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officers of the revenue), other than such persons as shall be au. thorized for that purpose, by licence from the commissioners, who are to grant the same, and to require such security as theydeem necessary, by boud or otherwise, to be given by the person to whom they grant such licence for the actual delivery of the goods on board such vessel, to the officers of revenue stationed on board, and for the faithful dealing, in every respect of such person in regard to such goods; which persons so licenced shall, upon carrying such goods on board, give information thereof in writing, to the master, for the better enabling him to give no, tice as required, previous to his clearing out with drawback or bounty goods; which licence when granted by the commis. şioners, shall not be withdrawn by them, or its operation pre. Feated, unless the persons licensed, or some others employed by them, and with their conseat, shall commit some act against the law of customs or excise, and shall be convicted there, of; in which case the commissioners shall withdraw the licence.

And the master of any vessel outward bound, for foreign Penalto on parts, shall not presume to pass the usual places appointed for masters not Stationing officers, without bringing to, for the purpose of the bringing for at cargo being examined, and of relieving or landing the revenue

places where

officers are asti. officers, unless in case of necessity, or distress of weather, or

ally slaliou.d. other accident, to be made appear to the satisfaction of the commissioners; and every master who shall so pass without bringing to, sball forfeit 100l. s. 22.

IV. In coasting vessels. Coasting vessels, besides being subject to such general rules and regulations as other ships inward and outward bound are, are likewise subject to some particular ones. 4 Buc. Abr. 553.

Aod by 13 & 14 Car. 2. c. 11, if any goods, wares, or mer. No goodo lo he chandizes, shall be shipped or put on board to be carried forth shipped to le

carried cuasito the open sea, from any port, creek, or member, to be

wise without a landed at any other place of this realm, without a susserance superance. or warrant first had and obtained from the officers of the customs, all such wares and merchandizes shall be forfeited. 8. 7.

And the master of every vessel that shall take in such goods Goods enterra in any port, to be landed in some other port of England, shah to be carried before the ship be carried out of port, take out a cocquet and carried to in become bound to the king with security, (the bond not to be sub-place for whic: ject to stamp duties, 82 Geo. 3. c. 50. B. 1.) in the value of they are cu:

ed. the goods, for delivery thereof in the port for which the same shall be entered, or in some other place within England, and (dangers of the seas excepted) to return a certificate within six months, under the hands and seals of the king's ollicers, sigurd also by some of the persons appointed for managing the cus. toms, or their deputies, where the same shall be landed, to the


officers of customs to whom such security hath been given, that

such goods were there landed accordingly, s.7. Penalty on fal. And if any person shall counterfeit or falsify any cocquet, sifying the coc- certificate or return, transire, let-pass, or other custom-house quel.

warrant, he shall forfeit 1001. and the cocquet, &c. shall be of

none effect. lbid. The restrictions But the 32 Geo. 3. c. 50, recites, “ that the above rules and in 13 & 14 Car.“ restrictions are in many instances productive of unnecessary %. c. 17. s. 7. altered; and

“ embarrassment and expence to the coasting trade.” It theregoods allowed fore enacts, that it shall be lawful for any person whatever to con. to be carried vey to open sea, any goods, wares, or merchandize, which shall coastwise, wit li- be shipped, according to this act, at any port in Grcut Britain, out cocquet or hond.

to be landed at any other port in Great Britain, without tak.

ing out any cocquet, or giving any security. s. 1. Exceptions. But no goods prohibited to be exported, nor any goods liable

to duty, or return of premium or bounty; or which shall be en. titled to any allowance for the waste on exportation thereof, or on being carried coastwise ; nor any goods warehoused upon importation, on payment of a certain duty, and afterwards car. ried coastwise for exportation; nor any goods liable to duty of

customs on importation, or on exportation, unless the amount 6 of such duty on the whole of the cargo shall not exceed fire

pounds,' shall be allowed to be carried coastwise, in any vessel, until the master shall have taken out a cocquet, and become hound for the delivery of such goods, in like manner as before this act; or to be shipped in Scolland, for being carried coastwise to Great Britain, until the master have obtained a sufferance, or permit, for shipping the same, and become bound with good security, in the value of the goods, for the due landing of the same, and returning a certificate thereof within six months, upon penalty of forfeiting the security. $. 1.

And all goods allowed to be carried coastwise without cocquet, and bond, may be shipped on board any vessel, British built, and owned by British subjects, and navigated according to law, and in none other, by sufferance, and may be carried to open sea by transire.

