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For if there be first a willing mind it is they should reap of our temporal things! accepted according to what a man hath, Moreover, at no time were the requireand not according to what he hath not' ments of this Society more urgent than (2 Cor. viii. 11, 12). Amongst the at the present. Struggling societies hold. Scottish Presbyterians it has been a ing important positions and performing continuous observance for centuries. important uses, are in some places oeWhat, therefore, has the Divine sanc- cupied with present difficulties which tion, and has stood the test of time, it is render assistance most needful and most right to conclude will be best for the desirable. Brightlingsea is erecting welfare of the Society. It only now school buildings; Ransbottom is tasked remains for us to ask the members and to its utmost ability to complete its new seatholders for their kind co-operation church and school-room; Leeds, holding in this matter. We do not ask for one of the most important centres in the large contributions. The widow's mite great county of York, is feeble, and received the Lord's commendation, and while, for its numbers and ability, setting it is in this spirit that we invite your an example of liberality, is yet unsupport."

able to contribute more than a fraction

of what an able minister ought to reNATIONAL MISSIONARY INSTITUTION ceive. That good, intelligent, and AND STUDENTS' AND MINISTERS' AID earnest men are found to occupy these FUND.-We regret to learn that the places, is evidence of the Lord's care funds of these invaluable Societies are over His Church, and of the self-denial at present wholly inadequate to the use which men will practise in the ministry they are called to perform. Of the uses to which they are called. But are the performed by the National Missionary ministers alone to practise this self. Institution our readers are from time to denial ? Should not the members of time informed. In addition to the the Church share their sacrifices, by valuable labours of our indefatigable aiding them in their labours of love and missionary, Mr. Gunton, other labourers exercises of Christian zeal ? All Chrisare, as the funds will allow, employed tian communities are rising to a sense of in the missionary field. At present the the duty which is thus due towards the work is restricted to the narrowest ministry, and in the efforts put forth limits, and must remain so unless the for their encouragement and support, funds of the Institution be considerably we hope to see the New Church take an enlarged.

honourable place. We learn from a The Students’and Ministers’Aid Fund correspondent, that a public meeting of does not appear so prominently before the several churches in London, to conthe Church in the pages of the Maga- sider this subject, will be held at zine. It is not less useful nor less im- Argyle Square Church, on Monday the portant than the National. Its aim is 12th of April. Rev. J. Hyde, the to provide the means of educating young President of Conference, has promised men for the ministry, and assisting small to attend, and we hope to be able to societies to provide the means of sup- report in our next that it has been sucporting their ministers. These uses are cessful in exciting an earnest interest in of the utmost importance in the present behalf of these important institutions. state of the Church. The voice of the missionary cannot long be heard in one NATIONAL MISSIONARY INSTITUTION. place. Other fields call for his atten. - In accordance with the notice in our tion, and he is kept in continual motion. last, Mr. Gunton left London on the If societies are to be formed and con- 13th February, for Peterboro', where he tinuous labour secured, ministers must preached twice on Sunday the 14th, and be provided and sustained in their work. Iectured on Monday and Tuesday evenIt is a Divine teaching that “the ings. From thence he proceeded to Long labourer is worthy of his hire ;” and Sutton, where he delivered two lectures those, therefore, who devote their lives on the Wednesday and Thursday evento this work, and in doing so shut them- ings. From thence he proceeded to selves out from all worldly prospects Holbeach, where he also delivered two and advantages, must be supported in lectures, one on Friday evening, and their work. If they sow to the Church one on Saturday evening, and two dis. spiritual things, is it unreasonable that courses on Sunday the 21st. The

