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2. What is the value of 1500L. Massachusetts currency in New-York?

Ans. 2000L. 3. What is the value of 240 L. Pennsylvania currency, in New-York ?

Ans. 256 L. 4. What is the value of 933 L. 6s. 8d. South Carolina currency, in Pennsylvania ?

Ans. 1500 L. 5. What sum in Pennsylvania currency is equal to 120L. 10s. in New-York ?

Ans. 112L. 195. 4 d. 6. What sum in Pennsylvania currency is equal to 234L. 45. in New England or Virginia ?. Ans. 292 L. 155.

7. What is the value of 173 L. 165. New Jersey currency, in New-York ?

Ans. 185 L. 75. 8 d. 8. What is the value of 900 L New England or Virginia currency, in South Carolina ?

Ans. 700 L. 9. Change 792 L. 195. 7d. of North Carolina into Pennsylvania currency?

Facit 743 L. 8s. 4 d.+ 10. What sum of Maryland currency is equal to 6307 L. 13s. 5d. of New-York?

Ans. 5913 L. 8s. 9 d.+ 11. What is the value of a bill of 750 L. Pennsylvania currency, in New-York or North Carolina currency?

Ans. 800 L 12. A merchant in Virginia consigns to his agent in New-York a quantity of tobacco; which, when sold, and the charges deducted, amounts to 625I.. 85. what is the value thereof in Virginia currency; also in Federal Money?

§ 468L. 195. 6d. Virginia currency. Ans.

1563 dols. 25 cts.


FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Accounts are kept in England, Ireland, and the English West India Işlands, in pounds, shillings, pence, and farthings; though their intrinsic values in these places are different.


12 Deniers
20 Sols
3 Livres


1 Sol,
| Livre,
| Crown

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SPAIN. 4 Marvadies Vellon, or

1 Quarta, 2 Marvacies of Plate 83 Quartas, or

i Rial Vellon, 34 Marvadies Yellon 16 Quartas, or

1 Rial of plate, 34 Maryadies of plate 8 Rials of plate

1 Piastre, 10 Rials of plate

1 Dollar, 5 Piastres

1 Spanish Pistole,

ITALY. 12 Deniers

1. Sol, 20 Sois

1 Liyre, 5 Livres

1 Piece of Eight at Genoa, 6 Livres

1 do. at Leghorn, 6 Solidi

1 Gross, 24 Grosses

1 Ducat.

PORTUGAL. 400 Reas

1 Crusadoe, 1000 Reas

1 Millrea.

HOLLAND. 8 Pennings

i Groat, 2 Groats

1 Stiver, 6 Stivers

1 Shilling, 20 Stivers

1 Florin, or Guilder, 2. Florins

| Rix Dollar, 6 Florins

1 L. Flemish, 5 Guilders*

I Ducat.


16 Shilling's

6 Marks 32 Rustics 6 Copper Dollars

| Mark,
i Rix Dollar,
1 Copper Dollar,
| Rix Dollar.

18 Pennings
30. Gros
3 Florins
2 Rix Dollars


i Gros,
| Florin,
i Rix Dollar,
| Gold Ducat.

* A stiver is estimated at 2 cents; and a florim or guilder at 40 All the operations in exchange may be performed by the Rule of Three or by Practice.


Note.—The par of exchange between the United States and most other trading countries, may be ascertained by the table at page 66.

EXAMPLES. 1. A. of Philadelphia is indebted to B. of London 1474L. 16s. currency, how much sterling must be remitted, when the exchange is at 64 per cent. ? Ans. 899 L. 55. 4 d. L. L. L,

L. d. As 164 : 100 :: 1474 16 : 899 5 41. 2. B. of London is indebted to C. of Philadelphia 945L. 175. 5 d. sterling, for how much currency may C. draw on B.; exchange being at 64 per cent. ? L.

50 943 17 51
10 471 18
25 94 7 83


7 61 18



L. 8.

7 62

Answer L. 1547 18 11į currency. 3. C. of Philadelphia is indebted to D. of London 750L. 2s. 4 d. sterling; how much Pennsylvania currency will discharge the debt, exchange being at 78 per cent.

Ans. 1335 L. 45. 2 d. 4. How much sterling is equal to 1341 L. 9s. 4 d. Pennsylvania currency, exchange being 674 per cent.?

Ans. 800 L. 175. 6 d. 5.

