etc., are in pitch pine path' (Ps. cxix. 105). varnished, the capping of seat backs, “At the close of the service, a coletc., being ebonized ; and in framing lection was taken, which amounted to and dado of wall boarding a stencil £51, 15s." pattern is introduced. The roof is of pitch pine varnished, in open principals SWEDENBORG READING SOCIETY, 36 with hammer beams and wall brackets, Bloomsbury Street.-- This Society concurved ribs with ebonized moulds. Dor- cluded its Seventh Session by the usual mer lights are on each side of the roof. Conversazione of its members and their The slating is in Welsh blue slates, friends on Thursday evening 24th June. with green bands and red crest tiling. There was a very full attendance, and The chancel, when built, will have, the evening passed very pleasantly. internally, an arcade on each side, one The programme of music was opening into the organ chamber, and in excellent and of a high order. The octagonal end of chancel three circular pianoforte music was contributed by headed windows ornamentally glazed, the Misses Lydia and Annie Smith, M. the ceiling being panelled wood. The Bucknall, M‘Minn and Elliott, and style of the building is partially of Nor. Messrs. A. J. Barth and C. J. Whittingman character, inclining in some detail ton. The vocalists were Misses Florence to early English. The seating accom- Keene and Bolingbroke, and Messrs. A. modates 250 persons.

Briggs, S. Barber and Theodore Barth, "As we have said, the church was all of whom performed in a manner that opened for public worship yesterday. left nothing to be desired. The Session The weather was somewhat unfavour- has been an advance upon all previous able, but before the proceedings a large ones, and the papers contributed have and highly respectable congregation all tended to show what an inexhausfilled every part of the sacred edifice. tible mine of wealth, theological, Amongst those present we observed His scientific and literary, is to be found in Worship the Mayor, Walter Smith, the works of Swedenborg, and what a Esq., J.P., D. Chadwick, Esq., M.P., vast influence they have had and will and many influential residents in the continue to have on the world at large, town. The dedication service was and what a rich and instructive light simple, but impressive; the officiating they cast on all subjects of modern reministers being the Rev. Dr. Bayley, search ; while, on the other hand, Palace Gardens Church, Kensington, every new discovery and investigation and the Rev. D. J. Smithson, South- adds confirmation to his teachings and port. Both these gentlemen were widens their scope. The following list habited in surplices, the dress usually of subjects on which papers have been worn by ministers of their denomination, read and discussed will show the aini and entered the church from the vestry of the Society, and perhaps induce some carrying a Bible, which was placed upon of the students of Swedenborg, who are


not aware of the Society's existence, to cieties have given notice that a proposi. join, and aid in the great work it has in tion will be made to alter the Rules of view, a work clearly following up and Conference as follows :— "Resolved, assisting that of the Swedenborg Society, That in Rule 152, section a, after the who print and distribute the great word 'baptized,' the words in the New Author's works, while the Reading Church' be omitted ; and that in Rule Society studies their bearings on all 169, section e, after the word 'baptized,' things and subjects. 15th October 1874, the words into the New Church' be “Paul and Swedenborg,” Rev. W. struck out." The Society at Brightling. Bruce ; 19th November, " The Author- sea has given notice that a proposition ity of Swedenborg," Rev. R. L. Tafel, will be made to alter rule 163, by adding continued also on 17th December, and the words “into the New Church" after the 21st January 1875 ; 18th February, the word “baptized”in sectionb. The So“The Characteristic of Infinity in the ciety at Camden Road, London, has given Spiritual Sense of the Word,” Mr. E. notice that a proposition will be made Rich ; 17th March, “The Divine Word to alter Rule 208, section a, to read as and its various senses," Rev. J. Pres- follows :"a. Certificates of moral charland; 15th April, “On the Recent acter and recommendation of his adop Discoveries in Assyria," Mr. P. C. tion from either of two Boards, to be Barnes ; and 20th May, “Swedenborg called Examining Boards, or the majo, tested by Modern Geological and Assy. rity thereof respectively, consisting of rian Discoveries," Dr. John Mill. The ordained ministers to be appointed annu. last gentleman has promised one or two ally by the Conference ; one of such papers for the next session, which opens Boards to be the Examining Board, on the third Thursday in October next, North of Trent, and the other the Exa. and the Secretary hopes to receive mining Board, South of Trent, each notice soon of some further valuable Board to consist of not less than four contributions.

members." The representatives of the

Society at Birmingham will move WILLIAM BLAKE.-An interesting “That the report of the Committee apmemento of the mystical poet-artist, pointed by Minute 197 of the last Ses. William Blake, the contemporary and sion, to revise the Extrordinary Services, firm friend of John Flaxman, who is or so much of the Report as relates to well known to have been a receiver of the Ordination Service, be considered by the doctrines of the New Church, was a Committee of the whole Session of the sold in London on June 23, by Messrs. ensuing General Conference.” Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge. It The following programme of services was thus described in their catalogue : to be held in Manchester during the Con“Swedenborg (E.), Wisdom of Angels, ference has been issued by the Society's with pencil notes by W. Blake, the Committee. The Committee of the artist, 1788."