weather was severe during the latter lower may be, and too often are so depart of the time, yet an important veloped, to the neglect of the higher. missionary work was doubtless accom- Cases in point are to be seen every day, piished. The two latter places, so far especially as to the lowest plane. Men as the writer knows, were entirely new who cultivate the sensuous to a very ground ; and at Holbeach especially large extent are numerous ; and some much interest was aroused. The “As- of them are annoying to society, and sembly Rooms” in the afternoon of burdensome to themselves. Man, he Sunday were well filled, many standing continued, is not only a microcosm, but the whole time. On this journey no less he is also a micro-ouranos, a heaven than 170 of the Silent Missionaries in miniature. Therefore, when the were sold, and one gentleman ordered Word' foretells a new heaven and a new the True Christian Religion. A minister earth, it is to be understood that men who heard one of the lectures and one will have new and purer affections, proof the discourses has since written, “I ducing new and holier actions. By the wish you success in your good work of New Jerusalem,' as above, he underdisseminating the truth, which I am stands a new Church. And as a Church sure you teach." Notices respecting consists of an internal and an external, these efforts appeared in the Wisbeach therefore the internal Church exists in News and the Spalding Free Press. man's internal or spiritual nature, and the One friend at Peterboro' contributed external Church in his external nature. £1 towards the expenses, and one What we call churches are congregations friend at Tyddgate 10s. The funds of of individual churches, as heaven is a the National Missionary Institution are society of individual heavens. • The at present altogether inadequate to the kingdom of heaven is within you.' On work which needs to be undertaken, and Thursday "evening his subject was, we trust that many who have the power “What is Redemption, and who is the of increasing them, will remember the Redeemer ?” He began his discourse Lord's admonition, “Go ye therefore by saying that men should look at and teach all nations," and send a con- spiritual things in the same way as they tribution to the Conference Treasurer, do natural things, for they must and do Mr. Gunton, 19 Oseney Crescent, Cam- correspond, as Plato and Paul, repreden Road, London, N.W. Since writ. sentatives of two distinct eras, distinctly ing the above we are informed that one saw and as plainly taught; then men who listened to the lectures at Holbeach, would plainly see and understand that has received orders from his neighbours man's redemption and consequent salvafor twenty-six additional copies of the tion is from sinful affections, motives, Silent Missionaries.

thoughts and actions, and not simply of the service at Long Sutton the fol. from the punishment due to them. lowing notice, which we have abridged, God, being just as well as merciful, appeared in the Wisbeach Chronicle : cannot forgive man his sin until he

** Two very interesting and instructive ceases from sin ; and man's salvalectures were delivered in the Corn Ex. tion from the punishment of sin begins change, on Wednesday and Thursday the moment he ceases to sin. As evenings, the 17th and 18th of Feb. surely as every cause produces its ruary, by Mr. R. Gunton, of London, a corresponding effect, so every man must missionary of the New Church.' His suffer the consequence of sins committed, subject on Wednesday evening was ---a degraded position or nature in the

The Prophetic announcement of the sight of good men, even in this world, descent of the New Jerusalem, as re- and much more so in the other, where lated in the Apocalypse. He began by the heart with all its motives lie as open showing that man's life consists of three as day. Although, as we sincerely redistinct planes or discrete degrees,—the pent of past sins, God is ever ready to natural or lowest degree, man's sensuous cover or blot out our transgressions ; nature; the middle or rational degree ; yet, it must be remembered, there and the highest or spiritual degree. remains the blot or stain it has to wear That each of these are distinct, as the out. Every one knows such is the case. , word discrete implies ; therefore each Having forfeited our good name, it is degree is cultivated and developed only regained by—it may be years ofseparately, and either or both of the remorse, regret and toil. But a good and wise earthly parent forgets the that the details of the treatment need prodigal past in the sincerely repentant not be given here. A paper read by Mr. and reformed present of his child. The Geo. Wallis, at a previous session of the lecturer then quoted numerous texts Society, on “Swedenborg and Modern from The Word,' to prove that the Culture," and ordered to be printed, was Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord God of accidentally mislaid. It has now been Israel. Then he took the song of found and printed, and has been disSimeon to show what is redemption, tributed to the members of the Society. and also who is the Redeemer. This song, he said, abundantly proved that it CONFERENCE BUILDING FUND.-The was Jesus Christ, of whom the prophets Treasurer informs us that a friend in spake as Jehovah, the Lord God of London has sent him a cheqne for £109 Israel, who as to His human nature for this excellent Fund, with a view of was born of the Virgin Mary, but as to raising the sum of £1000, as recomHis inmost soul was the Everlasting mended in Minute 49. May we not Father, the “I AM," and who descends hope that other wealthy and benevolent into our state of being, and so became friends will aid in this laudable enImmanuel, God with us; and therefore deavour ! our Redeemer. This same song also as clearly proves what is redemption—to LONDON ASSOCIATION OF THE NEW save man from sinning. The lecturer CHURCH.—The annual meeting of this asked who are our enemies? Who are Association was held on Wednesday those who hate us ? Surely, he said, evening, the 10th February, at the no one will say God is our enemy; or College Chapel, Devonshire Street, Iş. that He hates us. Therefore, redemp- lington. Tea was served in the schooltion consists not in saving us from the room to a large gathering of ladies and wrath of God, but from the pernicious gentlemen from the various societies, influences of evil spirits and evil men. after which they adjourned to the Before and at the time when Simeon Chapel. sung that inspiring song, evil spirits The chair was taken at seven o'clock had become so powerful as to inhabit by the President, Rev. J. Presland, the bodies as well as the souls of men ; who alluded to the constitution of but the Lord our Redeemer conquered the Association, and remarked that and sent them to their own places, it was formed for the purpose of comthereby effectually, and for ever, giving bining the efforts of the London New us the power and freedom to serve Him Church Societies for such purposes as without fear in holiness and righteous- could be done with best effect by a come ness all the days of our life.”