But this shall not extend to require any transire where the vossel does not go to open sea, or where cocquet and bond, or transire were not required by law on 1st March, 1792. s. 2.

And if the master shall proceed coastwise without a cocquet, transire, or let pass, such master shall forfeit fifty pounds. S. 4.

And if any goods brought into Great Britain, from any other port in England, Wales, or Berwick, by cocquet, transire, or let-pass, shall be unshipped, to be landed, before such cocquet shall be delivered to the customer of the port of arrival, and warrant given from such customer for thc landing thereof, the master, or person having command of the vessel, shall forfeit the value of such goods; or if any goods of foreign growth, or manufacture, shall, on coming coastwise, be landed without the

S. 8.

presence of an officer, such goods, or the value thereof, shall be forfeited. S. 5. and 8 Geo. 1. c. 18. s. 18.

And if any person shall counterfeit, raise, or falsify any sufferance, warrant, cocquet, transire, let-pass, certificate, or sermit, or any other custom-house warrant, document, or in. strument, or any indorsement thereon, such person shall forfeit two hundred pounds, and the instrument be void. 32 Geo. 3. c. 50. s. 0.

And if after shipping of any goods to be carried coastwise, and after the master shall bave received a cocquet, or other coast document, by this or any former act directed, it shall be found by any oficer of castores, that the goods shipped exceed the particclars of the goods expressed in the document aforesaid, all such goods as shall exceed the quantity authorized to be carried coastwise, shall be forfeited.

s. 7. But if it shall appear to the commissioners, that such excess has arisen by mistake, and without intention of fraud, the commissioners may waive the forfeiture, withont any reward to the seizing officer, if it appear reasonable.

And no oficer of customs shall suffer any vessel to be cleared No vessel to be out coastwise, until the master give security by bond, without permitted to stamps in one hundred pounds (to be taken by the collector or

clear out coast. principal officer), with condition not to laud any goods, io

wise, until the

master enters any manner prohibited by law, or take the same on board to be into bond to so landed, sor be any ways concerned in importing, unship- fulfil certain ping, or landing the same; and will not hinder any oficers of conditions of customs or excise, or other persons assisting them; or until

cate be produs such master shall produce a certificate from the collector or ced of such seprincipal officer at some port, of such security having been be-curity having

been before By 9 Geo. 1. c. 21, if any foreign goods or merchandize shall even:

Cuasting, ves be taken on board any coasting vessel, in parts beyond the sea sels taking to. or out of any ship at sea, or in any port of this kingdom, other reign gouds in than the port from whence such goods shall be certified, the said at sea. goods and double the value thereof shall be forfeited,and the master of the vessel shall forfeit the value of the said goods. s. 8.

And by 9 Geo. 2. C. 35, it shall be lawful for any officer of officers may the customs or excise (producing his warrant or deputation if search a coastrequired) to go on board any coasting ship within the limits of ing vessel. the ports, and to rummage such ships for prohibitel and un, customed goods, and to stay on board during the time the same shall continue within the limits of such port; and if any person shall hinder any officer of the customs or excise iu go. ing or remaining on board such coasting ship, or in the scarch. ing thereof, such person shall forfeit 100!.

fore given.

$. 9.

S. 29.

V. In the cuse of certificate and prohibited goods

By 12 Geo. 1. c. bs, it shall be lawful for any searcher, or Goois intitled other proper officer of the customs, after the entry of goods to dr.wback or whereon there is a drawback or premium, or of goods prohibit-bounty,

and prohibited ed to be used here, or pepper, to open and examine any bale goods may be or package; and if the goods shall be found to be right enter. examined, to see if rightly

ed, the searcher shall, at his own charge, cause them to be reeatered.

packed (which charge shall be allowed by the commissioners, if they think it reasonable); but if the officer shall find such goods to be less in quantity or value than is expressed in the ex. porter's indorsement on his entry, or entered under a wrong denomination, whereby his majesty would have been defrauded, all such goods may be seized, and shall be forfeited, and the owner shall lose the benefit of the drawback for such goods and the value thereof,

$. 17. Relanding By 8 Ann. c. 13, in case any goods specified in any certi. goods after

ficate whereon any drawback is to be made, or any debendrawback.

ture is to be made forth for such drawback, shall not be really exported (the danger of the seas and enemies excepted), or shall be landed again in Great Britain (unless in case of distress to save the goods from perishing, which shall be presently made known to the persons appointed to manage the customs, or principal officers of the port), all such certificate goods shall be forfeited, and the persons who shall cause the same to be re. landed, or be concerned in unshipping the same, or to whose hands the same shall knowingly come, or with whose privity the same shall be relauded, shall forfeit double the amount of the drawback, together with the vessels, boats, horses, cattle, and carriages, made use of in landing or removing the same.