Philadelphia, Exchange for 452 L. 10s. 6d. sterling. Thirty days after sight of this my first of exchange, second and third of like tenor, and date not paid, pay to Samuel Sims, or order, four hundred and fifty-two pounds, ten shillings and sixpence sterling, value received, which place to account of

Peter Simpson. To Samuel Sims, merchant,

London. What is the value of this bill in Pennsylvania currency, exchange at 774 per cent?

Ans. 803 L. 45. 7 d.


8. d..

8. d.

6. M. of Philadelphia owes P. of London 1474 dollars 80 cents; how much sterling must be remitted, when exchange is at par? Cts.

Dols. Cts. L. As 100: 46 :: 1474180 :: 331 16 7. Ans. 7. What sum sterling is equal to 260L. Ss. 6d. Virginia currency; exchange 44 per cent. ? Ans. 180 L. 17s.

8. M. of Dublin draws upon M. of London for 740L, 14s. 6d. Irish; exchange at 12 per cent.: How much sterling will discharge this bill? Ans. 661L. 75. 2 d.

9. F. of London remits to G. of Ireland 651L. 14s. 11 d. sterling; with how much Irish must P. be creciited, exchange being at 12 per cent. ? Ans, 729L. 195. 2d.

10. Purchased'in Ireland goods to the value of 400L. 175. 94. Irish; what sum Pennsylvania currency will discharge the debt, exchange being at 514 per cent. ?

Ans, 607L 6s. 1014 11. B..of Jamaica is indebted t C. of London 1470L. 12s. 8d. sterling ; with how much currency will C. be credited at Jamaica, when exchange is at 364 per cent. ?

Ans. 2007L. 8s. 31d.. 12. D. of Jamaica is indebted to E. of London 806L 5s. sterling ; with how much currency must E. be credited in Jamaica, when the exchange is at 35 per cenc.?

Ans. 10881, 8s. 9d. 13. P. of Philadelphia received of A. of Amsterdam, an invoice of goods amounting to 10235 fiorins, 17 stivers, 8 pennings; what sum of Pennsylvania currency will discharge the bill, at 35 d. per florin ? and what is the sum in sterling, exchange at 38s. 6d. Flemish per L. sterling?

2 1503L. 7s. 10 d. currency. Ans.

S8S6L. 4s. 5 sterling. 14. A merchant in Rotterdam has a bill drawn on him for 673L. 168. 8d. sterling, exchange at 33s. 4d. Flem. per pound sterling; how much Flemish must he pay?

Ans. 1123L. Is. 14d. 15. A Connecticut merchant imported goods from France, amounting, per invoice, to 49008 livres; how much currency of that state, at 15d. per livre, will they




amount to; and how much sterling will discharge the debt, exchange being at par?

S 3063


2297L. 5s. sterling. 16.

Philadelphia, Exchange for 4226 livres, 12 sols, 8 deniers. Thirty days after sight of this my second of exchange, (first of the same tenor and date not paid) pay to Thomas Broker, or order, four thousand two hundred and twentysix livres, twelve sols, and eight deniers, value received; which place to account of

Silas Stroud. To Thomas Lamot, Merchant,

London. How much sterling is the above bill, at 10 d. per livre; and how much Pennsylvania currency, at 17 d. per livre?

Ans.} 308L: 3s. 108. currency.

2 184L. 185. 3 d. sterling. 17. What sum Pennsylvania currency is equal to 2524 piastres, 7 rials, 33 marv. at 7s. 6d. per piastre?

Ans. 946L. 175. 5 d. 18. A merchant of North Carolina shipped a quantity of four, which, when disposed of, amounted to 1186 millreas, 500 reas; and received in return 17 pipes of wine : how much was the wine per pipe, a millrea reckoned at 75. 60.

Ans. 26L. 3s. 5 d. 19. A Virginia merchant sent goods to Norway, worth 1743L. 168. Virginia currency; how many rix dollars, at at 6s. each, must he receive? Ans. 5812 dols. 4s.

Note.--To change bank into current money, say: As 100 bank, is to 100 with the agio added; so is the bank given, to the current required.

To change current inoney to bank, say: As 100-with the agio added, is to 100 bank; so is the current money, to the bank required.

20. Change 794 guilders, 15 stivers, current money, into bank florins, agio 4 g per cent.

Resuit 761 guild. 8 stiv. 11 pennings. 21. Change 761 guilders, 9 stivers bank, into current money, agio 43 per cent.

Result 794 guild. 15 stiy. 4 pennings.

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