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butter and cheese to it as often as I wish. If I feel thirsty, I need only milk my cow, and I shall have milk to drink.”

On reaching a public house, he stopped to rest himself, and in the fullness of his joy he ate up his dinner and supper all at one meal, and spent his two remaining farthings to purchase half a glass of beer. He then went his way, and continued driving his cow towards his mother's village.

Towards noon, the heat grew more and more oppressive, particularly as Hans was crossing a moor during a full hour's time. At length his thirst became so intolerable that his tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth. “The remedy is simple enough,” thought Hans, “ and now is the time to milk my cow, and refresh myself with a good draught of milk.”






He then tied his cow to the stump of a tree, and used his leather cap for a pail; but do what he would, not a drop of milk could he obtain, and as he set about attempting to milk the cow in the most awkward manner imaginable, the enraged animal gave him a hearty kick with her hind leg, that laid him sprawling on the ground, where he remained half-stunned for a long time, and scarcely able to recollect where he was.

Fortunately there just came by a butcher, trundling a wheelbarrow, in which lay a young pig.

“What on earth is the matter ?” asked he, as he helped the worthy Hans to rise.

Hans related what had happened, when the butcher handed him his flask, saying, “ There, man, take a draught, and it will soon bring you round again. The (1)CK ROBIN AND JENNY WREN.

Th: concert it was fine;

And every bird tried Who best should sing for Robin

And Jenny Wren, the Bride.

When in came the Cuckoo,

And made a great rout; He caught hold of Jenny,

And pull'd her about.

Cock Robin got angry,

And so did the Sparrow, Who fetch'd in a hurry

His bow and his arrow.

His aim then he took,

But he took it not right; His skill was not good,

Or he shot in a fright;

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For the Cuckoo he miss'd,

But Cock Robin he kill'd! And all the birds mourn'd

That his blood was so spill’d.

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