Mémoires du Comité géologique, Volume 8

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Komitet, 1888 - Geology

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Page 326 - Съ отдельною картою. Ц. 2 р. (Одна геологическая карта западной части 93-го листа безъ сочинеюя— 60 к.).
Page 326 - Ц^на (съ геолог, картою) 3 р. (Одна геолог, карта безъ сочинешя — 1 р.). № 3, 1887 г. в. Чернышевъ. Фауна средняго и верхняго девона западнаго склона Урала.
Page 29 - Geological History of Plants, page 21 ; and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada for 1888, sect. 4, pp. 27-47. * Geological Survey of Canada. The Fossil Plants of the Devonian and Upper Silurian formations of Canada, part I, page 65. 1843, were described and refigured by the writer, under the name Gyrichnites Gaspensis, in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada for 1882. Logan's examinations of the Gaspe series of sandstones and limestones were supplemented by those of Murray on the...
Page 29 - In a subsequent paper, by the same author, " On the Flora of the Devonian Period in North-eastern America," (Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, London, 1 862), a fuller analysis of the entire series is presented. The strata, were divided into eight principal groups, and full descriptions of •the fossil plants contained in the upper beds were given. These, constituting Nos. 2 and 3, were described...
Page 25 - Fruchtslände zusammen, die aus wiederholt dichotomisch verzweigten Spindeln bestehen, deren gabelige Spitzen einzelne oder gepaart stehende Sporangien von länglicher oder keuliger Form tragen.
Page 326 - Рязанской губернш. (J. Lahusen. Die Fauna der jurassischen Bildungen des Rjasanschen Gouvernements). Съ 11-ю таблицами ископаемыхъ в 1-ю картою.
Page 326 - Фауна нижняго девона западнаго склона Урала. (Th. Tschernyschew. Die Fauna des unteren Devon am West- Abhänge des Urals).

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