8. 16. Further penal- And by 5 Geo. 1. c. 11 (in force until 29th Sep. 1809, ty on relanding 43 Geo. 3. c. 29), if any goods prohibited to be worn here, prohibiicd goods,

or foreign goods shipped out for parts beyond sea, shall be unshipped or put on shore (unless in case of distress, or in presence of a custom officer), such goods shall be forfeited ; and if the master, or person having command of any ship where. in the goods shall be laden, suffer them to be unshipped, he shall forfeit the value thereof; and the person to whose hands the goods shall come, knowing the same to be so unsbipped, shall forfeit double the value of the goods, unless he make dis. covery to the chief officers of the customs in six days after the goods came to his hands; provided the goods shall not have been seized by, or information given thereof, to any officer of the

customs before such discovery. S. 6. Penalty on

And if the package of any such goods shall, with the priopening the vity of the master, be opened on board any ship, or put into package in

other form, while the ship remains in port, without leave of the port.

principal officers of the port, the master shall forfeit 1001. and if the master shall suffer such goods to be unshipped, or the package to be opened or put into other form without leave, such master shall also suffer six months imprisonment. s. 7.

VI. In divery other cases. Certain boats subject to for- If any boat, wherry, pinnace, barge, or galley, rowing, feiture. or built to row, with more than four cars, shall be found

3. 3.

! upon the water, or in any other place within the counties of

Middleser, Surry, Kent, or Esser, or in the Thames or within the limits of the ports of London, Sandwich, or Ipswich, or the members or creeks to them belonging. 8 Geo. 1. c. 18.

Or if any boats, wherries, pinnaces, barges, or gallies, towing, or built to row, with more than six oars, except tow boats used in towing vessels, belonging to licensed pilots within the port of Bristol, shall be found either upon the land or water, within any place whatsoever, in any other part of Great Britain, or within two leagues of the coast thereof. 19 Geo. 3. c. 69. s. 3, 5.

Or if any boats, wherries, pindaces, barges, gallies, or other vessels, shall exceed twenty-eight feet in length, from the forepart of the stem, to the afterside of the stern-post aloft, and the length of which shall be greater than in the proportion of three feet and an half to one foot in breadth. 21 Geo, 3. sess. 2. c. 47. s. 25.

All such boats and vessels, with their tackle or the value thereof shall be forfeited, and may be seized by any ofhcer of customs or excise, and the owner thereof, or any persons using or rowing the same, shall forfeit 401. and after seizure and con. demnation, the principal officers of the custoins in the place; are to cause such vessels to be burnt, and the tackle to be pub. licly sold to the best advantage. 8 Geo. 1. c. 18. $. 3. 33 G0. 2. C. 9. 19 Geo. 3. C. 69. s. 3. 24 Geo. 3. sess. 2. C. 47. $. 25.

Or the commissioners of the customs may cause the same to be used by the officers of the customs, together with the tackle, the officers who scized being first paid their shares. 12 Geo. 1. č. 28. $. 14.

But if the commissioners shall not think fit to make use of any such vessel, they shall cause the principal officers of cusa toms in the place, to see the hull thereof burnt.

8. 15. Or they may direct such hull to be broken up, and the materials to be sold, and the produce thereof to be divided, in the same manner as the produce of the tackle, furuiture, and apparel of vessels burnt and destroyed is now directed to be divided. 19 Geo. 3. c. 69. s. 6.

Or if any such vessel shall be necessary and fit for the service of the navy, the commissioners may if they think proper, cause the same, instead of being broken up or destroyed, to be sold to the officers appointed by the commissioners of the ad. miralty, or of the navy, for that purpose. 24 Geo. 3. sess. 2. C. 47. s. 31.

The foregoing acts do not extend to any barge or galley, belonging to the king or royal family, or to any long-boat, yaol or pinnace, belonging to any merchant ship, or to such boat as shall be licensed by the admiralty in writing, which licences shall be granted without fee. 8 Crvo. 1. c. 18. $. 4. 19 Geo, 3. c. 69, s. 3. 24 Geo, 3. sess. 2. C. 47. s. 25.

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