bined body. All New Church Societies,

he said, ought to be centres of Missionary SWEDENBORG SOCIETY.-A Correction effort, and this Association combined -In last month's number the second do- the efforts of all the Societies in any nation of £10 from Dr. John Jackson, of general object. Each Society also shares Oregon, is stated as being towards pub- the opportunity of each other's help: lishing an edition of the Athanasian and social intercourse was more widely Creed. It should have been towards extended. translating and publishing the works in Mr. Madeley, the Secretary, saidthe Italian language. The edition of Before this Association was established the Athanasian Creed will be published no means were in existence to conby the Society out of its own funds. centrate the energies of the various

Societies upon any matter requiring SWEDENBORG READING SOCIETY (36 combination. The feeling of this want Bloomsbury Street, London).- The paper led to the formation of this Institution, for the meeting of the 18th February and much good has been done in this was read by Mr. Elihu Rich, on the way. Societies have been brought “Characteristic of Infinity in the Spiri- together, and the members enabled to tual Sense of the Word.” The subject enter into closer association. was developed in a most able manner, also brought the different ministers into and an interesting discussion followed. acquaintance with the members of other We understand the paper is now in the congregations by an arrangement, enpress, and will shortly be published, so abling them occasionally to exchange their

It has



pulpits. Previous to the Association in the Midland districts, as illustrating there were no means by which this the way in which New Church prininterchange could be effectually carried ciples are received wherever advocated. out. The Association has also placed Mr. T. H. Elliott referred to the the New Church as a body before the recent endeavours of Dr. Parker of the world as

institution. In the City Temple, and Rev. Mr. Freemantle, London Directory, before this Associa- to arrange an interchange of pulpit, and tion existed, there was no distinct re- said one object of the Association was to ference to the New Church. One carry out a similar effort amongst ourchurch was represented as the New selves. Christian Church, another as New Mr. Skelton pointed out the useful. Church Christian, others as New Jeru- ness of the Association and the work it salem Church, and these mixed up in- has done ; in regard to one question, discriminately with other denominations, What is there to do, and why have the destroying any trace of their connection. Association not some conspicuous show The first act of the Association was to of work done ? he explained that there rectify this matter. It was resolved were so many claims that they did not henceforth that the Church in London know which to take up first ; this was should be known as one. At present especially the case at the last business all the London Churches are under one meeting. The necessity of making heading New Jerusalem Church” known the publications, places of wor(Swedenborgian). We have also all the ship and institutions of the Church, is names and addresses of the ministers, very manifest, and he instanced the case and the times the services begin. The of a gentleman at a public meeting who Association for three years has brought stated that he had read a voluine of out a valuable little Almanac, which we Swedenborg, and was delighted with it, know has done good service.

but did not know where to get any Mr. Austin said, We live in times more of his writings, and that he had when all institutions are challenged as to never a living Swedenborgian. whether they are working for some good One great object of this Association was object, and this Association he thought to promote unity. The Association was deserved the sympathy of the members established to do anything that had to of the New Church. New Churchmen be done by the Church" in London understood that it was very desirable generally. In connection with it were that they should gather together to the Missionary and Tract Society and cheer one another in working for the its Auxiliary Society. London is the grand object all had in view, Each place where the missionary work of the member of the Church had his pre- Church should centre. You have in ference for one form of worship or one London, the British and Foreign Bible style of preacher, but we should never Society, spreading the Word of God forget the grand principle behind the throughout the world, and following the preacher, in which we all unite. In Bible Society, the British and Foreign speaking of the New Church Almanac Swedenborg Society. he alluded to the valuable extracts Dr. Tafel suggested some extensions therein, and the information it con- of the use that might be made of the tained, so useful as a tract for New Association. Churchmen to give away to strangers.

