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(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, September 5th-Afternoon, 2 to 3.30.

Examiner-W. LAWSON, F.R.G.S.

1. Where, and what, are the following :-Adam's Bridge, Calf of Man, Dardanelles, Giant's Causeway, The Lizard, Nordkyn, Perim, Quito, Staffa, Trincomalee ?

2. Mention six of the principal coal-fields in England, and state what manufactures are connected with each.

3. Draw a map of Austria ; or, describe in words its boundaries, mountains, and rivers.

4. Give a complete list of British possessions in Asia, and state what you know about Ceylon.

5. Describe the course that would be taken by a ship in going to and returning from Adelaide. What cargo might she be expected to bring back on the homeward voyage ?

6. Mention the four largest lakes of Africa, and state with what river each is connected.

7. Describe the position of the following places, and state some fact about each :- Anisterdam, Barnaul, Dresden, Harwich, Irkutsk, Lancaster Sound, Port Said, Ratisbon, Stuttgart, Valencia.

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1. Give a sketch of Cæsar's invasions of Britain, with dates.

2. Exhibit, in a tabalar form, the direct lineal descent of Richard II. from William I.

3. Give, in few words, three distinct reasons at least for the increase of the kingly power during the reign of Henry VII.

4. What grounds bad Henry VII. for claiming the crown of England ? How did the attempts made to deprive him of it end? Add a few details. Who is considered to have had a better title, and why?

5. Henry VIII. is said to have been learned, vain, despotic, and cruel. Illustrate, by some one act (one only) of his reign, each quality included in these words.

6. Give an account of the progress of the Reformation during the reign of Edward VI.

7. What was the one special object of both the Act of Uniformity and the Act of Supremacy ? Give an account of the Court of High Commission, including its origin, its constitution, its executive power, and its end.

8. In whose reigns did the following persons live :-Hugh O'Neill, John Fox, William Tyndale, Anne Ascue, Vasco de Gama, and Americus Vespucius. State one good fact in the life of each, or give an account of one of them (one only).


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, September 5th-Afternoon, 3.30 to 5.



- Rev. W. CURTIS, M.A.

1. On what grounds did the Duke of Normandy claim the throne of England ? Give an account of his invasion, to the end of the Battle of Hastings.

2. Mention, without any details, all the important events in the reign of Stephen.

3. What is the Salic Law ? What use was made of it in relation to Edward III.'s claim to the throne of France ?

4. Give an account of Jack Cade's insurrection.

5. Exhibit, in a tabular form, the descent of George III. from James I.

6. What attempts did James II. make to increase the power of the Crown, and with what results ?

7. Why did England become a party to the War of the Austrian Succession ? What was the name of the Peace with which it was ended ? and give one important article of that Peace (one only).

8. Assign dates to these events :—The Accession of Alfred ; The Council of Clarendon; The introduction of Printing into England; The Loss of Calais; The Battle of the Boyne.


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, September 5th-Morning, 11 to 1.

Examiner-T. KIMBER, M.A.

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1. Show that every figure has an initial and a local value, and is significant or insignificant. Write down in words and figures the greatest and least numbers that can be composed with three different digits.

2. Find the G. C. M. of 2698703 and 54987261 ; also the L. C. M. of 15, 16, 18, 20, 24, 25, 27, and 30. 3. Reduce to their simplest forms

of * + ļof (i.)


24 - 3

+ of 4 - 5 of

54 + 4. Find the values of

(i.) .00846 x .00324. (ii.) 176432-76 = .01257. 5. Convert +31 + 2% + 61 into a decimal; and reduce 1293131 to its equivalent vulgar fraction.

6. Extract the square root of 120888.68379025, and of; also the cube root of 17173512.

7. Find the cost of 17 tons 12 cwt. 3 qrs. 18 lbs. of goods at £6. 15s. 9d.


cwt. 8. How many sovereigns, half-sovereigns, crowns, florins, shillings, sixpences, and threepences, and of each an equal number, are there in £67. 16s. 3d. ?

9. If 5 men can reap a rectangular field, whose length is 800 feet and breadth 700 feet, in 3 days of 14 hours each ; in how many days of 12 hours each can 7 men reap a field of 1800 feet long and 960 feet broad?

10. By selling a watch for £34. 10s. there is a loss of 8 per cent.; what will be the loss or gain per cent. by selling it for £38 ?

11. Find the Simple Interest and Amount of 1000 guineas at 43 per cent., for 1


5 months. 12. When silk is sold at 19 francs 25 centimes the metre, find the price per yard in shillings and pence; supposing £1 = = 25 francs 20 centimes, and 1 metre = 39:371 inches.


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, September 5th-Morning, 11 to 1,


Examiner-T. KIMBER, M.A.

1. Explain the terms -- local value, minuend, multiplicand, quotient, involution, prime factors.

2. Find the G. C. M. of 703037 and 5134083; the L. C. M. of 12, 16, 18, 28, 32, 40, 42; also resolve 8862777 into its prime factors. 3. Simplify

(i.) 63 (54-44) x 2+% (ii.) *xlẽ x 121 - 63. 4. Find the values of (37•1-19:08) * •703 ; 6500763 R.9876; and express , 3 as decimals.

5. Extract the square roots of .08042896 and 34:85.

6. How many francs worth 9 d. each will be given in exchange for 475 thalers at 2s. 11 d. each ?

7. Find, by Practice, the cost of 2 tons 15 cwt. 27 lbs. at £5. 11s. 7 d. per cwt.

8. If a person can walk 1 mile 2 furlongs 81 poles in 20 minutes, how long will he be in walking 149 miles 2 fur. 15 po. ?

9. A sum of £15 was divided between 12 men, 10 women, and 18 boys, so that each woman received half as much again as a boy, and each man as much as a woman and a boy together. What did the men receive ?

10. The population of a town has increased during the last ten years from 38851 to 44565; find the increase per cent.

11. Find the Simple Interest and Amount of £240. 12s. 6d. at 21 per cent., for 8 years.

12. A room whose height is 11 feet, and length twice its breadth, takes 143 yards of paper 2 feet wide for its four walls. How much carpet will it require ?

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