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7. When a man's yearly income is 949 dollars, how much is it per day? Ans. 82.60.

8. If a man leave 6509 dollars to his wife and wo sons thus,--to his wife 3, to his elder so.. 3 of the remainder, and to his other son the rest; what is the share of each? Wife's share $2440.87

Ans. Elder son's

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9. How many yards of cloth, at 17s. 6d. per yard, can ́ I have for 13 cwt. 2 qrs. of wool, at 14d. per lb. ?

Ans. 100 yards, 3qrs.

10. How many dollars are equal to 980 French crowns? Ans. 1078.

11. If goods which cost 10s. be sold for 11s. 9d. what is the gain per cent.?

Ans. 17. 12. Bought 27 bags of ginger, each weighing gross 843 lb., tare 13 lb. per bag, tret 4 lb. per 104 lb.; what does the whole (neat weight) come to, at 84d. per lb.? Ans. 76L. 13s. 23d.

13. My factor sends me word he has bought goods to the value of 500L. 13s. 6d. upon my account; what will his commission come to, at 31 per cent.?

Ans. 17L. 10s. 51d. 14. If of an ounce cost of a shilling, what will & of a lb. cost? Ans. 17s. 6d. 15. If of a gallon cost of a L. what will of a tun cost? Ans. 105 L. 16. If of a ship be worth 3740 L. what is the worth of the whole? Ans. 9973 L. 6s. 8d.

17. A person who was possessed of of a vessel, sold of his share for 375 L. what was the whole vessel worth at that rate? Ans. 1500 L. 18. If 4 cwt. be carried 36 miles for 35s., how many pounds can I have carried 20 miles for the same money Ans. 907 lb. 3 oz. 3 dr 4

19. What is the interest of 47 L. 10s. for

52 days, at 41 per cent.



years and Ans. 8 L. 17s. ld.

20. If 100 L. in 5 years gain 20 L. 10s. in what time will any sum of money double itself at the same rate of interest? Ans. 241 years.

21. What sum will produce as much interest in 31 years, as 210 L. 3s. would in 5 years and 5 months?

Ans. 350 L. 5s.

22. What is the commission on $2176.50, at 21 per cent.? Ans. $54.41. 23. What is the premium of insuring 1650 dollars, at 151 per cent.? Ans. $255.75. 24. Bought a quantity of goods for 250 L and 3 months afterward sold them for 275 L. how much per cent. per annum was gained by the transaction? Ans. 40 L.

25. A vintner nixed 20 gallons of Port wine, at 5s. 4d. per gallon, with 12 gallons of White wine, at 5s. per gallon, 30 gallons of Lisbon, at 6s. per gallon, and 20 gallons of Mountain, at 4s. 6d. per gallon; what was a gallon of the mixture worth? Ans. 5s. 33d.+

26. A person has two silver cups of unequal weight, having one cover to both, which weighs 5 oz.; now if the cover be put on the less cup it will be double the weight of the greater cup, anu put on the greater cup will be three times as heavy as the less cup: what is the weight of each cup? Ans. The less 3 oz., the greater 4 oz.


27. A person said he had 20 children, and that it happened there was a year and a half between each of their ages; his eldest son was born when he was 24 years old, and the age of his youngest is 21; what was the father's age? Ans. 73 years.

28. In a certain orchard of the trees bear apples, pears, plums, 60 of them peaches, and 40 cherries; how many trees are in the orchard?

Ans. 1200.

29. If by selling goods at 50s. per cwt. I gain 20 per cent. what do I gain or lose per cent. by selling at 45s. per ewt.? Ans. 8 L. gain.

30. Sold goods for 63L. and by so doing lost 17 per cent. whereas I ought, in dealing, to have cleared 20 per cent. how much under their just value were they sold? Ans. 28 L. 1s. 8d..

31. A person willing to distribute some money among a number of beggars, wanted 8d. to give them 3d. piece; he therefore gave each 2d. and had 3d. left; how many beggars were there? Ans. 11.

32. A person being asked the hour of the day, said, the time past noon is equal to of the time till midnight ; what was the time? Ans. 20 minutes past 5.

53. A person looking on his watch, was asked what was the time of day, who answered, it is between 4 and 5; but a more particular answer being required, he said that the hour and minute hands were then exactly toge ther: what was the time? Ans. 21 minutes past 4.