Mr. Bateman detailed the good done He gave an instance of its use on one hy the Association, and remarked how occasion when an eminent minister from useful such an institution would have America visiting here, desired, before been in the early days of the Church, in returning to the New World, to invite strengthening the weaker Societies. some of our leading ministers to a fare- The Association commended itself to the well meeting at Islington. The gentle hearts and to the good feeling of all man obtained a copy of the Almanac, New Church friends. found the addresses of the Churches A selection of sacred music was inand names of the ministers, and invited troduced between the speeches by memthem to the meeting, which he said he bers of the Islington, Palace Gardens, would otherwise not have known.

Argyle Square, and Camden Road Choirs. Mr. Gunton gave an account of his recent visits to the new fields of labour GRIMSBY.-- We learn from a corres. pondent that Mr. Gunton has just very agreeable. The singing was not visited this important town, where grand, but very devotional. Altogether several persons may be said to have I enjoyed the service." received the doctrines during the last few years. Some of these are in good LONDON—Argyle Square—The minissocial positions, and are ready and will. ter of this Society has issued a circular ing, at the proper time, to give pecuni. to the general public around his church, ary aid towards erecting a place of inviting their attention to the heavenly worship, and establishing a permanent doctrines, and assuring them of a cordial society. The missionary efforts on the welcome at his church. In the course present occasion embraced religious ser- of his invitation, he says :-"I invite vices on two Sabbath days, the 28th of your presence not merely with the desire February and the 7th of March, and of increasing the Congregation, but in four week evening lectures between the confident belief that the principles those dates. During the inclement enunciated at Argyle Square Church are state of the weather the attendance was such as to satisfy, in the fullest manner, small. Still, those who attended were every Divinely sanctioned wish and ex; manifestly interested, and some, to pectation. Based on the fundamental repeat their own expressions, “much fact that the Lord of Infinite Love and delighted.” Again the Silent Mission- Wisdom desires to make all His children aries were circulated to carry on the eternally happy, they meet the requirework already begun-130 being sold ments alike of the intellect and the affeeduring this visit. The weather being tions ; neither baffling devout inquiry fine on Sunday the 7th, the attendance by the assertion that Divine Truth inwas good at both services, and thirty volves mysteries which affront God's gift shillings were contributed on this day of reason, nor perplexing faith by towards the expenses.

ascribing to our Father in Heaven senti.

ments or conduct at variance with His HORNCASTLE.—This Society has been own precepts of justice and mercy." This favoured by the services of Mr. J. R. is followed by a brief summary of the Boyle of Bacup, at the time I write, principal doctrines, a renewed assurance March 9th, for four Sundays. The of welcome, and the expression of a hope result is a mutual attachment, and the “ that in all things the Divine Provi

; Society, after due and careful deliber- dence may guide you to your eternal ation, has invited Mr. Boyle to become welfare." The Manual of the Society its minister. Mr. Boyle, whose present announces the following as the subjects engagements at Chatteris, Melbourne, of Sabbath evening lectures during the Rhodes and Blackburn extend to the months of March and April :—The Glad 16th of May, awaits the result of cir. Tidings of the Kingdom of God—“Our cumstances which he cannot control to Need of a Saviour,' "A Saviour pro: enable him to decide on this important vided,” “How does the work of the Lord matter.

Jesus Christ save us?" What must I do

to be saved ?” “True and False ConverLIVERPOOL. - A friend, an “Isolated sion,' “The Revival of Religion," Receiver," who has few opportunities of “The Gospel of the Second Advent." attending New Church worship, spent a morning's service at Bedford Street, and LONDON - Camberwell. A public in a private letter informs us that he meeting, preceded by a social repast in found a pleasantly.conducted, edifying the schoolroom, was recently held in this and improving service. Of the preacher, church, to celebrate the entire liquidaMr. Goldsack, he speaks in very favour- tion of the expenses of the building. The able terms as a promising man. The chair was taken by Mr. Austin, the sermon was on faith, and the preacher minister of the church, who was supappealed more to the heart than the un- ported upon the platform by the Rev. derstanding "The sermon,” says our Dr. Bayley, Kensington ; Rev. John friend, “was effective, and must, I Presland, Argyle Square, King's Cross; think, have been favourably received. Messrs. A. Braby, S. B. Dicks, F. Skelton, The congregation was not numerous (I I. Gunton, I. J. Alvey, F. Braby, and often wonder this is so in New Church R. Gunton. places of worship), but the service was the proceedings, hoped that the meeting

The chairman, in opening

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