Peter Street Society beg to submit to

the members of Conference, and other GENERAL CONFERENCE.--The sixty. friends, the following proposed arrangeeighth annual meeting of the General ments for the Conference week :-Sun. Conference is appointed to be held in day, August 8th, the Rev. C. H. Wil

. the New Jerusalem Church, Peter Street, kins, of Nottingham, will preach in the Manchester, and tocommence on Monday, morning, service to commence at 10-30. the 9th instant, at 7o'clock in the evening. Mr. Ashby, of Derby, will preach in The Society at Nun Street, Newcastle- the evening, service to commence at upon-Tyne, applies to be received into con- 6-30. Monday, August 9th, reception nexion with Conference. The Society at meeting and opening of the Conference. Birmingham applies for the ordination The Committee will be in attendance of Mr. Robert R. Rodgers ; the Society to receive the members of Conference in at Clayton-le-Moors for the ordination the schoolroom, from half-past five to of Mr. Isaiah Tansley ; the Society at seven o'clock. Tea will be provided, Liverpool for the ordination of Mr. R. and members of Conference may be inGoldsack ; the Society at Brightlingsea troduced to the friends who will enterfor the ordination of Mr. Jos. Deans ; tain them. The preliminary business of and the Society at Derby for the ordina. Conference will begin at seven o'clock. tion of Mr. Joseph Ashby. Several So. Tuesday, August loh, Conference will

assemble in the Church at nine o'clock. in 1870, and ordered to be continued In the evening, Divine service, in the and completed by each succeeding ConChurch, at seven o'clock ; sermon by the ference, is now finished, and the work Rev. J. F. Potts, B.A., of Glasgow. At is ready for adoption by the Societies the close of this service, the Sacra- according to the Min. 194-196, 199, ment of the Lord's Supper will be ad- 200, of the last Session. It has thus ministered. The offerings will be de. been FOUR YEARS under consideration voted to the Pension Fund. Wednesday, by large Committees selected from the August 11th, Conference will assemble chief districts of the Church. These at nine o'clock. In the evening there Committees have met very often, and will be a social meeting, in the school. laboured very diligently to produce a room, to which the Peter Street Society Liturgy calculated to minister to uniwill invite the members of Conference versal edification. The Publication and their ladies. Tea will be served in Committee appointed by Min. 195 last the upper schoolroom, from six to seven Session, has now to invite the Church o'clock. Admission to other friends generally to adopt the work so maturely who may wish to attend this meeting, prepared. The price is ls. for a single will be by ticket only (price 1s. 6d.). copy in cloth ; in sheets, 8d.; 100 As the number to be accommodated at copies in sheets at the rate of 6d. each. this meeting is necessarily limited, an At present the ordinary public services early application for tickets (not later alone are issued. The extraordinary than Monday, August 9th) is requested, services await the final decisions of the to Mr. George Broadfield, 23 Cheetwood Conference. The chief features of the Lane, Manchester. Thursday, August New Liturgyare—First, — The retention 12th, Conference will assemble at nine of the former Liturgy as a service for o'clock. In the evening the Annual the first Sunday in the month, with the Conference Tea-meeting will be held in removal of such defects as have been the schoolroom, to commence at five generally felt; thus providing greater o'clock. The subject for consideration simplicity and beauty of language, with at the meeting in the Church, after tea, a somewhat shorter service. Second, is—“The Relation of Religion to Life. Variety in the services ; making five The chair will be taken by the President services for the five Sundays in the of Conference at seven o'clock. Friday, longest month, and so plainly arranged August 13th, Conference will assemble that there can be no difficulty in their at nine o'clock. The evening will be use. Third, — Each Service goes straight left free for private social parties. on without brackets, and with the ComSaturday, August 14th, Conference will mandments and Beatitudes in their assemble at nine o'clock. Should the place in each Service, so that there is state of business and the weather permit, no turning to any other part of the arrangements may be made for an book ; even a stranger can have no perexcursion on Saturday afternoon. Sun- plexity. Fourth, --Full provision bas day, August 15th, the Rev. Chauncey been made for Societies that desire SerGiles, of New York, will preach in the vices of a more responsive character, morning ; the Rev. John Presland, of yet so arranged that none are compelled London, will preach in the evening. to use more responses than they are able Dinners will be provided in the school. to adopt with due impressiveness and room, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs- edification. Fifth,-- A Litany, a Thanksday, and Friday, price 2s. 6d. Tea will giving Service, and a Te Deum have be served in the schoolroom every even- been introduced, to meet a generally ing, free to members of Conference, other expressed desire, to be used at the friends, 6d. each.

