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inspectors. 782. Assessing the duties on windows and
houses, ib. Assessing the duties on servants-carriages -
horses-dogs- horse dealers-hair powder ---armorial bear.
ings and coach makers, 788. The third meeting to siga
thë assessment, and warrant to collect, 804. The fourth
meeting, hearing and determining appeals, 80s. How the
rates shall be collected and paid over to the receiver general

815. Receiver-general to pay the money into the exchequer

828. Transmitting duplicates of the assessments to the receis.
er-general, and into the exchequer, 829. Indemnity of
officers doing their duty, and of their punishment for me.
behaviour, 831. Recovery of the penalties, 835. General

clauses not reducible to any head, 837
Assignees of bankrupt. See Bankrupt.
Assignment of Bankrupt's effects. See Bankrupt.
Assizes, i. 221, Conimissions under which the judges sil,

229.' Where the assizes are to be held, 224. Justices of

the peace, and sheriffs bound to attend, 226.
Assize of bread, i. 356.
Attachment, i. 226. Sessions cannot award an attachment for

a contempt, ib.
Attainder, i. 228.
Attaint, i. 230. See Jurors.
Attainted persons, i. 228.
Attempt to rob, i. 220.
Attorney, i. 231. Who are capable of acting as attornies, ih,

To be bound five years, 232. Admission, ib. Oaths tbere.
on, ib. Penalty on acting before admitted, ib. Papists way
act, 233. Licence to be taken out, ib. Penalty on acting
without certificate, 234. Clerks articled to attornies, 237.
Stamp duty on articles, ib. Must serve five years, 238.
Duty of an attorney, and his power, 239. Not obliged to
appear for a defendant, ib. Not to become bail in ctü
suits, ib. May be bail in criminal cases, ib. Remedy for
his fees, 215. Privileges of an attorney, 246. As to court
of conscience, 247. When privilege lost, 248. How pua-
ished for misdemeanors, ib. "No attorney to act as justace
of peace, 236. Officers of franchises not to act, 235, No
attorney to act as under sheriff, ib. Persons convicted of
forgery not to act, 236. No attorney under con agement to
sue, ib. Clerk of the peace, and under sheriffs not to act in
sessions, ib.
Avowry, what, i. 714. See Distress.
Auctions and auctioneers.. See Eacise.

Backing warrants, i. 198,679. iii. 138. See Warrant and Arrest.
Bail, what, i. 252. Difference between bail and mainprize, ib.

Bail may take up the party, ib. Where a person may be
discharged without bail, ib. In what cases bail is grantable,
253. Who may be bailed, ib. Offences not bailable at
common law, 254. Homicide, ib. Commitments by the
king, 253. By his justices, 256. For the forest, ib. Ofe
feoces not bailable by the statute, ib. Persons who may be
bailed, 258. Where bail may be taken by a justice of peace,
260. Two justices to take bail in felonies, 261. Where one
may, 262.

Where by justices of, 263.
Where by the court of King's Bonch, ib. Where by. the
other courts at Westminster, 266. What shall be deemed
sufficient bail, ib. Taking insufficient bail, 267. Grant.
ing bail where it ought to be denied, ib. Denying, dela
ing or obstructing bail, where it ought to be granted, 269.
Iu what form to be taken, ib.

- personating bail. See Felony.
Bailiff of sheriffs, iv. 463.
Baker. See Bread.
Ballast from ships not to be thrown into rivers, ii, 721.

Ballast lighters, convicts to be sent to, 426.
Banks, destroying sea banks, i. 306. ii. 375. See Felony.
Bunk of England, ii. 375. Frauds by servauts thereof, ii.

