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These Catechetical Lectures of the late Reverend Mr Thomas WATSON all but one written with his own hand—I have read over, together with some Sermons annexed to them; and, since my testimony is desired concerning them, I do hereby declare, that—though I will not undertake to justify every expression or sentence in them, or in any human writing-I find them, in the main, agreeable to the doctrinal articles of this church, and unto the Westminster Assembly's Confession of Faith and Catechisms; and I believe that, through the blessing of God, they may be profitable unto the edification of all that read them with an honest desire to know and do the will of God; for certainly there are many excellent things in them, which, if they meet with a well disposed serious mind, are very apt to have a good effect upon it; and if it prove otherwise with any that happen to read this book, it will be their own fault more than the book's. Most writers have different styles: and it is well known that Mr Watson had one peculiar to himself, which yet hath found good acceptance with, and has been useful unto serious people; and I hope this-by reason of the great variety of excellent mattermay be more generally useful than any other thing he ever wrote. I little doubt but every sober Christian will be of this mind, after he has read his Lectures on God's Attributes, the Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer, &c. I sincerely profess, I have no other end in giving this tesimony of this book, but thereby to serve the common good of Christ's church, and not the private interest of any person or party in the world ; if my conscience did not bear me witness that this book may be useful to that excellent end, no man should ever have prevailed with me thus to prefix my testimony and name to it. That it may answer the main end for which it was at first written by the author-whom I always took to be a grave, serious, modest, good man-and for which, I hope, it is now published, to wit, the edification of the church of Christ in faith, holiness and comfort, is the hearty desire of one of the meanest servants of our MOST BLESSED LORD Jesus.


We whose names are subscribed, having seen the testimony of our worthy brother, Mr William Lorimer, after his perusal of this book, doubt not but it may be of use to many,--as the former writings of Mr Thomas Watson have been; and, with that desire and hope, we recommend it to masters of families and others.

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