option of each Congregation. Sixth,

The varied excellencies which have been THE NEW LITURGY.- The Committee hitherto sought by different Liturgies of Publications have issued the follow- having been collated into the new ing circular, to which we invite the work, it is hoped that a New Churchattention of our readers :

man in Great Britain, wherever he may “Dear Friends, The preparation be, will find the same book in use. The of the New Liturgy for the Public Committee earnestly invite the Societies Service of the Church, which was com- generally to assist the Conference, by menced by Min. 162 of the Conference ordering such a number as will ease the edited the People's Magazine for the loving, and kind. To her the prospect compiled and translated of death had no sting, and the grave no

expense of printing the present edition. qusly zealous to promote in every posIf the most numerous Societies would sible manner her best interests. Though order in the first instance as many as with limited means, he had a spirit of they would be likely to need for three unbounded generosity, and thought no or five years, the work would come into personal sacrifice too great for the gloriuse without burden to the Conference, ous cause of the New Jerusalem. His and your Committee have the fullest filial duty to his surviving parent, his conviction that its universal introduc- faithfulness and tenderness as a husband tion will tend to promote general har- and father, and his integrity in business, mony among the Societies, while it won the esteem and affection of all who deepens the piety, and enriches the knew him. Strongly imbued with the devotion of all who use its prayers and maxim so familiar to us, that all religion praises in the spirit of humility, love has relation to life, and that the life of and adoration.-R. STORRY, Vice-Presi. religion is to do good, he exemplified in dent, R. GUNTON, Treasurer, J. BAY- his character the words of his Divine LEY, T. WATSON, J. SPEIRS, JOHN Master, “By this shall all men know PRESLAND, Secretary of Liturgy Com- that ye are My disciples, if ye have love mittee.

one to another.” His protracted afilic. P.S.-Since sending the above to tion of consumption was endured with press, we are informed that the Socie- pious patience, while a pacific state of ties at Argyle Square and Palace Gar- mind shone through a faint smile even dens, London, have resolved to adopt at the last, when he called his beloved the New Liturgy, and to order 500 wife to him, and leaning on her shoulder, copies each.”

with a sister near, threw his arms around

them both, and thus passed into eter. Birth.

nity. He has left four young children, On June 19th, at Arlington Terrace, who may possibly in after years ponder Great Clowes Street, Manchester, the upon the above, to their gratification wife of Jesse Henry Watson of a son.

and spiritual advantage. On July 6th, the wife of George Meek,

The Bookseller for July gives the fol. Wigan, of a daughter.

lowing brief notice of the late Mr. Rich,

the compiler and editor of the Index to Obituary.

the Arcana Cælestia. A similar notice On Sunday, May 9th, Mrs. Ellen Pem- appeared also in the Athenæum : "June berton, of Lower Darwen, passed into 1?;, at Margate, aged 56, Mr. Elihu the spiritual world, aged 74 years. She Rich, a hard-working man of letters. had been many years a member of the He was born of Swedenborgian parents, Blackburn Society. It was her special liever in Spiritualism. For many years

and of late years had been a strong bedelight to attend Divine worship, the

he edited Messrs. Smith & Elder's privilege of which she availed herself as frequently as possible to the last. She Monthly Circular; and at one time was of a very gentle disposition, peace: Christian Knowledge Society. He also

works." terrors. She patiently waited for the call to go up higher.

As she grew

Departed this life, on June 27, 1876, naturally older, she grew spiritually at the Hollow's Farm, Paisley, Hugh riper, until she was gathered by the Leggat, aged 24 years. angelic reapers into the Lord's garner. Departed this life, on July 5th, aged Truly “the memory of the just is 73, Mr. Joseph Moss, for nearly half a blessed.”

century Master of the New Jerusalem Departed this life at Islington, on the Church Day Schools, Manchester, 27th May last, in the 36th year of his On July 7, 1875, at 9: Stevenson St., age, Edward James Dowling. Born at Paisley, Elizabeth, wife of Jas. S. Oxford into the verities of the New M'Gallan, and daughter of the late Church, and, like his late father, strenu- David Black.


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