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The Miracles of Christ considered the waves thereof are still: and this with Reference to the Divinity of property they seem to have actually his Nature,

attributed to Jesus, in the prayer

which they used upon the occcasion, Our blessed Lord frequently refers Lord, save us, we perish. to his miracles as evidences or tes. It is a stronger instance of the timonies, which the Father bore to miraculous power inherent in Jesus, bis divine commission. The same that he not only possessed it compower recommended and attested plete in himself, but that he was the authority of Moses and the pro- able to confer it upon others, and phets, but with this important dis- that he gave power to his disciples tinction: they acted by permission over unclean spirits, to cast them or request, Christ by his own inhem out, and to heal all manner of disrent and independent power. If he eases. They exercised the authoprayed or gave thanks upon the oc. rity which he gave them, and even casion, it was because of the peo- the devils were obedient unto them ple, not from any defect in himself. through his name. To the same He healed them that did not even mighty name they ascribed the declare their wants; he healed them miracles which they wrought after that were absent, and whom he his ascension, and for which they never saw; he healed them by his claimed no honour to themselves. word, and it was enough for him to Such power belongeth not unto say to the deaf, Hear; to the blind, men. The more illiberal and preSee; to the dumb, Speak; to the judiced Jews imputed it to Satan : lame, Walk; and to the lepers, Be the more ingenuous confessed, that cleansed; and they heard, they even their expected Messiah could saw, they spake, they walked, they not surpass the works which Jesus were cleansed, and glorified God. did. Nicodemus declared, that no The devils, before he approach- one could perform them except God ed them, before he received any was with him; and Peter concurs in petitions, or issued any command his testimony, when he speaks of concerning them, declared who Jesus of Nazareth as a man demonhe was, and besought him to tor- strated from God, by miracles, and ment them not. The wind and the wonders, and signs, which God did sea heard him commanding them by him, and that God was with him to be still, and when the astonished in the performance of them. disciples exclaimed, What a person It was after an exbibition of this is this, that even the winds and the miraculous power for the satisfacsea obey his voice! they could not tion of John's disciples; after an but remember whose property it is affecting reproof of the impenitence to make the storm to cease, so that of the cities, which considered it


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