Bankrupt, etymology, i. 272. What business a man must pursue
$, before he can be adjudged a bankrupt, 273. Acts of bank.

ruptey,279. The commission and manner of executing it, 283.
Power of the comin issioners, 285. Proof of debts, 288. The

assignees, 291. The commissioners assignment, 293. The
bankrupt's examination, 295. The certificate, 300. The divi.

deod and allowance to the bankrupt in respect thereof, 302.
* The supòrsedeas, 305. Respecting suits at law and equity,

Baron, court, i, 307.
Baron and feme,as accessaries, i. 15. Baron and feme in ge-

neral iv. 1119.
Barretry, i. 309. Form of an indictment for common barretry,

· Bastard, i. 311.-- who are bastards and their rights and incapa.

cities, 312. Who though born in marriage, ib. Wife,evidence
of non-access inadmissible, 312. Their rights and incapacities,
315. How bastards are to be provided for, and the duty and
power of a justice of peace, 316, Compelling the reputed fa.
ther to indemnify the parish, ib. Form of the proceedings in
bastardy, 316. 318. 319. 320. 321. Order of filiation and
maintenance, 324. Power of two justices, 329. Place of

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birth must be set out in the order, 330. Examination of the
mother, 331. Mother's examination eridence after death, zë.
Putative father should be summoned, 332. By what parish base
tards are to be relieved, 335. The two justices cannot acquit the
man, 336. Mother though married may be proceeded against
337. Money ordered for the relief of the child, 333. For
long payments to continue, ib. Party not performang the
order, 341. May be committed, 312. Parish offers can
only take security to indemnify the parish and not a sau in
gross, 343. Appeal against the order, 314. Goods of the
reputed father may be seized for the relief of the child, 350

Concealment of the death of a bastard child. See Homicide,
Battery, i. 211. See Assault.
Bawdy-houses, i. 351. ii. 634. iii. 466.
Beer. See Excise.
Bedford-level, injuring, ii. 376.
Bent. See Banks of the Sea destroying of.
Bills of exchange. See Stamps.
Behaviour good, security for, iv. 721.
Bell-metal. See Manufacturers.
Bench warrant, form of, iii. 896. See Process.
Benefit of clergy. See Felony.
Benefit clubs. See Friendly Societies.
Bigamy. See Felony.
Bill of Exceptions, will not lie to sessions, iv. 419.
Billet wood. ii. 437. See Fuel and Billets.
Billeting soldiers. See title Soldiers, i.
Binding over to give evidence, ii. 765. iii. 127
Black Act, ii. 377. See Felony.
Black Mail. ii. 415. See Felony. Northern borders
Black Lead. Stealing of, iii. 341. See Felony.
Blasphemy, i. 353.
Blood, corruption of. Sec Altainder and Felony, Restitution

in. See Pardon.
Bond, duty on. See Stamps. Stealing of. See Felony. Forg.

ing of. See Felony.
Booth, robbing of. See Felony.
Books, parochial, i. 35. See Popery.
Books belonging to parochial libraries, i. 35.
Borsholder. See Constable.
Botany Bay, ii. See Felony (transportation.)
Brandy. See Excise.

Brass, manufacture of. See Manufacture.
Bread, assize of, i. 356. Where an assize is set, 357. Power to

set the assize, ib. In proportion to the price of corn makina
allowance to bakers, ib. * Assize table, i. ib. Price table,
359. Assize to be set in avoirdupoise weight, 363. Prices et
grain how certified in London, ib. How in other cities, 38).
How in places within counties at large, 370. Form of the re-

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turns, 371. Penalty on using allum or other noxious ingredi.
ent in London, 380. Where no assize is set, 387. Justices
may appoint at session which sort shall be used, ib. Stand.
ard wheaten bread, 391. What shall be deemed so. ib. Ta.
ble of the assize and price of standard wheaten bread, 393.

Form of proceedings under the acts, 395.
Breach of peace. See Assaults, and other proper titles. Of

Pound. See Distress. Of Prison. See Escapes.
Breaking gaul. See Gaols.
Breaking open doors. See Arrest and Process.
Brewers. See Alehouses and Excise,
Bribery in elections. See Parliament. In magistrates, ii. 316.