34. Two men depart from the same place at the same time, one travels 30, and the other 35 miles a day; how far are they distant from each other after 7 days, supposing them both to travel the same road; and how far, if they travel in contrary directions?



35 miles, when going the same way. 455 iniles contrary ways.

35. A guardian paid his ward 3500 L. for 2500 L. which he had held in possession 8 years: what rate of interest did he allow him? Ans. 5 per cent. 36. In what time will any sum of money double itself, at 6 per cent. interest? Ans. 16 years and 8 months.

37. A. owes B. 100L. payable in 3 months, 150L. in 4 months, and 204 L. in 5 months, and is willing to make one payment of the whole; in what time should the payment be made? Ans. 4 months 23 days.+

38. If the earth be 360 degrees in circumference, and each degree 69 miles, how long would a man be in travelling round it, who advances 20 miles a day; reckoning 365 days in a year? Ans. 3 years 155 days.

39. A minor of 14 had an annuity left him of 400 dol lars a year, the proceeds of which, by will, was to be put out both principal and interest yearly as it fell due, at 5 per cent. until he should arrive at 21 years of age: : what had he then to receive? Ans. $3256.80+

40. If a piece of marble be 47 inches long, 47 inches broad, and 47 inches deep, how many cubical inches does it contain? Ans. 103823.

41. There is a cellar dug that is 12 feet every way, in length, breadth, and depth; how many solid feet of earth were taken out of it? Ans. 1728.

42. How many bricks 9 inches long and 4 inches wide, will pave a yard that is 20 feet square? Ans. 1600.

43. If A. can do a piece of work alone in 7 days, and B. in 12 days, in what time can they finish it, both working together? Ans. 4 days.

44. A. and B. traded together; A. put in 320 L. for 5 months, B. 460 L. for 3 months, and they gained 100 L. what is each man's share of the gain?

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45. What is the value of a slab of marble, the length of which is 5 feet 7 inches, and the breadth 1 foot 10 inches, at 1 dollar per foot? Ans. 10.23.

46. A certain stone measures 4 feet 6 inches in length, 2 feet 9 inches in breadth, and 3 feet 4 inches in depth; how many solid feet does it contain?

Ans. 41 feet 3 inches.

47. Shipped to Jamaica 550 pair of stockings, at 11s. 6d. per pair, and 460 yards of stuff, at 14d. per yard; in return for which I have received 46cwt. 3qrs. of sugar, at 24s. 6d. per cwt. and 1570 lb. of indigo. at 2s. 4d. per lb. ; what remains due to me? Ans. 102L. 12s. 111⁄2d.

48. If the flash of an ordnance was observed just one minute and three seconds before the report, what was the distance; supposing the flash to be seen the instant of its going off, and admitting the sound to fly at the rate of 1142 feet in a second? Ans. 13 miles 5 fur.+

49. Which would be preferable, an annual rent of 876 dollars clear, for 12 years, to be received in quarterly payments, or 7200 dollars in hand, reckoning interest at 5 per cent.? Ans. The annuity by 1272 dols.+

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50. A line 35 yards long will exactly reach from the top of a fort, standing on the brink of a river, to the opposite bank, known to be 27 yards from the foot of the wall; what is the height of the wall? Ans. 22 yards 9 inch.+

51. Bought 120 apples at 2 for a penny, and 120 more at 3 for a penny, and sold them altogether at 5 for 2d.: what did I gain or lose by the bargain? Ans. Lost 4d.

52. A cistern for water has two cocks to supply it, by the first it may be filled in 45 minutes, and by the second in 55 minutes; it has likewise a discharging cock, by

which it may, when full, be emptied in 30 minutes: now if these three cocks be all left open when the water comes in, in what time will the cistern be filled?

Ans. 2 hours, 21 min. 261 sec.

53. The account of a certain school is as follows, viz. of the boys learn geometry, 3 learn grammar, learn arithmetic, learn to write, and 9 learn to read: what number is there of each?

S5 who learn geometry, 30 grammar, 24 Ans. arithmetic, 12 writing, and 9 reading.

54. The sales of certain goods amount to $1873.40; what sum is to be received for them, allowing 21 per cent. for commission, and per cent. for prompt payment of the neat proceeds? Ans. 1821.993+

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