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It was on a merry time,

When Jenny Wren was young, So neatly as she danced, .

And so sweetly as she sung,


Robin Redbreast lost his heart:

He was a gallant bird; He doff'd his hat to Jenny,

And thus to her he said:

“My dearest Jenny Wren,

If you will but be mine, You shall dine on cherry-pie,

And drink nice currant-wine.

I'll dress you like a Goldfinch,

Or like a Peacock gay;
So if you'll have me, Jenny,

Let us appoint the day.”

Jenny blush'd behind her fan,

And thus declar'd her mind: “Then let it be to-morrow, Bob;

I take your offer kind;

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Cherry-pie is very good!

So is currant-wine!
But I will wear my brown dress,

And never look too fine.”

Robin rose up carly,

Just at the break of day;
He flew to Jenny Wren's house,

To sing a roundelay.


He met the Cock and Hen,

And bid the Cock declare This was his wedding-day

With Jenny Wren the fair.

The Cock then blew his horn,

To let the neighbors know This was Robin's wedding-day,

And they might see the show.

And first came Parson Rook,

With his spectacles and band; And one of Mother Hubbard's books

He held within his hand.

Then follow'd him the Lark,

For he could sweetly sing, And he was to be clerk

At Cock Robin's wedding.

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He sung of Robin's love

For little Jenny Wren; And when he came unto the end,

Then he began again.

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