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The foreword to this book is written by Dr Malcolm Pines.
Disciplinary facts concerning Dr Pines's professional practice are as follows:
British Psycho-Analytical Society
Following the submission of a complaint alleging serious professional misconduct (including sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse) Dr Pines resigned from the British Psycho-Analytical Society in July 1998 to avoid facing the disciplinary proceedings of the Society.
General Medical Council
Following the same complaint being lodged with the General Medical Council, the Fitness to Practice Directorate informed Dr Pines in May 1999 that he faced charges of serious professional misconduct before the Professional Conduct Committee, or the option of seeking voluntary erasure from the Register. Dr Pines resigned.
Institute of Group Analysis
The Institute of Group Analysis has never adjudicated the above same complaint on the grounds that those events fell outside the three year time limitation of its Disciplinary Proceedings. No discretion in the matter was allowed.
However, Dr Pines was found guilty of other lesser charges which fall within the three year rule, and had sanctions imposed on him under two separate sets of disciplinary proceedings at the IGA: the first in January 2000, the second in August 2005. On the first occasion Dr Pines did not comply in full with all the terms of the sanctions imposed. On the second occasion he omitted to comply with any of them within the stipulated time.
In January 2006 a third disiciplinary panel was called by the IGA to adjudicate Dr Pines' non-compliance with the sanctions of the August 2005 disciplinary proceedings. Only after the panel referred this issue to the IGA Council to be dealt with under paragraph 7b of the Constitution did Dr Pines finally decide to comply.
These matters were referred back to the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.
In June 2006, a Disciplinary Note was published in Dialogue, the newsletter of the IGA, which stated that,
".....The Disciplinary Committee [August 2005], found that the complaints
constituted serious professional misconduct. The committee concluded that
members of the public and the profession need to be aware of Dr Pines'
disciplinary record [at the IGA]......".
The Disciplinary Note also stated that the Committee considered that,
".....Dr Pines is not a fit person to represent the IGA...."
Regents College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling
The School (where Dr Pines was listed as an Honorary Visiting Fellow) took the above matters forward with Dr Pines under the School's internal procedures. Dr Pines resigned.
British Journal of Psychotherapy
In May 2008 the BJP Management Group informed Dr Pines that they had removed his name from the list of those on the Editorial Advisory Panel

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