See Extortion.
Bricks and Tiles, i. 399. See Excise.
Bridges, i. 402. By whom bridges are to be repaired, ib. By

counties in general, ib. Inhabitants cannot discharge them.
selves but by special plea, ib. Where by corporations, 403.
Description of bridges, inhabitants of counties liable to repair,
405. In what manner bridges are to be repaired, ib. Eo-
Jarging or rebuilding, 406. In what manner persons bound
to repair are to be proceeded against, 408. In what manner
bridges are to be repaired by statute, 410. How the charges
for the repair of bridges are to be defrayed, 415. Form of

indictment for a bridge out of repair, 417.
Brothels. See Bardy-houses.
Bubbles, iii. 470. See Nuisances.
Buggery. See Felony.
Burglary. See Felony.
Burials of the dead to be in woollen only, i. 418.
Burning See Arson, title l'elony.
Burning in the band abolished, is. 438.
Butchers. See Saudath,
Butter and Cheese, i. 422. Regulations for packing butter, ib.

Directions for,423. Factors buying or selling butter in vessels
not legally marked, ib. Or cheesemongers, ib. Quantities to
be packed in each vessel, ib. Not to be mixed, ib. Nor
salted with great salt, ib. Penalty for any fraud, 424. Re.

covery of penalties, ib.
Buttons. See Manufactures, (Buttons and Smuggling (titles

Battons and Prohibited Goods),
Buying or selling titles, i. 427. How restrained by common law,

ib. How by statute ib.
Buyers and receivers of stolen goods, ii. 313. See Felony.

Cabbages stealing. See Trespass.
Gables and cordage, i. 429.

Calicoes painted, prohibited to be used, on worn, ü. 143.
Calendar of prisoners, i. 521.
Cambrics. See Excise.
Candles. See Excise.
Capias utlagatum. See Outlawry.
Capias. See Process.
Capital punishment. See Judgment.
Caprion of indictment. See Indictment.
Cards and Dice. See Gaming and Stamps.
Carnal knowledge of infants. See Rupe, title Felony.
Carriages. See Assessed Taxes.
Carrier common, i. 432. What persons are deemed commos

carriers, ib. Iu what cases chargeable for a failure in their
duty, 433. Gouds delivered to a carrier stolen or destroyed
by fire, 4341: Imposition on carrier, 437. Their interest in
the things delivered to their charge, 440. May bring actions,
ib. Enbezzling, ib. The rates of carrriage how settled,
441. Rates of porterage, 442. Carriers names to be painted

no waggons, 445. Not to travel on Sundays, ib.
Carrot stealing. See Trespass.
Carts. See Highwuys..

taxed. See Assessed taxes.
Case reserved at sessions, äi. 1030. iv. 416.
Castigatory for scolds. iii. 476.
Casual death. See Deodand.
Cattle. See Forestalling, Felony, (black act,) Cattle,(sheep;)

(horses,) Smuggling, (cattle,) (hides) and Sheep.
Cause, challenge for. See Juries.
Certificate parochial, iv. 342. To kill game, ii. 621
Certiorari, what, i. 445. To what court it lies, 446. Only

judicial acts can be removed, 417. Where the court of King's
Bench uses a discretionary power in granting, denying and ble
ling a certiorari, 448. What restraints are put upon it by
statute, 452. To whom it onght to be directed, 253. Where
a record may be removed into the court of King's Bench, 454.
What is to be done by a defendant before the allowance of it,
ib. Form of recognizance to appear, 455, Form of notice
of bringing a certiorari, 462. Ilow far it is a supersedeas to
the court below, 463. In what manner to be retursed, 465.
Where a record is removed by it, 467. What is to be done

by the court above, where the record is not remured, 468.
: Process after removal, ib.
Chains, hanging in, ii. 855.
Chairs, for hire. See Hackney Couches.
Challenge of jurors. See Juries.
Challenge to fight, i. 33. See Gaming.
Champerty. Sce Maintenance.
Chancellor, killing him. See Treason,
Çhuncemedly. See Homicide.

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