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* A stone, sent forth from a sling, went through the window of the chariot, very near to the king's head.

An Elegiac Dialogue, * sacred to the memory of Miss Moore, only

daughter of the archbishop of Canterbury, who died, June 6, 1797, after a very short illness, aged 17.

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This Ode was at first printed in the original, to prevent any additional trouble to his Grace and the family; and, in the October following, Mr Nichols received two translations of it, one of which was from Mr Jones, of Nayland, who was pleased to call it an elegant composition; but, as it was improper to revive the memory of this sad event so soon, I desired that both the translations might be omitted, in which Mr Jones, perfectly acquiesced ; and, by the archbishop's permission, I published a literal translation of it in the Gentleman's Magazine the latter end of the

year 1798.


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hovah gave, Jehovah hath taken away :"
let us comfort ourselves with these faithful

למה אומרים עם איוב חסיד -1Vlierefore, saying with lholy Job, * Je יהוה נתן יהוה לקח אנחנו נחם נתנחם בדברים אלה נאמנים

This virgin shall rise again from the dust, clothed with the garments of salvation, to meet Jehovah in the heavens and to be for ever with him; continually singing the song of Jehovah, Allelujah! Allelujah!

עלמה זאת מעפר תקוס בבגדי ישע לבושה לקראת יהוה בהשמים ולהיות בו עד עולם שרה תמיד השיר יהוה הללו יה הללו יה:

A sacred Ode on the marriage of the Duke of WIRTEMBURG with the

Princess Royal, May 18, 1797.* _ A literal translation.

Jehovalı, taking a rid of Adam, made Eve of a beautiful form, and brought her to him for a wife, joining their hand and their heart. .

יהוה לוקח צלע ארס עשה חוה יפת תאר ויביא אתה אליו לאשה חובר ידם ולבבם:

* By a most wonderful, unforeseen, change in the state of Europe, the Duke is now made King of Suabia by the most inveterate enemy of the British empire.


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