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(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, September 5th-Morning, 9.30 to 11.


Examiner-Rev. J. Angus, M.A., D.D.

1. Give a logical analysis of the following sentence :-
“ Life is a waste of wearisome hours

Which seldom the rose of enjoyment adorns;
And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers

Is also the first to be touched by the thorns.' Express the sentiment in prose: parse the words in italics, and select from it an adjectival clause and an adjectival sentence.

2. What is meant by Case in Etymology, and what by Gender ? How many case forms have we in nouns, and how many in pronouns? Give the meaning of each case form.

Give an example of each of the ways by which we express Gender.

3. Give the form of the past tense and the complete participle of weep, chide, dare (intransitive), find, make, shape, slay, wax, shut, delve, sing; and add the old English form whenever it differs from the later form. What is the past tense of wot, and how do we express the past tense of ought?

4. Explain fully the italic portions of the following words :which, what, foremost, either, twice, enou, twenty, that nose of yours, any, couldest, amidst.

5. Correct, or explain, the following sentences, giving your reason in each case:

"“Examining it again, it seems all right;" " Is that house to let?” “Here's your walking stick;" “Woe is me, Albama!” “He learnt me Latin ;” “I expected to have arrived by twelve;" ” “I expected to arrive by twelve ; “ Softness and strength combined is what you look for in a railway scat.” What is but in the following sentences ?—“ All

I can but try; He came, but did not stay." 6. Mention some of the more important changes our language underwent, in words and in forms, during the hundred years that preceded the death of Elizabeth ? Name the works of the authors to which you would appeal in support of your answer.

7. Give some account of The Advancement of Learning, and of The Faery Queen. What do we owe in literature to the Earl of Surrey, to Raleigh, and to Golding ?

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(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, September 5th-Morning, 9.30 to 11.


Examiner-Rev. J. Angus, M.A., D.D.

1. What are the plural forms (nominative, genitive, and accusative) of I, thou, he? What are the plural forms of touch, monarch, brother, strife, calf, penny, premium, species, cherub, genus, index, virtuoso, sheep, Mr. Smith ? Where there are two forms, state the difference between them.

2. What is meant by the Comparison of Adjectives? What is the positive of less, more (two forms), rather, worse? Mention any other irregular forms. "Are “the most perfect understanding, and “the most wisest man,” equally objectionable ? Give your


3. What are Compound Words ? Which part marks out the class, and which part more particularly defines it ?

What are Derivatives ? Give examples.

4. Classify verbs, so as most easily to remember their past tenses, and their complete participles. Give three examples of each class.

5. Form nouns from the following :—bond, man, shade ; dull, dear, true; gird, shove, sew. Form verbs from the following :-fall, say, dark. Give, in each case, the force of the prefix or suffix.

6. Give any rules for the syntax of a nominative and its verb; of a relative and its antecedent; for the use of shall and will, and of a subjunctive mood.

7. “The heart of a man is a small substance, scarce enough to give a kite a meal ; yet, so great in capacity and desire, that the round globe of the world cannot fill the three corners of it.” Name a subject and a predicate in this sentence, and parse grammatically the words in italics.

8. Write an Essay, of not more than a page and a half, on one of the following subjects, giving a clear account of whatever subject you take :-(i.) Any Town you are familiar with, (ii.) Any Modern Invention, (iii.) Any Modern Book--or Game.


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)



TUESDAY, September 5th-Afternoon, 2 to 3.30.

Examiner-W. LAWSON, F.R.G.S.

1. Explain the terms latitude, longitude, tropic, isothermal line, isobar, snow line, and snow limit.

2. Draw a map of the Mediterranean Sea; or, mention the countries on its shores, with the capitals of each, and the chief islands, stating to what country each island belongs.

3. Describe the position of the following places, and state what you know about each :-Agra, Cape Columbia, Franz Josef Land, Golden Gate, Kooria Mooria Islands, Leamington, Paramatta, Suez, Talavera, Ushant, and Xeres.

4. Explain the meaning of the following :-steppes, prairies, selvas, llanos, and pampas.

5. Give a list of the colonies of Austria; mention the capitals of each; and state what are the chief productions of each colony.

6. Explain the difference between Rain and Dew.
7. Explain the terms avalanche, glacier, and iceberg.

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